10 Best AI Consulting Firms In The World | 2023

Today’s fast-paced corporate environment needs ongoing innovation. Top businesses are constantly looking for methods to stay ahead of their rivals. 

Technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) is among the most promising approaches to do this. You can gain a competitive edge by automating laborious jobs; businesses can utilize AI to enhance their operations, analyze vast volumes of data, and develop new goods and services. 

Despite the potential advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s business environment, many businesses require proper assistance to utilize its possibilities.

In this article, we have compiled the best AI consulting firms in 2023. 

What is an AI Consulting Firm?

With the help of AI engineers and specialists, corporate organizations from various industries can implement AI applications to further their objectives. This requires several steps and is a lengthy procedure, so it is easier said than done.

AI consultants are in charge of planning, creating, and implementing business solutions that address many aspects of artificial intelligence, including chatbots, virtual assistants, machine learning, and cognitive services.

Automation of repetitive work is one of AI’s main benefits in consulting. Consulting firms can save time and concentrate on more worthwhile tasks like problem-solving and strategic decision-making by automating processes like data entry, report preparation, and scheduling.

A solid foundation in programming, systems analysis, and fluency in numerous computer languages are prerequisites for a career in artificial intelligence.

You can be qualified for entry-level work in the artificial intelligence industry with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, data science, statistics, or computer science.

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Why are AI consulting companies important?

Products with AI capabilities are becoming more important. There is a high demand for products with AI capabilities, particularly generative AI-powered solutions like ChatGPT. Still, there is a limited supply due to a lack of resources and experience. 

Either the technology isn’t quite there yet, or businesses need to know which vendors to work with. As a result, AI consulting firms are crucial for connecting corporations with development firms. 

The major objective of AI consulting firms is to assist organizations and enterprises in identifying areas where applying AI technology might enhance their operations.

What are the typical AI consulting activities?

AI consultants typically assist firms in undergoing AI transformation. However, consulting may be categorized into four main groups, and AI consulting is not much different from those groups:

1. Strategy formulation

How ought the customer apply AI? It’s important to comprehend the client’s strategy, the business’s possibilities and problems, and the client’s data and analytics capabilities. 

A consultant can determine which of these and what knowledge of cutting-edge AI are the most crucial AI efforts for the business.

Revisions to a company’s overarching strategy are also necessary in light of these activities. 

For instance, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) businesses make a sizable profit by handling invoicing for other businesses. Since AI technology can manage invoice automation, these services’ revenues are at risk.

A provider of translation services is another illustration. To ensure that their businesses are still operating in 5–10 years when Google Translate gets human-level translation skills, those organizations must make significant adjustments to their operations. 

Strategic planning sessions that look five to ten years into the future are useful for assisting leaders in determining how their business has to start altering right away.

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2. Commercial due diligence

Even if it is a strategic initiative, due diligence is unique. Since success variables in AI are distinct from those in other sectors, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the AI market to do effective due diligence.

Solon and other consulting firms with a strong track record in due diligence are investing to get a foothold in this developing sector.

The following reasons are set for evaluating the commercial success of an AI solution apart from other software:

  • A deep-learning-based AI solution must have more or better labeled data than rivals to be superior. Any software becomes better as developers gain knowledge from user behavior. But in the case of AI, more data makes the model predictions more accurate, which is unusual.
  • The evaluation of engineering teams differs from the evaluation of data science teams. Academic credentials may be more crucial for data science teams than traditional software engineering teams.

As a result, businesses are spending money on AI-specific due diligence tools. These include comprehending and assessing data sources pertinent to AI models, developing quick strategies to compare the products of various AI vendors, and becoming familiar with academic and professional qualifications in the field of AI.

3. Implementation

Numerous initiatives will be the outcome of the approach. Planning, choosing a vendor if necessary, project management, development, improving the business processes affected by the project, change management, and other activities should all be included in the implementation phase.

Consultants may perform some or all of the work like any consulting business. 

Or, implementation can be done internally, which happens most often. However, starting with consultants can assist the customer in advancing more quickly, for instance, if the client needs more technical expertise to accomplish critical objectives. 

Please keep in mind, too, that hiring consultants exclusively to handle implementation will cost more in the long run than carrying out those tasks in-house.

4. Training

Consulting projects aim to enhance the client’s culture and capabilities. This is extremely important in the competitive field of AI. 

Client teams for AI consulting projects must be competent and aware of the technology they will be working on. 

Training materials must be thoroughly organized and documented, and a knowledge transfer method must be in place.

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What are the Best AI consulting firms in the world?

  • LeewayHertz
  • Markovate
  • Azati
  • DataTech.ai
  • Readify
  • Deeper Insights
  • Sirius
  • Fayrix
  • ExaWizards Inc
  • 7EDGE

1. LeewayHertz

A startup called LeewayHertz specializes in artificial intelligence and offers organizations full-service AI consulting. 

With the goal of assisting startups and businesses in accelerating the use of artificial intelligence, the company provides cutting-edge engineering solutions to Fortune 500 corporations and organizations worldwide.

They provide specialized AI-enabled solutions for various industries and assist their clients in getting better results. 

They are also innovators in creating specialized generative AI products, such as ChatGPT model-based products. Predictive analytics, machine learning, computer vision, and NLP are some of their main areas of interest.

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2. Markovate

Markovate is a well-known consulting firm for AI development that specializes in offering unique and tailored solutions to companies in various industries. 

With years of experience in the AI sector, Markovate has established a solid reputation for providing top-notch AI products that improve customer experiences, streamline company operations, and boost overall performance.

The team at Markovate is dedicated to keeping on the cutting edge of innovation and technology. Their team is continually abreast of the most recent developments in AI development, enabling them to provide clients with state-of-the-art solutions that spur success.

Markovate is aware that cooperation and communication are essential to the success of any AI effort. They put a lot of emphasis on creating enduring connections with customers so that they can continue to be a reliable partner throughout the entire AI development process.

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3. Azati

Since its establishment in 2001, Azati has aided numerous enterprises and grown to become one of the top artificial intelligence organizations. Its US headquarters and its R&D center are both located in Belarus. 

Depending on the needs of your project, the company has provided consulting and developed AI-enabled solutions for startups and organizations. Additionally, they offer design, development, data science, and machine learning services.

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4. DataTech.ai

DataTech.ai are a group of technologists who develop and support technical activities under the PRIZM group. They are tech-savvy and concentrate on providing their clients with data, digital, and AI technology solutions.

They specialize in using data to produce AI-enhanced digital goods and services, and they provide clients with one-stop shopping for integrating data, digital, and AI technologies into their businesses to maximize their potential.

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5. Readify

They partnered with Telstra in July 2016, and since then, their best-practice software development methodologies and skilled developers have helped them become known worldwide.

They support companies through end-to-end digital transformation, producing excellent results for clients looking to address problems of the present and seize possibilities of the future.

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6. Deeper Insights

For businesses embarking on their journeys toward digital transformation and product innovation, Deeper InsightsTM makes the seemingly unattainable a reality. 

Businesses that want to automate, forecast, and learn from their data can take advantage of DI’s expertise, which is made possible by the company’s hiring of some of the most intelligent Ph.D. Data Science and ML professionals in Europe and the UK.

With a highly-skilled crew, DI can create custom machine learning models and algorithms for clients using their datasets or by generating new datasets from web data utilizing their specialized ML web scraper, the Skim EngineTM.

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7. Sirius

With a team of certified sales and technical professionals, Sirius is a globally recognized solution provider with over three decades of IT experience. They are dedicated to assisting clients in creating and implementing the best AI-enabled solutions to meet their business needs.

With enterprise-wide technology solutions, Sirius’ qualified, experienced teams collaborate with IT specialists across the United States to provide consulting services that save costs and complexity, raise service levels, and reduce security risks and downtime.

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8. Fayrix

Fayrix offers world-class offshore & custom software development services. 

They have a talented 12-year-old staff of 1500+ developers ready to carry out projects of any size. Their R&D facilities are situated in important IT hotspots in Eastern Europe.

They have assisted start-ups and large businesses in their business transformation by offering AI consulting services.

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9. ExaWizards Inc

ExaWizards Inc. is one of the top AI consulting firms and a leading provider of new product development.

The business offers several services related to artificial intelligence, including consulting, designing, and development. ExaWizards provides services for solving societal issues and advancing industrial innovation.

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10. 7EDGE

7Edge is an AI consulting firm that works with clients to aid them with digital transformation and ensures high-quality product development using AI. 

They have been collaborating with various sectors, including industry, banking, aviation, and the military and armed forces.

Their knowledgeable team is very skilled in developing robust, quality-driven solutions based on artificial intelligence.

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How to choose your AI consultant?

There are obviously numerous considerations when choosing a firm to work with, but the following are the three most important ones:

  • Is it actually required? You should begin by asking that question. Numerous publications outline the benefits of implementing the solution, but will there be a quick payoff? You should enquire about your consultant’s short-, medium-, and long-term forecasts. If the company is in an early stage of growth or there are much more critical prospects to invest in, it might be smarter in the short term to install another technology.
  • Do you possess the required human resources? After the solution plan is presented, choosing whether to complete the project internally or outside will be crucial. To increase the probability that your employees will learn something from the situation and be able to assist you in the future, you should always make sure that the appropriate individuals handle the issue. Therefore, your team’s ability will influence how easy or difficult it is to assess the consultant’s performance. The information would constantly be shared to ensure that the most cutting-edge solution is used.
  • Does the consultant possess the required expertise? There are currently a lot of tiny artificial intelligence consulting companies. Make sure you choose the appropriate provider based on your industry. Various businesses need different skill sets. The best source of information would be the vendor’s previous work. The team’s profile is important as well. People with advanced degrees can probably guarantee the best level of work quality. The various consulting companies have varying specialties; one may have the best team for text categorization, while the other may excel at object detection.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What services are provided by the best AI consulting firms?

The best AI consulting firms provide a broad range of services, including strategy and advising, data analysis and management, software development, installation, and continuing support and maintenance. They also assist firms in integrating AI technology into their current systems and procedures to improve business outcomes.

What advantages come from collaborating with leading AI consulting firms?

Organizations can get various advantages by working with top AI consulting firms, including access to resources and knowledge, the ability to speed up the AI implementation process, and the capacity to optimize the use of AI technology for optimum commercial effect.

How can I pick the ideal AI consulting firm for my business?

When selecting an AI consulting firm, it’s crucial to consider elements like the organization’s experience and knowledge, approach to implementing AI, capability to develop solutions to match your particular demands, and reputation in the market.

Which sectors stand to gain from the best AI consulting firms?

A wide range of sectors, including healthcare, banking, retail, and manufacturing, can gain from hiring top AI consulting firms. Working with an AI consulting firm can benefit any corporation employing AI technology to enhance operations, boost efficiency, and provide commercial benefits.

What kind of programming language does AI use?

With tools for general AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial neural networks, Python is a commonly used language for artificial intelligence. Machine learning is the use of AI to create algorithms that do tasks similar to those performed by humans and display human talents.


The capacity to access vast amounts of data and the value realized from enterprise AI applications drive business adoption of AI. The COVID-19 epidemic has considerably quickened adoption.

A survey conducted in 2021 by IBM and Morning Consult found that one-third of businesses had already implemented AI and that almost half were investigating it.

Additionally, failure rates for AI are significant. Therefore, success is not guaranteed even if businesses can overcome these obstacles and integrate AI technologies into their business processes.

AI consultants, like other AI services, can help businesses use the potential of AI technologies by assisting them in overcoming challenges and reducing the likelihood of failure.



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