Does Best Buy have Student Discount? How Does it Work?

You might have arrived here searching for Best buy student discount or asked if Best Buy has a student discount

If you are a student looking for a way to save up money while buying products for school, then this article about the Best Buy student discount is definitely for you.

We shall also go further to state how students can get Best Buy student discounts. 

There are quite many offers and discounts available for students cutting across different accessories and products.

Stay with us.

Best Buy Student Discount

Best Buy is a multi-retail electronic and technology retail accessory marketplace in America. The discounts and quality of service they provide for users have earned them the trust and customers, especially students. 

Best Buy dominates the retail electronics and technology market serving many markets across Europe. A lot of brands are represented on the platform.

Discounts at Best Buy are of different types and target other groups of buyers, but the retail giant tends to have special arrangements that favor students the most. The exclusive deals at Best Buy tend to be more open during Black Friday sales at Best Buy.

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How to Get Best Buy Student Discount

Best Buy student discount does not come automatically. It is only applied to specific items and products. It is similar to coupons and needs to be flipped a couple of times than the regular discounts.

The process requires you to access the membership page. You will have to get to the checkout section to know if the product is eligible for a Best Buy student discount. 

The process is easy provided you meet the terms and conditions specified on the website.

  • Visit the Best Buy Membership offers site.
  • Click on a product you intend to buy
  • Verify to see if it has student discount deals tag
  • Add it to your cart and proceed to checkout if you are done.
  • Proceed to payment information when you have entered your address information.
  • Locate my Best Buy offers and rewards section.
  • Place your order once you verify that your discount has been applied.
  • You can repeat the same process whenever you want to use your Best But student discount.

Eligibility for Best Buy Student Discount?

Who is eligible for the Best Buy Student Discount? Who qualifies for Best Buy Student Discount?

We lodged all these questions and many more in our emails and search inquiries from many students seeking a Best Buy student discount.

With the help of our associates, we were able to dig out eligibility requirements for Best Buy student discounts. 

Due to how specific the discounts are, it is easy to tell when one qualifies for it. Below is a clear list of Best Buy student discount eligibility requirements.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must have enrolled into any of Title IV accredited colleges or university.
  • Four year universities, colleges, and other institutions are all qualified. Provided, they are Title IV accredited. 

To find out if your school is Title IV accredited, visit the Federal Student Aid site and check.

Products You can Get with Best Buy Student Discount

With a Best Buy student discount, you can get a subsidized price on computers, television, phones, and a variety of other electronic accessories and products. 

There is no statutory discount amount at Best Buy but be rest assured Best Buy deals can save you hundreds of dollars.

Additionally, the Best Buy discount does not apply to all the products. This is one big difference between Best Buy and other regular marketplaces. 

You might have to wait for clearance sale days, Black Friday, or monthly student deals email.

Any eligible product for Best Buy student discount can be seen on the Best Buy members’ offer site. 

But just bear in mind that the company does not offer discounts on all the products listed on its site.

How to Get Verified For Best Buy Discount Deals

Best Buy student deals verification takes quite a process. But it is easy to scale through if you have all the requirements demanded by the merchant site. 

Similar to Amazon, Nike, Spotify, and others, Best Buy uses the same SheerID verification service to determine one’s eligibility for a student status on the platform.

If you are already on a student account on Amazon or Spotify then you are qualified for a student discount deal at Best. 

However, if the platform fails to verify your ID, you can upload some supporting documents. This process will require you to scan some required documents like student ID, class schedule, or an enrollment letter.

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What to Do When Best Buy Automatic Verification Process Fails 

It is so easy to think you didn’t qualify for a student account when your Best Buy student verification fails. 

But, with the help of our research, we have discovered there are other supporting documents you can use to get verified. 

We understand how awful it is to pay in full for what you could have gotten a discount for. That is why we took the extra length of getting a bypass process if the Best Buy automatic verification process fails.

Below are the list of documents SheerID can use in verifying your student status manually on Best Buy website.

  • Current student ID card
  • Current class schedule
  • An official enrollment letter
  • A registration receipt
  • Any official document from the school detailing your enrollment status at the school as at the time of Best Buy student discount sign up.

If at the end of the day you are still not able to get verified after providing these documents, you will need to contact the Best Buy support team. 

A customer care representative would be there to take care of things for you.

Insider Facts and Hack around Best Buy Student Deals

We did more digging and found some hacks around getting Best Buy student discounts. It has been proven to work and has been used constantly by the ones who were lucky to have discovered it earlier. 

But, you need not worry because we have also researched and discovered some hidden bypasses on Best Buy you probably didn’t know.

Don’t have to be a Current Student:

We know it is quite surprising, especially after we stated earlier that you need to be a current student before you can access the Best Buy student discount. That is actually why we call it a hack.

An ex-student successfully used an email he registered in a junior college with on Best Buy and it verified his eligibility for a Best Buy student discount. 

If you are an ex-student and still want to enjoy the Best Buy student discount, this might actually work for you.

Sign up without .edu Email Address:

Unlike many other merchant e-commerce websites, you can actually sign up on Best Buy without the .edu email address. 

This remains hidden to many students as there is a widespread belief that one must have the .edu email address to verify his student status on Best Buy.

Go Beyond Student Discount:

For a site that hinges on student beneficial interest, it is quite hard to picture any other deal outside student deals. But, you can actually access other membership deals in event of no Best Buy student discount.

If you couldn’t find any student discount deals, you can check out the Members-only deals. You might just be on time for a membership discount on some products. 

We shall continue researching for more proven hacks around Best Buy. To subscribe to our newsletter for subsequent updates.

Alternative Ways to Save at Best Buy

In addition to the steps we listed above, there are a couple of alternative ways to access Best Buy Discount deals. A good number of them are from third-party merchants and other sites affiliated with Best Buy.

Website Coupon Pages: Some websites run coupon pages that offer discount coupons to visitors. Sites like BrokeScholar offer such deals to their visitors. You might be lucky to stumble on a coupon deal.

Social Media: To improve their visibility and attract more customers, especially students. Best Buy puts out lots of ads on social media with amazing deals to attract students. If you follow them on their social media handles, you are always going to be updated on recent deals and discounts. follow them here FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Amazon Deals: You can locate Best Buy discount deals on Amazon. A good number of Best Buy discounted products can also be purchased on Amazon. Amazon Prime members can access them at discounted prices with free shipping.

Best Buy Items on eBay: If you cannot find a deal elsewhere you can check eBay for some Best Buy discounted deals. eBay Best Buy deals are also available for discounts on selected products. 

With many options of getting around Best Buy deals, it is now easy to say that Best Buy might be the ideal platform to shop for your back-to-school products and still save lots of money. However, be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up for any deal. 

Best Alternative for Students

Best Buy might have presented the best of options for deals, especially to students, but there are a couple of other Best buy competitors that give them a good run for their money. 

In the event of difficulty in signing up on Best Buy, students tend to search for Stores like Best Buy near me.

Due to the need to provide our readers alternative choices in event of not getting verified on Best Buy. 

We have been able to research and come up with stores you can access products at amazing deals as a student.

Walmart: Walmart is by far one of the leading retail giants in the world. While for some reasons we might not recommend it before Best Buy, it is actually a good alternative while deal hunting.

Walmart has a variety of products serving all age groups and personalities. They equally offer discounts to premium members with something for students to save money while shopping.

Target: With an emphasis on trendy products, you are likely to see new deals at target almost every day. They serve the general public while also providing discount deals to eligible persons.

GameStop: GameStop started as a video game retail shop but has expanded into selling other varieties of electronics and tech products. It is popular among American youths and captures their attention with its amazing discount deals, especially for students. GameStop is a good alternative to Best Buy.

Mini In The Box: is a marketplace majoring in electronics and tech-gadgets products. The platform reduces the price by sourcing directly from the manufacturers, thereby reducing cost.

Their members enjoy very quality products at affordable prices. It has grown popular and serves customers from over 50 countries.

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With many asking does best buy have student discounts? our update above has been able to answer that question effectively. 

Best Buy remains one of the best places to access discounted deals on products. Nonetheless, always ensure you read the terms and conditions before signing up.

This will help you understand the extent to which the platform uses your personal data and how your privacy is protected. 

Before you engage in any hack of getting around Best Buy deals be sure to know how to do it to avoid having your account banned.


Students currently enrolled for a course or a parent/guardian of a student actively enrolled in college or post-secondary institutions are ideal persons for a discount at Best Buy.

You just need to ask about the student deals but they do have something for high school students.

Best Buy student discount works on only selected products. It is open for all students, you just need to sign up and get them.

The Apple Student Discount is exclusively available only at Apple in-store and on It doesn’t apply to Best Buy website.



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