Early Investing Reviews: Scam Or Legit? How It Works?

In the current society, the need to invest in a venture is rising as the day goes by. And as there are legit platforms to invest in there are also some that are there to rip you off of your hard-earned investment. In this write-up, I would try to review some of such investment platforms and help guide you and provide as many details I can on the platform to help decern if it’s a legit one or not. The platform of interest is the Early investing platform.

Early investing was founded in 2013 by the owner Adam Sharp with the aim of helping its readers find the most promising and lucrative investment opportunities outside the stock markets.

It basically focuses on startups and cryptocurrencies, providing educative materials as well as recommendations on specific investments. Let’s seat back and see what more we can find out about early investing.

What is Early Investing About?

As earlier mentioned, the mission of Early investing is to provide educational materials as well as well researched recommendations on different investments ranging from startups to cryptocurrencies without delving into the stocks market.

Early investing was co-founded by Adam Sharp and Andy Gordon with the main focus of providing readers with guidance through the exciting new investment space also known as equity crowdfunding.

Adam Sharp is also known to be the co-founder of first-stage investor, which is a monthly research service that identifies the best private startups to invest in.

He also co-founded the crypto asset strategies investment research services which are for accredited investors that are subscribed to the platform. Adam Sharp is an active investor himself which over 80 startups in his portfolio bringing to the platform extensive experience, research, and content.

Andrew Gordon, the other co-founder of early investing also a co-founder of first stage investor, and also a chief analyst of crypto-asset strategies has over three decades of experience which he leverages on early investing.

Early investing also has a portfolio that includes court innovations, DSTLD, Brew Dog, Keen Home, and Scrap Connection.

One of the things that set Early investing aside from other investing platforms is that it publishes digital newsletters that provide you with technical advice on making investments in cryptocurrencies from the king of cryptocurrencies which is bitcoin to the altcoins like Ethereum, Binance smart chain amongst others.

With as little as a subscription fee of $50 to $100 per year, you get unlimited access to a ton load of informative newsletters as well as insight and materials about analysis patterns involved with cryptocurrency as well as startups which would help you be grounded on how to calculate risks and potential rewards associated to your investment.

Also, there are available podcasts on the website which feature the topics of wealth creation and investment opportunities. With the aid of early investing, you can aid become rich y simply following the principles mentioned in their informative newsletters.

With all the above information about Early investing, there is no doubt that the platform for sure looks good and kind of legit.

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How Does Early Investing Work?

There are a number of ways in which early investing works and offers services to its readers and customers.

Majorly there are two options of investment newsletters in Early Investing which are; First Stage Investor and Startup Investor. Now let’s take a look at the

First Stage Investor

The first stage investor is the standard newsletter which has a subscription price of about $49 for an annual subscription and a price of $89 for bi-annual subscription services.

This newsletter contains content and gives you access to early investors’ startup portfolios together with specific currency recommendations and weekly currency reports.

You can also get access to more content in the form of podcasts which teach and educate on ways and steps on how to make money off cryptocurrency investments.

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Startup Investor

The startup investment newsletter is primarily aimed at teaching investors a bit more than the basics.

The newsletter offers investors how to identify the companies that are likely to generate more profit and has the most potential after their initial coin offering (ICO) is launched.

A startup investor newsletters are also known to provide in-depth information to investors to enable them to make the right investment choices and earn lucrative profits.

The Pros and Cons of Early Investing

Now in every venture, they are always advantaging and disadvantages associated with each of them, and early investing is no different.

As good as early investing may seem and look there are also certain disadvantages attached to making use of the platform and in this section of this article, I would try to look at some, if not all, of the advantages and disadvantages associated with making use of the early investing platform.

There are mixed reviews on the legitimacy of early investing which is a common occurrence as it pertains to most investment letters.

However, a look into the pros and cons might help you in picking your stance on the issues.

The Pros

  1. The process of signing up or creating a new account on early investing requires just a few easy steps which is completely free and offers daily e-letters.
  2. Thanks to Adam Sharp and Andrew Gordon who has years of experience in the world of investment, finance and cryptocurrency, you can rest easy knowing that the information provided on early investing is credible and can be trusted.
  3. Early investing also offers its members and subscribers, principles and work arounds as it pertains to the different investment spheres. These principles and investment advices are always well structured and impactful.

The Cons

  1. Early Investing newsletters has a way of downplaying the challenges associated with crypto investment and makes a newbie consider crypto investing as an easy cash out scheme.
  2. The subscription fees don’t come cheap especially for a newbie who is just getting into the investment space and haven’t really made any head way in the crypto investing space. There is also no guarantee that you would recover your subscription fees from information gotten from Early Investing.
  3. Cryptocurrency investing is volatile. You might lose quite a lot of money if you blindly jump on the bandwagon of crypto investing and move based on information only gotten from Early investing without doing a bit of researching yourself.

Is Early Investing a Scam?

Okay, the fact is there are actually few negative reviews about Early investing, and as such, I can’t conclude or distinctively say if Early Investing is a scam or not.

Their marketing tactics however are a bit misleading, claiming to be able to make you a millionaire through the bitcoin market and cryptocurrencies.

This is a bit overreaching in my opinion and quite deceiving but well, in the marketing industry, you have to over-exaggerate sometimes which you can’t really fault anyone trying to sell their business.

Though their portfolios, recommendations, and currency reports can be beneficial in calculating risks, you have to keep in mind that cryptocurrency is a volatile market with unpredictable market fluctuations and can at times lead to huge financial losses.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is Early Investing? Who publishes it?

Early Investing is the free e-letter published by Early Investing LLC. Early Investing helps its readers find the most promising investment opportunities outside the stock market which is focused on two areas in particular: private startups and cryptocurrencies. Early Investing provides both educational material and recommendations on specific investments.
Early Investing is led by Andy Gordon and Adam Sharp. Both of who are responsible for the newsletters. Making use of their extensive financial and entrepreneurial experience to pinpoint the top recommendations for their readers. Although the newsletters provide detailed insight into financial markets, Early Investing does not provide personal financial investment advice, offer brokerage services, or manage money.

How does Early Investing work?

All you need to do is visit the early investing website at EarlyInvesting.com for the latest information on the markets. For more premium content, you would be required to sign up to get access to free newsletters and financial content. You would also get daily newsletters and commentaries on startups and the cryptocurrency markets straight to your email from early investing.
Should you ever wish to discontinue your subscription, every issue provides an “Unsubscribe” link. Simply click on it and your name will be removed from our subscription list immediately.

How often will I receive Early Investing?

Early Investing is published twice per week.

What does Early Investing offer?

Being a member and subscribing to Early investing services, you would receive unparalleled startup and cryptocurrency investment research for absolutely no added price. You also get access to a ton of free resources to help make your investment journey easier and well-informed.

How do I contact Early Investing with any questions?

To get in touch with Early Investing, you would need to visit their website and click on the contact us button to get access to their support email and other means on how to reach them and ask questions.


At the end of it all, there are a lot of benefits that can be gotten from joining the Early Investing platform. Their research newsletters offer a lot of insight and are actually very helpful when you are in the world of investing in startups and cryptocurrency.

However, as earlier mentioned I cannot concretely say if it’s a scam site or not, but I doubt it really is. I hope you enjoyed your read and got some insight into the world of Early Investing.



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