Top 20 Most Influential People In Ohio | Social Media Handles 2023

Some people can lead lives of influence, affecting the world around them. For example, certain people are influential in Ohio because of their significant impact.

They have altered the status quo within their community, field, and beyond. Many of these individuals are historical and famous people from Ohio that may have passed away, but their impact and influence remain.

It might surprise you to discover that many of your favorite, most beloved, famous artists, activists, actors, poets, authors, cartoonists, and sports and business leaders are from Ohio.

This article contains all you need to know about the most influential people in Ohio.

What You Need to Know About Ohio

Ohio is located in the Midwestern area of the United States. Out of all fifty U.S. states, it is the 34th largest in terms of size and has a population of 11.8 million. It is the seventh-highest populated and the tenth-most densely populated.

The state’s capital is Columbus, the largest city in the state. The Columbus metropolitan region, Greater Cincinnati, and Greater Cleveland are the largest metropolitan areas.

Ohio is known historically as “the “Buckeye State” in honor of its Ohio Buckeye trees. The name “Buckeyes often refers to Ohioans.” The state’s flag is the only flag that is not rectangular among the U.S. states.

Ohio is famous for its position as a swing state and an election bellwether. Seven presidents from this country in the United States have come from Ohio. It has also led to Ohio getting the title “the Mother of Presidents.”

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20 Most Influential People in Ohio in 2023

Here is a list if the most famous people in Ohio

  • DaBaby
  • Tracy Chapman
  • LeBron James
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Stephen Curry
  • Halle Berry
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Guy Fieri
  • John Legend
  • Paul Newman
  • Kid Cudi
  • Ben Roethlisberger
  • Alexa Bliss
  • William Howard Taft
  • Bow Wow
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Gloria Steinem
  • Sunita Williams
  • Robert Dyrdek
  • Anita Baker

#1. DaBaby

Most Influential People in Ohio

DaBaby, born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, is a popular American artist and rapper. He is most famous for his debut album, which was a huge success,” Baby on Baby.’

The family was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and DaBaby was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. DaBaby was the eldest of three children of his parents.

He’s been drawn to Music since he was a child but only began to seriously consider becoming a rapper in the year 2014. Then, he began to rap under the name “Baby Jesus.” After the release of his first mixtape, ‘Nonfiction, in the year 2015, DaBaby was able to gain some attention.

However, he became more popular by releasing the single ‘Light Show’ in 2016. The song has received millions of hits on streaming platforms for Music online.

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#2. Tracy Chapman

Most Influential People in Ohio

Tracy Chapman is an American folk-rock artist and singer who is well-known. She is a four-time Grammy Award winner and multi-platinum recording artist, making her one of the most influential people in Ohio.

She was born in Ohio; a middle-class family raised Tracy from Connecticut. Her mother was supportive of her music-related endeavors. 

When Tracy was at Tufts University, where she was studying anthropology, she began creating tracks, writing lyrics, and performing in local cafes.

Through a friend from her college, she was introduced to the producers of ‘Elektra Record” and her debut album, ‘Tracy Chapman, was launched in 1988. The album became an instant success, and her hit track ‘Fast’ made her a worldwide sensation.

Also, she is a significant contributor to many global charities and has performed in numerous events for charity and benefit.

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#3. LeBron James

Most Influential People in Ohio

LeBron James is an American professional basketball player and one of the most famous people in Ohio. He experienced a challenging childhood; however, he showed great talent in the early years of his life.

As an undergraduate at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School was a key player in guiding the school team to two division III State Championships. 

He started attracting national attention because of his basketball talents and football skills, and he was awarded All-State honors.

They recognize the LeBron James team to be one of the top basketball players. In 2021, he was the only NBA professional to earn $1 billion.

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#4. Neil Armstrong

Most Influential People in Ohio

Neil Armstrong was the first American astronaut to walk the moon. As an aeronautical engineer, he was educated and a pilot; he was also an experimental pilot before being chosen as an astronaut.

Armstrong’s first space mission was as a command pilot for Gemini 8 in 1966. He made history as the first non-military pilot to fly into space.

The second and final space flight occurred three years later, in 1969, when he was a part of Aldrin and Collins on Apollo 11 for NASA’s first astronaut-led mission to the Moon.

Armstrong spent around two hours on the Moon’s surface, conducting tests and collecting samples. His ferocious determination, heroic attitude, and unwavering team spirit led him to be an individual of integrity and honor.

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#5. Stephen Curry

Most Influential People in South Carolina

Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA.’ The son of Dell Curry, who is thought to be one of the greatest 3-point shooters in the ‘NBA’s history, Stephen has been named the best shooter by numerous players and experts.

He has been awarded the ‘NBA Most Valuable Player Award twice in succession and also won a unanimous award for the first time in the history of the NBA. 

Also, he led the Warriors to their first title in more than four decades. He also helped the team beat the record for the most wins during an NBA season.

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#6. Halle Berry

Halle Berry is an American actor who is best famous for her part in ‘Monster’s ball.’ She was a model and participated in numerous beauty contests before becoming an actor.

A daughter of an English German mom and an African American father, her multi-generational ancestry is the reason for her unique beauty. At ease with her looks, she began competing in beauty contests at a young age and ultimately won the Miss the Teen Pageant All-American.’

 She began her acting career with a part in the T.V. show “Living Dolls” before moving into films.

In the following years, she won the hearts of many because of her dedication to her craft. They regarded her as an artist who put the whole of her soul and heart into everything she did.

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#7. Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is an Award-winning Academy director, filmmaker, and producer who is credited with some of the most acclaimed Hollywood blockbusters from the late 20th Century and early 21st Century. He is one of the most influential people in Ohio.

The most well-known as one of the most famous names in Hollywood, He is considered by many as the one with the most decisive influence in film-making.

In the past, the director has evolved into a champion for humane causes. His projects are focused on topics such as the Holocaust.

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#8. Guy Fieri

Most Influential People in Ohio

Guy Ramsay Ferry, better known as Guy Fieri, is a man with many talents. He is a restaurateur writer, host of a game show, and T.V. host.

He began making his impression in American hospitality by opening an array of restaurants in various cities across California, together with others.

Also, he is currently Co-Owner of three restaurants in California. He has licensed his brand name for two establishments, including one located in Las Vegas and Baltimore, under the brand name “Guy Fieri’s Kitchen” and Bar.

Guy Fieri enrolled in the reality show about food, “Next Food Network Star”; He was picked as a contestant for the show’s second season and eventually took home the title.

After the show, he hosted his cooking show called “Guy’s Big Bite,’ which is currently showing on the Food Network.’ Fieri co-wrote a few cookbooks on recipes and the recipe book himself.

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#9. John Legend

Most Influential People in Ohio

John Roger Stephens, known professionally as John Legend, is an American artist, songwriter, and musician. The most popular of his works are albums like “Once Again” and “Darkness and Light.’

Originating from Springfield, Ohio, United States, Legend showed an intense interest in Music from a young age. John began performing with his church choir at four. At the age of seven, he began playing the piano.

Legend has worked in collaboration with Kanye West, Britney Spears, and Lauryn Hill. In 2015, he was awarded an Oscar for the track ‘Glory.’

He has also been awarded various other prestigious awards, including the ten ‘Grammy awards and the ‘Golden Globe Award.’ He also played an actor and was featured in the film ‘La La Land, winning six Oscars, which became an enormous success.

He is well-known for his charitable activities, including increasing awareness of those affected by Hurricane Katrina. ‘

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#10. Paul Newman

Most Influential People in Ohio

Paul Newman was an Academy Award-winning American actor, an entrepreneur with a track record, professional race driver activist, and philanthropist. 

Famous for his handsome looks and stunning blue eyes, he’s considered one of the prettiest males to grace Hollywood.

He is an extremely talented actor who won many awards for his performance and was a highly successful racer with several national championships. Paul is also one of the most famous people in Ohio.

He was noticed due to his attractive looks and muscular physique, which earned him roles on film in Hollywood. It didn’t take long to make himself an accomplished actor. He Was later seen in films such as “The Hustler” and “The The Color of Money.’

Apart from acting and being a businessman, he was also an entrepreneur and co-founded a food and beverage company known as ‘Newman’s Own.’ He was also famous for his involvement in charitable initiatives.

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#11. Kid Cudi

Most Influential People in Ohio

Kid Cudi is an American actor and rapper best recognized for his ‘new wave’ of rap’ music that has inspired other artists, such as Kanye West.

He was introduced to the American hip beat and rap scene with his debut mixtape, “A Kid Named Cudi,” in 2008. ‘

At that time, Kanye West had become one of the most admired rappers. Kanye listened to Kid’s Music and was drawn to be in contact with him. Then, Kanye signed Kid for his label”GOOD Music, which significantly increased Kid’s popularity.

Cudi has released five more studio albums and has proven to be among the most successful artists today. He also appeared in several famous T.V. shows, including ‘Need For Speed and ‘Brooklyn Nin-Nine. ‘

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#12. Ben Roethlisberger

Most Influential People in Ohio

Ben Roethlisberger is an American football player who is a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL). He first began in football while in Findlay High School and then continued his career at Miami University.

Then, in NFL history, He was the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl and is one of the most effective quarterbacks. He was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award and five times a recipient of the Pro Bowl.

In addition to football, he established a foundation that supports the fire and police departments across the U.S. and boosts the quality of life for people living in Ohio and Pittsburgh.

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#13. Alexa Bliss

Most Influential People in Ohio

Alexa Bliss is one of the most famous American professional wrestlers and T.V. famous. She is among the best female wrestlers in ‘World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

She has been a part of numerous WWE events across the globe and was crowned champion at the top two WWE brands, named ‘SmackDown’ and “Raw.’

Alexa Bliss was the first wrestler in history to win the ‘Women’s Champion’s title in ‘SmackDown’ and ‘Raw.’

Also, she was number two among the top female wrestlers in ‘Pro Wrestling Illustrated’ for 2018. The same year, she also ranked fifth in the Top 10 Women’s Wrestler of the Year list, published by Sports Illustrated. ‘

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#14. William Howard Taft

Most Influential People in Ohio

William Howard Taft was the 27th President of the United States and served from 1909 until 1913. 

In the years following his resignation, Taft was named as the chief justice of the United States, thus becoming the only person in charge of the judicial and executive sections of the United States federal government.

Taft was raised in a prominent political family in Ohio His father, who was a lawyer, was the Secretary of the Attorney General and Secretary for War in the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant. 

As a result of family traditions, William Taft enrolled at Yale College in New Haven after proving himself an incredibly talented and multi-faceted student.

Then he continued to study law, after which he was accepted to the bar. Taft had great success as a lawyer and held various high-profile posts in the federal government.

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#15. Bow Wow

Most Influential People in Ohio

Bow Wow (Shad Gregory Moss) is a well-known rapper, record producer, T.V. host, and actor. He first came into the media as his name, Lil’ Bow Wow, in 2003, when he began to use the name Bow Wow in his albums.

The artist is well-known for his hip-hop albums and mix tapes that have earned him numerous gold and platinum certifications. His albums have also been featured on the Billboards.

Bow Wow has enjoyed great fame and acclaim due to his acting talents. He was in ‘The Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift (2006), and ‘Hurricane Season (2009). He is a renowned entertainer who has earned worldwide fame with his many talents.

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#16. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler (born Nicholas Theodore Nemeth) is an American wrestler, actor, and stand-up comedian.

His passion for wrestling from the age of five did not just lead to him being a pro wrestler but also made him a worldwide figure in the sport. He is one of the most influential people in Ohio.

WWE currently contracts him under the SmackDown brand. He also appeared at several wrestling events for the Raw brand. He has been a WWE regular for the last decade.

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#17. Gloria Steinem

Gloria Marie Steinem is an American feminist, journalist, and author who contributed significantly to her time in the American feminist movement in the late 1960s and the early 1970s.

Her social activism was instrumental in helping create a variety of essential transformations in western society.

She also wrote for “Esquire,” “Huntington Hartford”, and the ”New York” magazine. Steinem received a lot of attention for her article “After Black Power, Women’s Liberation in 1969.

Presently, Steinem is a world-renowned feminist icon often used as a keynote speaker for occasions centered around the subject.

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#18. Sunita Williams

Sunita Lyn Williams is an American astronaut and a former U.S. Navy officer. She was a navy test pilot and later an instructor for test pilots who flew more than 30 aircraft and completed more than 2,770 flight hours.

In July of 2015, NASA chose her to be one of its first astronauts to be selected for U.S. Commercial spaceflights.

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#19. Robert Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek is an American sports personality, actor, reality T.V. star, entrepreneur, and producer. His professional career began by becoming a pro skateboarder when he was 15, earning international and national acclaim in the sport.

The successes of his ventures have given him fame and recognition. Robert is one of the famous people in Ohio.

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#20. Anita Baker

Most Influential People in Ohio

Anita Baker is an American artist, singer, and one of the most influential people in Ohio, with an impressive career spanning over a decade and the honor of eight Grammy Awards. Baker’s parents left her when she was two, and a foster family from Detroit took care of her.

She started to get into Music at age five, and soon after, she started playing in nightclubs around the city. 

Her forte was Rhythm and Blues (R&B), and, after the performance in one of the nightclubs, she was offered the opportunity to be part of a group called Chapter 8.

Baker is among the rare artists whose initial four albums sold more than one million copies and is one of the most iconic artists for Music in the R&B genre.

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FAQs on Most Influential People in Ohio

Who is the most famous person in Ohio?

5 Famous People from Ohio:
William Howard Taft
Neil Armstrong
Toni Morrison
Steven Spielberg
Simone Biles

What is Ohio famous for?

Ohio is known for its Cedar Point, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Pro Football Hall. And then there’s Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon.

Are there any celebrities from Ohio?

Yes. From Hollywood legends like Paul Newman and Da Baby to Halle Berry and John Legend and many others.

What is the nicest city in Ohio?

A U.S. News and World Report ranking cite Cincinnati as the best Ohio city for people to live in.


You might wonder to learn that many of the top stars in the world were born in Ohio.

From the extensive list of influential persons in Ohio that exceeds hundreds, we have identified the top 20 people.

We hope you enjoyed going over the entire list.



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