Easy Christmas Craft To Make And Sell In 2022

 The holiday season is very bubbly with joy in the atmosphere. Lots of shopping, people traveling most especially a time to give gifts. It’s a season that brings people together and one to make some extra bucks. How? By creating Christmas crafts.

It doesn’t matter if you are a chef, doctor, or teacher because they are pretty easy crafts to learn, make and sell this Christmas.

You can take these to craft fairs, holiday bazaars, markets, or even sell online to help cover your Christmas cost.

Below Are Easy Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell in 2022

#1. Ginger Bread Sugar Scrub

Christmas is all about fun, game, gifts, and food. 

A Christmas tradition that is easy to make, all you need is two cups sugar, 2 cups brown sugar, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg, 1/8 teaspoon groundnut, small jars, teaspoon water, or coconut oil. 

It is one of the most lucrative craft ideas to make and sell on Christmas.

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#2. Dollar Tree Christmas Book Stack

This idea is fun and money-conscious. It is when you transform your hardcover books into festive holiday decor using a few letters, craft paint, ink pad, permanent marker, alphabet stamp, paintbrush, and a ribbon plaid ribbon. 

If you don’t have a hardcover book simply buy it at a dollar store or thrift store. To make the dollar tree Christmas Book Stack take 20 minutes with an estimated cost of $4.

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#3. Embroidery Hoops Ornament

 Selling embroidery hoops is bound to fetch you money this Christmas. Although it requires some skill, it’s still a great Christmas craft to make and sell. 

A way to spread the Christmas spirit that can be made with just a swatch of your favorite fabric, a piece of artwork, embellishments, favorite art file, and some heat transfer vinyl. Make and sell this Christmas.

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4 Christmas Tree Ornaments

 A Christmas tree is what every family needs this Christmas. Make yours the most beautiful by covering it in ornaments. Buy and paint bulbs in beautiful design or burn messages into small pieces of wood. 

You could also knit and crochet small trinkets that can be hung on a tree.

#5. Gift Boxes

Everyone gets a gift for Christmas and they come in gift boxes. Do this and you won’t have to worry about buying a box every time you need to give a gift. Make and sell your gift boxes this holiday season. Use a pattern stain to decorate those boxes and sell them this Christmas.

#6. Homemade Christmas Stocking 

Make homemade stockings with the fabric of your choice. These colorful, traditional and beautiful stockings are bound to bring a smile to people’s faces and money out of their pocket as they buy.

It could be new or old fabrics, from no-sew to embroidery. It makes the perfect craft to sell this Christmas.

#7. Christmas Terrarium 

 The Christmas Terrarium is a suitable craft to sell for Christmas.

It can be made in an hour and sold off within minutes. You can display it on a mantle or a centerpiece for the holiday table or give it as a gift.

Make it shiny, filled with snow, other decorative items, and sell it off this Christmas.

#8. Wine Cork Angel Ornaments 

Who knew that wine cork can make little sellable angels. Using your hot glue gun, basic craft supplies, and a few wine corks you can create pretty ornaments for sale. 

Christmas brings creativity in you so make these crafts and get rich.

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#9. Glitter Snowflake soap

 With glitter snowflakes soap, you can make your soap from scratch or melt the soap you already have. Add your glitter to the soap mix and you have something to sell this Christmas. 

It can be used after Christmas because it beautiful soap.

#10. Christmas Village Shadowbox

 For $25 you can build an adorable village or the home of your dream perfect for a mantle and sell this Christmas or holiday centerpiece. 

To make your village Shadowbox distinct you can opt for different colors. 

#11. Reindeer Stocker Holder

  DIY stockholders are used to holding stockings. The stockholders are what every family would love to have, it can be made in any design. A perfect solution that would sell in any market this Christmas. 

#12. Santa Cookies Tray

  Making customized cookie trays with your Cricut machine for sale is an excellent business venture this holiday season.

With Cricut or silhouette cutting machine, scissors, paintbrush, easy press mini, E600 craft glue you can make the cookies tray in a total of 30 minutes. 

#13. Crocheted Mickey Mouse Ornament

 Everyone loves Disney’s mickey mouse. Create your crocheted Mickey Mouse ornaments this Christmas and put them up for sale. 

With the required skill set you can make a lot of money.

#14. Snow Globe Rings 

Snow Globe Rings is a way to capture the imagination of kids and adults. Make this beauty using glass stars, glitter snow, and some glue. 

It’s the perfect Christmas ornament that’s why you should make and sell it.

#15. Wrapping Papers 

 You can make wrapping Papers to sell this Christmas. 

Spice things up by adding fun holiday designs to printed wrapping paper either in small batches with a stencil or have them printed in a box.

#16. Nutcrackers 

Nutcrackers are used to attract good luck and rid the house of malevolent spirits. 

It is Christmas, ask woodworkers to make your brand of nutcrackers or you can repaint old wooden ones for sale this holiday season.

#17. Hot Cocoa Mugs

If you already make and sell ceramic mugs, you should create some with holiday designs that people can use to relish a festive cup of hot chocolate or peppermint coffee.

#18. Pinecones Wine Cork Christmas Tree

  Pinecones that are often overlooked with wine corks can be a great way to make some money this Christmas. 

All you need you to need to do is glue the pine cones to the wine cork and the wooden star to the top of the cone and you got yourself a Christmas craft to sell.

#19. Wood Bead Snowman

This craft has many significant advantages. First, you are spending to no money if you the three items needed at home. It requires no tool. 

All you need is to let your creativity shine through by making and selling wooden snowmen this Christmas.

#20. Easy Pine Needle Ornament

  Pine needle ornament is rustic but in style at Christmas. They are sellable too. To make use of fillable glass ornaments, pine cones, clippings, and ribbons. 

You don’t have to go over and beyond as they are cheap, marketable, and easy to make.

#21. Personalized Wood Christmas Sign

Personalized items always sell very well and usually at an excellent premium price. This Cricut maker Christmas craft idea can be sold on Etsy for a nice profit.

#22. Christmas Lanterns

Lanterns provide a cozy vibe for a home at Christmas. There are tons of ideas within this category; use mason jars, antique glassware, or craft your containers from scratch.

Basic Tools Needed To Make The Craft

  • Embroidery hoops
  • Paintbrush 
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Holiday greenery or moss
  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick/ hot glue gun
  • Heat gun
  • Pliers

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several outlets where you can sell the Christmas crafts you make. And these are some of the options including where to sell crafts online.

  • Etsy
  • Craft fairs
  • Christmas market
  • Retail stores
  • Your eCommerce website
  • Friends And Family

DIY Christmas craft sells because of its uniqueness and originality. There are many things to make and sell for profit. And the items that best are personalized items and gift sets. Also, it depends on your marketing skills. 

The easiest crafts to make and sell are usually those where you only have to customize a readymade item. For example, the pine cone wine cork Christmas tree and bulb ornaments with design to make them more festive.


The holidays are a lot of money and if you are looking to make a few for yourself, these crafts are what you should consider.

With a long list of cheap and not-so-cheap craft, you can find something worth your time.



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