Ecom Cash Code Reviews 2022: Legit Or Another Work From Home Scam

Many platforms have been set up in recent times telling us that we can make money from inputting certain codes. And that’s what Ecom cash code claims.

But the question is, “can you really make money by ‘plugging in’ a simple code?” It sounds too good to be true, right? 

Here is the truth – most of such platforms are just scams designed to part you from your cash. So, in this review, I’ll show exactly how the Ecom Cash Code scam works and save you from losing your money.

There is nothing legit about the Ecom Cash Code – it’s simply another work from home scam!

This is it: Ecom Cash Code claims to make you get rich quick — if you plug-in a secret code to the system then watch the money to flow in— which sounds too good to be true. After checking, it turns out to be a sales funnel into another dropshipping course created by the same founder, Teo Vee.


There is more to it… just keep reading! Here is a glimpse of what’s coming.

What Is Ecom Cash Code?

Ecom cash code is a product by Teo Vee that claims you can make money online with e-commerce by using a secret code. ‘Teo Vee’ (a fake name he chose) is a serial scammer who will tell you anything to dupe you into becoming his next scam victim. 

There’s nothing real or legit about this system – the fake names and video testimonials are only designed to manipulate and deceive you.

Also, you can’t pinpoint a specific website for the Ecom cash code. It can be found on several websites across the web but they all work in the same way: Pay money to access a ‘secret code’ that you can ‘plug into’ to get unlimited profits for zero effort.

Some websites promoting the Ecom Cash Code system claim that the whole thing will provide you with a way to “legally tap into the purchases from customers all over the world” through sites like Amazon and pocket some cash for yourself as a result.

Here is an example:

Ecom Cash Code Copy

In fact, they are using the same copy and hosting it on several domains – a strategy that scammers use. So in case one of their websites get shut down, they can come up with another in no time to scam people out of their money – yet again.

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Ecom Cash Code Review – How Does It Work?

Ecom Cash Code webpages are pretty basic and look like they’re not going to tell you anything about how the program works until you fill out the form giving them your name, email, and phone number.

Ecom Cash Code Review - How it works

Another weird thing about these websites is the description at the top of the site as seen above. It implies that the Ecom Cash Code system is what everyone’s talking about as a way to make an easy side income.

I think it’s strange that a system calling itself the ‘Ecom Cash Code’ is on a website called This is definitely a red flag. As it is one of those scams that are littering the web using a whole array of different names and websites.

Regardless in a bid to satisfy our curiousity, we filled out the form using fake details.

Ecom Cash Code Sign Up

Here is what the Ecom Cash Code sign up looks like:

If you successfully sign up without any kind of glitch, you’ll then be asked to watch a video.

Inside Ecom Cash Code

Most video contents on Ecom Cash Code systems show that it is just a sales funnel that directs you to another dropshipping training course called My Ecom Club, which is also built by Teo Vee.

In fact, you’ll find nothing inside the Ecom Cash Code except that it keeps promoting My Ecom Club, and this is quite unethical.

Teo Vee goes on saying he started with $213 in commissions overnight. Then, $6,822 in a week, 90 days $114,500 all because a friend showed him a website where he plugged in this special code…

That’s not all.

It’s a shame and very annoying that you know all of these after you hand over your hard-earned $97!

Also, what the website doesn’t tell you is that the $97 fee is essentially just a “teaser” of what’s to come. In fact, to actually progress forward with the program you’ll be required to hand over $1,997 as shown below:

Yes, you read that right. Now, you may be wondering who Ecom Cash Code is for.

Who is Ecom Cash Code For?

Absolutely, no one!!!

Reason being that I don’t think Ecom Cash Code will make you any better than where you are presently. Also, legitimate programs should have in-depth training courses, support, and customer services; Ecom Cash Code system lacks this.

Ugly Truth About Ecom Cash Code Revealed

Here are some things you should know about the system:

  • Misleading Claims
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Fake Verification
  • Affiliate Marketing Done Wrong
  • No Defined Website

#1 Misleading Claims

First and foremost, there is no way you can plug-in to anyone’s website with a secret code to bring you money. If there is, it will be done by hackers, not normal people like you and me.

Also, there is no plug-in in the affiliate marketing industry because it takes more than that to make your first $1 on the web. So, using shortcuts like Ecom Cash Code will never make you $97 or even more.

#2 Fake Testimonials

One typical marketing method from online scams is the fake testimonials that scam artists use to make their scammy products sound attractive to innocent people and novice affiliate marketers. And Ecom Cash Code is no exception, look what I found below!

Ecom Cash Code Fake Testimonials
Ecom Cash Code Fake Testimonials

The lady above said that she made $1,500 to $2,000 per day through Ecom Cash Code, but she is actually a paid actor from Fiverr (where you can find freelancing services to help your online business).

When you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Teo Vee uses these same video testimonials on all of his scam sites. The whole video is full of fake and recycled ‘earnings proof’ and success stories to deceive you into thinking this is legit when it’s not.

And this is where you should pause and ask yourself some questions.

  1. If the Ecom Cash Code system makes us lots of money by simply using a secret code, why isn’t everybody doing it right now?
  2. Why does it need a testimonial to convince you?

You’ll find out that this doesn’t make any sense.

#3 Fake Verification

Ecom Cash Code uses fake verification. At the bottom of the website, you’ll see the verified eCommerce logo. They want us to believe that the site is verified.

Awesome! But verified by who exactly?

They look good and this gives you the impression that your money is safe, but let me burst your bubble…

Teo actually cuts and pastes these images onto his site to try and give his scheme legitimacy but in truth, they’re completely meaningless.

#4 Affiliate Marketing Done Wrong

I know exactly how you feel about this cash code scam system.

You probably joined Ecom Cash Code because it claims to make you easy money through affiliate marketing codes/plugins, but you only know the ugly truth after paying $97, which is to promote My Ecom Club.

The system just gives “affiliate marketing” a bad name.

The truth is that most people hate affiliate marketing because they got scammed by programs (like Ecom Cash Code) in the past.

Notwithstanding, legitimate affiliate marketing is to promote others’ products on your website or blog. That is to say, if your readers purchase the products through your unique affiliate links, you would earn commissions. This form of marketing was popular since the last decade, and it will keep growing in the next decade.

But this cash code system isn’t one!

#5 No Defined Website

This part should get you worried.

There is no dedicated website for the Ecom Cash Code. I’ve taken my time to go through Google but still didn’t find any.

Every legitimate platform has a defined website or a web page where their users can identify with them but the reverse is the case here.

In reality, you’ll find the Ecom Cash Code on a whole variety of different website domains. Here are some:

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In Summary: Is Ecom Cash Code A Scam?

Yes, Ecom Cash Code is a work from home scam.

With no defined website, misleading claims, fake testimonials, fake verifications, and wrong affiliate marketing techniques, all of these are enough to keep you away from the system as it is far from legitimate.

I hope this helps you in making reasonable financial decisions!


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