21 Ways To Get Paid To Draw Online & Offline | Updated

So, you are great at drawing but have been doing it for fun even with a red account balance? Then this is for you. 

First, you have to choose a niche in drawing, painting, sculpting, architecture or its likes, a network for clients, determine your pricing and your brand.

In addition, attend seminars and conferences that will help you network with clients.

Lastly, create a brand that stands out. There are so many people who can draw, but to get paid drawing, you need an outstanding brand.

How To Get Paid To Draw Online and Offline

You can get paid to draw either offline or online.

If you must get paid to draw, you must really know how to, evolve, learn, relearn, unlearn, and know-how to meet your customer needs.

The drawing has to infuse passion and business infused.

Likewise, you will need hard work, patience and the right strategy to get discovered by prospective clients.

Again, stop seeing drawing as a hobby but a business, change your mindset, find your specialty in the world of drawing, painting, architecture, or graphic designing.

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How Can a Beginner Artist Make Money Drawing?

Since you are a beginner you will want to gather a lot of experience. You can do this by drawing for free, for friends, family, or you can volunteer to draw for organizations, that way you these experiences can be added to your portfolio.

Mind you, you need to put your best into these free works because they speak for you.

At first, this may be hard because you will spend and not get anything in return but it is worth it.

Attend seminars, webinars, and conferences for artists, connect without other artists in your niche and outside your niche, collaborate with as many as possible, and don’t forget to be you!

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Ways to Get Paid to Draw Offline And Online in 2022

Follow these steps to get paid to draw offline and online this year

1. Sell Your Drawings on Vector:

First, vectorize your drawings.

This can be done by using an app on your smartphone that can convert your picture (drawings) into a vector (Adobe capture CC does this for example) or by scanning your work and then pulling that into a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator.

Now, this can be sold on sites like sellfy, where you can sell all kinds of artwork from illustrations, logo design, icon packs, etc.

2. Sell Your Drawings on Esty:

This market is similar to the sellfy but this marketplace reaches a larger target audience and takes your business to another level.

You can make a steady income from selling on Esty. You can sell anything creative and artistic physical and none physical.

Esty is popular because you can find a variety of arts and customers to sell to.

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3. Sell in the Digital Market:

While Esty lets you sell both physical and nonphysical arts. A creative market is a marketplace that is meant for selling digital art in particular.

It gets a more specified audience e.g word press, themes, clip art, templates, fronts, logos, illustrations and branding kit, etc.

4. Build Your Brand on Instagram:

Instagram is the number one social media platform where creatives and artist showcase their work. If you feel you will do better there, so why not?

Get enough followers and turn your audience into customers. You can use this platform to try out new things and see if your audience likes them.

Direct any interest in your work to your business to earn money. 

5. Teaching Drawing Offline:

You can teach people individually, especially if drawing is your mainstream income.

This is another way to get paid to draw through tutorials. You can do this and become certified to even give certificates.

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6. Teaching Drawing Online:

If you have successfully established your Instagram account you can invest in online classes and get more income. You can get paid through YouTube by creating tutorials for people to learn how to draw.

7. Selling Wall Art: 

This is mostly for painters, illustrators, designers, and graphic artists. For you to earn money by selling high-quality prints or copies of your work, you can use vectorization. 

8. Seeking Commissions For Original Work:

This is work that can be done offline or online. You can start by showcasing your work on social media and marketing it in your bio.

If the work is not yours, you can accept commissions be it portraits, artistic photo sessions, or any form of art you are into.

You can use sites like Artfinder to get paid to draw or market drawings by others. 

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9. Create and Sell Ebooks:

You can take time to create eBooks that you can sell online. If you’d like, you can go further to publish them later. 

10. Coaching and Mentoring:

Many artists are sharing experiences through coaching and mentoring. You can start this if you get seriously into blogging and teaching.

11. Writing an art Blog:

You can start up a blog by for example reaching readers a particular way of drawing, you can give tips or review new artworks.

To earn you can promote your own product on paid ads and create commissioned reviews.

12. Selling Canvas Drawing:

Even though digital art is popular now, some people still prefer visual art. You can sell to homeowners.

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13. Selling at Art Events:

Everything must not be online, you can go local by selling in fares, conventions, and festivals, once you have your business card with your logo name and contact you are good to go.

14. License Your Art For Stock Websites:

As an artist, you can license your work for a stock website as a way to get income.

15. Private Commission:

Be commissioned directly by an individual or a company to create a work from scratch. You can also be paid for street art.

16. Start a Workshop:

This can be done offline or online, it is similar to online classes but you get to collaborate with other artists. And get paid a larger income at the end to draw.

You will not only get a steady income from this but opportunity and experience.

While working for an online marketplace, you will get to see how other artists do what they do, this is good for you if you plan on going deeper into the art industry and not just selling your work.

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18. Work for Magazines and Blogs:

You will get paid and get to make a great connection and network with artists working with a magazine. This also gives you a broader audience.

You can get hired by a magazine by simply engaging actively on their pages, they mostly hire their readers.

This is one avenue to get paid to draw.


19. Applying for Competitions:

You can also get income by completing and winning cash prizes and more. You can search for competitions online.

20. Consulting:

You can get paid to draw, even as a beginning artist. Companies can consult you and you get paid. You just have to be too good at drawing.

21. Creating Icons:

You can create icons for UX designers and graphic designers and get paid, you can sell to the other drawings like wallpaper designs.

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In Conclusion

You can earn money online and offline drawing. This article has listed the avenues to get paid to draw!


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