Get Paid to Post on Facebook: 15 Ways to Make Huge Money

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic and the terrible lockdown, many businesses were led to functioning remotely while those who couldn’t adapt so quickly suffered a big loss.

Many eyes and initiatives were opened to what many termed as the future of business as many saw that the now seemingly archaic way of running only a business physical without any online presence will do less good for the business growth.

Not just the business owners have the lockdown been sort of like a blessing to, it also opened many opportunities up to people to tap of the resources of online presence and platforms that creates such presence like Facebook. 

Facebook was founded by the now billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, in 2004. It was initially and still a social networking site that is now being capitalized on to earn a very reasonable amount of money.

“Is it possible to make money on Facebook?” “I thought only Mark and his team are the ones making all the money with Facebook.”

All these may be popping up on your mind but here’s the very truth, yes, you can make actual cash on Facebook. Here below are some ways to get paid to post on Facebook.

15 Cool Ways to Make Money via Facebook Posts

  • Posting products for sale
  • Facebook market place
  • Affiliate marketing with Facebook posts
  •  Selling online courses
  •  Make use of AdSense
  • Become an influencer and earn with every post
  • Earn through posts on Facebook groups
  • Digital marketing on Facebook
  • Referral post
  • Enter a contest
  • Be a social media manager
  • Earn through video post
  • Write and post an e-book
  • Selling fan page posts
  • Sell likes and share

 #1. Posting Products for Sale

Many people do not rely on just the physical display of their business they use the opportunity of their social media platforms to put up their goods and services for sale.

This is a very viable way to make some cool cash off Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and this allows you to reach many people. So, you have a product? All it takes is one post or sometimes continuous posts to get customers to buy your products. 

#2. Facebook market place

This is a literal digital market on Facebook. This is where you go to buy and sell goods on Facebook. By posting the products or services you render, you open up yourself to a variety of customers. This is an excellent way to earn via Facebook.

 #3. Affiliate marketing with Facebook posts

Affiliate marketing is a trending and high-earning venture. It is a kind of marketing where a retailer pays you a certain commission for the traffic you help generate or the sales you help make through your referrals.

Facebook serves as a very large platform to carry out affiliate marketing. With massive followers on Facebook, you simply post the product or service to be rendered for people to like, comment and as well click on the link (if provided) and finally, purchase what you are marketing. 

#4. Selling online courses

This is no new thing now. In a day, you’d like to come across two to three-course adverts online and particularly on Facebook. That’s because it’s a good way to make some money. If you have a skill and you’re good at it, you can organize an online course to be sold on your Facebook page or wall.

People are looking for ways to generate more income and will learn a skill or two. A post on your Facebook wall or page can attract these people who will pay for what you know and your guidance.

#5. Make use of AdSense

AdSense is Google’s platform for monetization of websites through the display of adverts on the website. To make use of this to earn on Facebook is not complicated at all. 

  First, you get a website AdSense approved by Google then you create some interesting content on the site. Then, promote the content on Facebook with paid adverts.

The more people click on the link to your site on Facebook and as well click on the adverts on your site, the more you earn. Then you optimize your Facebook campaign to maximize your income.

#6. Become an influencer and earn with every post

This may not be so easy, it’s never easy gathering people to follow you, you’d agree, but it’s worth the whole work. In becoming an influencer, identify your niche then you post relevant content useful to your audience.

Make sure you regularly engage your followers. You can earn when you have a reasonable number of followers through paid adverts, promotions, and recommendations.

#7. Earn through posts on Facebook groups

Particularly, groups whereby goods and services are sold. You can post some items that you notice are in demand, be they new or fairly used, depending on the description of the group as there are some groups where second-hand goods are advertised and sold.

This is another way to get paid for posting on Facebook.

#8. Digital marketing on Facebook

To do this, you can attend a Facebook marker course to learn the intricacies and then offer digital marketing services on Facebook.

What you do is handle social media posts and moderate your client’s Facebook page. With digital marketing, you can earn a good sum of money. 

 #9. Referral post

This simply works by you sharing or making recommendations of a product or service you used to your friends on Facebook for some bonuses.

Some companies offer a bonus for referrals and recommendations. If you can capitalize on this, simply share a post on Facebook on how you enjoyed a product and fetch you some cash. This way you get paid for posting on Facebook.

#10. Enter a contest

This may sound surprising. Well, yeah, you read or write. Enter some online contest where you need to post a link for vote or view which will earn you the prize. By sharing the link on Facebook, your friends click on it to help you win.

#11. Be a social media manager

This will require that you make some posts to keep your client’s followers engaged. A social media manager can attract a huge sum if you’re good with content development.

#12. Earn through video post

Some video posts attract a lot of views. Posts such as ‘how to make…’ and ‘DIY’, generates lots of views. Placing an ad or two in these video posts may not be a bad idea. With these ads, you can earn from the video posts. 
Facebook allows video content creators to monetize their videos in three different ways which are pre-roll, mid-roll and image-roll.

#13. Write and post an e-book

Writing an e-book doesn’t have to be complicated. A shoer e-book could very much do the work as long as it has great content. Non-fiction books are also ones that are demanded. In writing the e-book, you could save it as a PDF with a password so as the protect the content and give access to only those who have paid. You can advertise such an e-book via a Facebook post on your wall, on a page or in a group. 

#14. Selling fan page posts

If you have a big fan page on Facebook, you could sell posts (good content which relate to a particular niche) on your fan page. This is one way to monetize a Facebook page.

Basically, the best deal is to find what most your fans may need and sell on your page. You can also promote a service or product on your fan page and get a commission on each sale.

Simply, set a reasonable price for each post to make it affordable because no one will buy posts on your page if the price is too high.

#15. Sell likes and share

This may sound unbelievable but it is what it is. The way it works is that some big companies buy ‘likes and shares’ from authentic Facebook profiles to increase product credibility.

The larger the likes and shares, the more confidence it inspires among buyers.
Actually, your Facebook profile, page or group can be more than just a tool to impress people but to roll in some cash.


Although Facebook initially was a chat community to connect with friends and family, additional features now make it possible for users to make money on Facebook.

Just as the popular business quote, ” money flows where there is traffic”, garnering influence on this blue app is one way to monetize Facebook Pages. A countless number of ways exist too. So, read through this piece to find the best way to make money on Facebook pages.


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