15 Highest Paid Jobs in Alabama

Alabama budgeted $2.7 billion for more than 29,000 state employees in 2022, which represents a 4% increment from the $2.59 billion budgeted in 2021.

The average annual salary of state workers in Alabama in 2022, is $55,322 (including bonuses), representing an increase from 2021. Salaries here are as high as $130,000, for high-earning state employees and as low as $18,000 for low-earning state employees.

These jobs range from disciplines in different areas of the medical field, to sales, marketing, finance, production, architectural, and engineering sectors. In this article, we will discuss these various jobs, their fields of work, and an overview of the scope of these jobs. 

What Are The Highest Paid Jobs In Alabama In 2022

Recently, based on data made available to the public by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, out of the nearly 1200 available jobs in Alabama, being a medical director is one of the highest paying jobs in Alabama.

This is closely followed by consultancy and sales management, product engineering, business consulting…etc, to mention just a few.

15 highest paid jobs in Alabama

With a majority of the high pay found in the medical sector, here is a look at the highest-paid jobs in Alabama:

#1. Medical Director

Average Annual Salary: $200,000

Being a medical director is top of the highest-paid jobs in Alabama. With over 1000 people employed as medical directors in Alabama, a medical director is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring coordination amongst various health care departments, supervision, and inspection of medical operations.

Being a medical director, requires years of experience and education, hence the huge compensation that comes with the job.

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#2. Family Medicine Physician

Average Annual Salary: $195,000

 Being a family medicine physician is the second highest paid job in Alabama. This doesn’t come cheap, as a family medicine physician provides needed primary healthcare to individuals and families.

With over 800 family medicine physicians in Alabama, family medicine physicians play an important role in providing comprehensive family healthcare to different people in society.

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#3. General Dentist

Average Annual Salary: $185,000

The job of a general dentist is very demanding and challenging. Being a general dentist sits high among the highest paid jobs in Alabama. With over 1200 employees in this field, general dentists administer treatment for various teeth-related issues and diseases.

General dentists administer care, examine and fix patients’ teeth problems. They also prescribe medicines and perform dental surgeries when necessary.

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#4. General Paediatrician 

Average Annual Salary: $183,000

Being a general pediatrician ranks as the fourth highest paid job in Alabama. With over 500 employees in this particular field, a general pediatrician specialized in the care of infants and young adults.

General pediatricians provide healthcare for children with various health conditions and diseases. They work in children’s hospitals, and also provide medical advice to parents about their children.

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#5. Nurse Anaesthetist

Average Annual Salary: $176,000

Practicing as a nurse anesthetist tops off as one of the highest-paid jobs in Alabama. Coupled with a workforce of about 1500 employees, being a nurse anesthetist entails assisting a doctor with safe anesthetic procedures.

Nurse anesthetists examine the health records and medical history of patients, to determine the effectiveness of anesthetics during administration. They also prepare patients for surgical operations and provide post-surgery care.

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#6. Pharmacist

Average Annual Salary: $174,000

Working as a certified pharmacist in Alabama comes with very good pay making the job one of the highest-paid jobs in Alabama. This field boasts of over 5000 employees and is one of the biggest fields in the workforce.

Pharmacists are saddled with the responsibility of dispensing prescribed drugs and medications to patients. Pharmacists also oversee patients’ medication, administer immunization and provide health advice to patients.

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#7. Optometrist 

Average Annual Salary: $171,000

 An optometrist is a healthcare professional that provides primary care for the eyes, which makes it one of the highest paid jobs in Alabama. With a workforce of about 500 employees, being an optometrist tops off as a very high demanding job that requires a great deal of skill and proficiency.

The job of an optometrist entails the provision of healthcare for the eyes. Optometrists diagnose and treat eye-related and visual problems or disorders, prescribe glasses for visually impaired patients, and also provide medical advice to patients with respect to the eyes.

#8. Podiatrist 

Average Annual Salary: $170,000

 Podiatrists in Alabama, slightly earn above their colleagues in other states, which makes the job one of the highest paid jobs in Alabama. With over 50 licensed podiatrists in Alabama, the average age for a podiatrist is 48 years.

Podiatrists specialize in the treatment of the feet and lower limbs. They diagnose and treat health problems affecting the feet, including injuries to the lower limbs.

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#9. Anaesthesiologist

Average Annual Salary: $168,000

Anaesthesiologists are indispensable in the medical sector, and as such the profession is one of the highest paid jobs in Alabama. With a total workforce of 200 employees in Alabama, it requires a very high level of education and skill to be certified in this profession.

Anaesthesiologists give anesthetics (drugs used to induce loss of sensation and pain) to patients before they undergo surgical operations. They also provide post-surgery care for patients.

#10. Obstetricians And Gynaecologists

Average Annual Salary: $165,000

Obstetricians And Gynaecologists play a very important role in the provision of primary health care, especially to pregnant women and children. It’s one of the highest-paid jobs in Alabama. With a workforce of over 200 employees in Alabama, it’s a very crucial profession in the healthcare sector.

Obstetricians and gynecologists specialize in female reproductive health, pregnancy, and childbirth. They monitor and provide care for pregnant women and also help in childbirth and postnatal care for patients.

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#11. Aerospace Engineers

Average Annual Salary: $160,000

Being an aerospace engineer is no easy job, as it demands a great deal of technical knowledge and designing skills from an individual. This job is one of the highest paid jobs in Alabama and requires years of education, skills acquisition, and training to be proficient in it.

With over 300 employees in its workforce, aerospace engineers are saddled with the responsibility of designing, developing and maintenance of aircraft, airplanes, and their components. They carry out routine servicing and maintenance of aircrafts and their components.

#12. Airline Pilots

Average Annual Salary: $156,000

The job of a pilot is a very technical and sensitive one, hence no surprise that it’s one of the highest-paid jobs in Alabama. It has a workforce of about 320 personnel in Alabama, and this job has a great deal of risk involved.

A pilot’s job involves flying passengers to their destination of travel. Pilots also carry out inspections of aircraft and also supervision of flights.

#13. Nuclear Engineers

Average Annual Salary: $151,000

 Nuclear engineering is not a very common field of specialty, but it is worthy of note. It’s also a very dangerous profession, given that workers are at risk of being exposed to radiation hence the job is a top-paid job and one of the highest paid jobs in Alabama.

With over 100 certified nuclear engineers in Alabama, being a nuclear engineer entails a variety of things.

This job ranges from designing and fabricating nuclear facilities, equipment, and components, to preventing of accidents and maintenance of existing nuclear infrastructure.

#14. Air Traffic controller

Average Annual Salary: $135,000

Ranking as the 14th highest paid job in Alabama, being an air traffic controller is surely a top paid job and also a very sensitive one. Air traffic controllers play a vital role in the aviation sector.

The industry employs about 240 employees in Alabama, and it requires comprehensive training on air traffic guidelines and management. 

The job entails ensuring a safe and coordinated movement of air traffic globally. They also aid guidance and navigation and monitor aircraft during flights.

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#15. Financial Advisor

Average Annual Salary: $123,000

Financial advisors are necessary for firms and business organizations, being a financial advisor is a top paid job.

With a workforce of over 5600 employees, it’s one of the highest-paying jobs in Alabama. The services of a financial advisor are essential in the business sector and corporate management.

The duties of financial advisors cover accounting, auditing, budget planning, revenue planning, and other corporate finance activities. They ensure that corporate financial management complies with government regulations.

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Top paid jobs in Alabama can be mostly seen in the healthcare sector, as it is the largest sector in Alabama. This article provides insight into the wage structure of workers in Alabama in their respective jobs.  

However, these salaries do not totally represent the earnings of all workers in Alabama. Wages vary with promotions, levels of qualification, and the actual location of the jobs. This article doesn’t also take into consideration the added bonuses to the salaries of retirees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum wage in Alabama?

The minimum wage in Alabama is $7.25 per hour, which is the same as the federal minimum wage in the United States.

What are the easiest jobs to get in Alabama?

The easiest top paid jobs in Alabama include:
House cleaner

What are the high-paying jobs in Alabama with no degree required?

The popular top-paid jobs in Alabama with no degree required are:
Aircraft Mechanic
Sales representative
Construction manager
Cable technician

What is the entry-level salary for a dentist in Alabama?

The entry-level salary for a dentist in Alabama varies depending on the city. While the state average salary is set at $48,300 per year, cities like Huntsville, Mobile, Florence, Birmingham, Anniston, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa have significantly higher salaries for entry-level dentists, set at about $55,000 per year. 





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