Who is The Highest Paid Salesman? Top 10 Highest Paid Car Salesman

Like every industry, the car industry is one industry that comes with its good and bad. It is an attractive industry with a lot of money but it is also competitive. You can’t say exactly what the day holds at the dealership. Some days could be the best and others may be the worst. In all of these days, a car salesman is expected to be at his best whatsoever. The best and highest-paid car salesman results only if you can put in the work.

Car salesmen occupy a role in the automobile industry that is valuable and their knowledge of cars is highly appreciated by buyers. They are at the front line of the dealership. Every dealership considers the best from their salesmen when engaging buyers through their chosen car. 

One thing that keeps you going in the industry is hard work. While there is a lot of money accrued for a car salesman, it is full of challenges.  Here is it, closing a deal with a prospective buyer makes you a good salesman, and how you do it rightly determines if the car would leave the lot. 

 Every successful car salesman with a six-figure pay has qualities that separate them from the others. Rapport, trust, and likability are gems of the highest-paid car salesmen. Customers love it when you make it easy for them in their choice to buy the car they cherish to be the perfect fit for them. Show these qualities to customers on the floor of your dealership when you meet. 

In this article, you will know if becoming a car salesman is for you. 


Taking car sales as a career may not be a good fit for you if all you need is a fixed amount of salary. There is no such thing as a car salesman.  But, you have a lot to benefit from if you take car sales as a career.

Get the gist in this, car sales career would not only give you an edge in your interpersonal skill, it helps you even when you no more work in the dealership. 

The experience in a car sales career can still make you money if you choose to become a consultant. 

Yes, this may sound like a joke but this is what you enjoy in a career like car sales — meeting famous and handymen and women and also helping them learn about the car they would love to buy.  


In the business of car salesmen, you are to know one word and that is, you are in for a big competition. When you get that first, you would know how to walk your way to be a good car salesman. 

Here are ways you can become a good car salesman and become one of the highest paid car salesmen.


You cannot hook a prospective customer into buying if you lack good knowledge of the product you want to sell to them.

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Customers are much interested in meeting a salesman who can tell them the many benefits of the car they have decided to buy.

A full breakdown of the car to your buyers would assure them a lot that would cause them to buy the car. Get as much knowledge as you can as per the cars assigned to you.

Pay attention to the details of each car before you begin the day with customers. 


Don’t jump into your prospective buyers with a method that ends up reducing your chance of closing a sale with the buyer. You would understand the ways and irresistible methods to always keep buyers into closing the sales with you.

Every dealership helps its salesmen with this process so they can win buyers’ interest. You get to understand the process through training conducted in the dealership.

This increases sales and in turn, makes you the highest paid car salesmen.


This is the first thing you must know in the dealership before becoming a salesman.  Here, you have the time to create your payment plan and how to work your pay plan.

Policies differ from one dealership to another, getting that would increase your chances of becoming a good car salesman.

Some policies would demand you sell a certain amount of cars daily or monthly before walking away with your bonuses.  

It is important you know these.


Communication is the top-notch skill you must build in your car sales career. As the wire in the industry, it enables you to pass a clearer and emotional word to your buyers.

Success in sales lies more in how well you can speak to your buyers and decode some hidden body language of prospective buyers.

You can always leave buyers interested when you communicate effectively to their needs.


You cannot become a good car salesman when you have an issue with managing your time. The business of car salesman flows along with time. Know that and save yourself more. A

lways know you have to sell as quickly as possible and sell as many as you can. Planning every minute/ hour can help you in the business of sales. Know when to have an in-person talk with clients, time to make sales calls as well as the follow-up, and even training for self-development.

So, you want to become a good car salesman? Get these before you begin selling. 


You may have wondered if there is any benefit for a car salesman to make money from the hustle. Your chance of making good money is high but you have got to put in the work.

Are you ready to sacrifice your weekends and nights for many years? If you are, certainly yes, you can make good money as a car salesman!

The more cars you sell determine how well you can make good money for yourself. A single day for a car salesman is a new sheet to hold the money bag.

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Here is it, bonuses are accrued to you when you meet up with your dealership’s target plus a huge take-home salary. 


Want to know this? Car salesman salary can vary from one dealership to the other. But, a car salesman can make from $1,800 to $7,000 in a month, not including the bonuses that you are accrued to.

The average car salesman’s salary is less than $2,000. The more serious you are in the business, the higher the chance for you to make more in each month and bonuses. 


Attaining the position of the highest paid car salesman doesn’t come in a day but something of the daily routine for a salesman. For some, reaching the record may take years, but only a few persons have been able to set a record of that within a year. 

For a very long time, Joe Girard held the record for having sold about 1,425 cars in a year back in 1973. This single act earned him the ‘King of sales’.

But today, the record has changed to an extraordinary human. Ali Reda is the world’s highest paid car salesman with a record of 1,582 cars sold in the Les Stanford Chevrolet dealership.

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The highest-paid car salesmen in the world are;


Tim Churchill works with the McKenna Group since 1999. He is a sales manager in the dealership. With his excellent reputation, McKenna Porche has left every guest with a wonderful feeling and thought.

He graduated from Cal State Fullerton before being listed with the McKenna Porche dealership team.

He is one of the highest paid car sales agents.


Darren Wood has worked in the car industry since 1990 till date. For 20 years, he worked with GM dealership where he got a versed knowledge in the used car industry.

Darren provides buyers with a wonderful experience in their purchases.

Currently, he is a sales consultant at the Subaru car dealership one of the highest paid car salesmen.


William Haskins is a staff at Audi Oakland car dealership. He is part of the Audi Oakland car sales team as a sales advisor.

He provides clients with the information about the car they need. 


Meet Rick Schiller, a Sales and Leasing Consultant at Piercey Toyota dealership. He is a trained sales representative that provides detailed information on new and used inventory.

He is among the many staff of Piercey Toyota. And, one of the highest paid car salesman


Brian McKenna is a staff at Mohawk Honda dealership. He is a Gold Master Sales Consultant in the dealership.

He renders information to buyers on the purchase of new or old cars. 

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Jose Martinez is a staff at the Lexus Carlsbad dealership.

He is part of the Lexus sales team as a sales consultant.

As a skilled and trained sales consultant, Jose provides good knowledge to buyers in their decision to buy their perfect cars.  

He is another highest paid car salesman.

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Looking for a preferable dealership at WASILLA, here is Chevrolet WASILLA at your service. Among its sales team is Anthony Borges. He works as a sales representative. 


Alan Reichenthal is a member of the Lamborghini Paramus dealership. He has always had a love for cars since a young age.

As a car enthusiast, Alan loves exotic cars like Lamborghini, Porche, etc.

At Lamborghini Paramus, he is a client advisor. He renders information to clients on their purchases for either new or used inventories in the dealership.

He is one of the highest paid car salesman.


John Harper is a staff at CARL BUICK GMC with 14 years of experience in the dealership.

He is a sales consultant with customers attesting to his good service in the dealership.

Within his circle of customers and colleagues, he is called ‘World’s greatest salesman. 


Zane Erickson is a Volvo Cars Seattle staff. He currently works as the sales manager in the dealership. He manages all sales activities in the dealership. 

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Top Car Salesman in Canada

At the moment, Dylan Foui is Canada’s top Honda salesman. Winnipeg opines that he is the key in the three-man sales masterpiece known as Team Foui at Winnipeg Honda.

The 33-year-old Dylan just added newborn Kash to their team with Melissa.


While there is a lot of things to do as a sales employee, much is needed of you when you become a salesman in a car dealership.

Every dealership’s policies may not be the same, but one equal value is that they don’t keep low-performing salesman in business. You have to prove to the car dealership what you can do every time. That may come harsh on you, so you have got to get used to it.

The key to success in the car industry is making customers feel comfortable. Always top your game at all times to provide excellent customer service to buyers. Leave every buyer with a long-lasting impression that you are the one for them.

Consistency is core if you truly want to earn that dream amount per month. This should be your drive for earning big each day in the dealership.

Learn about the highest-paid car salesmen.



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