10 Highest Paid Models In The World | Ultimate Guide

Most young men and women with above-average looks have had people tell them at one point that they should become models or that they would make successful models.

A few years later, you begin seeing the possibilities because your legs get longer. It is time to find out the Highest Paid Models in the World and make one a role model.

Merely looking at the pictures of these remarkable young men and women is enough to tell you that it takes much more than a pair of beautiful long legs and a pretty face to become a top-paid model in 2023.

Keeping this in mind, you must understand that there are different forms of modeling. Understanding your personality and where you would fit in would help you select a niche and prepare accordingly.

What Are The Types of Modeling?

The various forms of modeling include:

1. Runway Modeling

This is usually the form of modeling most people think about when they talk about modeling. On average, they earn more than other forms of modeling. Invariably, they are one of the Highest Paid Models.

However, they have relatively strict physical requirements compared to other modeling forms. A minimum height of 6 feet is usually required for males, while anything above 5’8” is acceptable for females.

As many already know, there are size and weight requirements here.

In recent times, following the rise in eating disorders of models, the weight requirements may not be as strict as they were years ago, but it’s still essential that models meet these stats; [Bust 32”- 36”, waist 22”- 26”, hips 33”- 35”]

2. Print/Catalogue or editorial modeling

You would be expected to appear on magazine covers and pages here.

Usually, this form of modeling has no strict restrictions on what a model must look like.

It will help significantly if you have beautiful facial features that draw attention to various parts of your face.

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3. Lingerie/swimsuit modeling

The name says all there is to know about this. For this, it is essential that you are very comfortable in your skin to do justice to the outfits.

These models are also among the Highest Paid Models.

4. TV commercial, live product, showroom modeling

This form of modeling is at risk with the recent increase in influencer marketing and social media models.

Many businesses are now opting to work with these “influencers” in what is now referred to as influencer marketing.

This can be to your advantage because now, with a visible social media page, you can get brands to work with you.

5. Niche modeling

This includes plus-sized models, older models, fitness models, tattooed models, etc. There is room for everyone now; that is one of the beauties of the 21st century and the age of social media.

So, if you do not have the conventional good looks, you can still do great as a model; all you have to do is find your niche.

Now that you understand and have probably chosen your niche, finding and working with an experienced agent who can help you get the proper gigs for you is essential.

It is also essential to have a beautiful portfolio containing your personal information and professional pictures. Depending on your niche, choose any of the templates offered by Pixpa. You would want close-up pictures of your face and complete pictures of your body with simple clothes and minimal make-up.

It would also help if you had some professional pictures from a shoot you may have done previously.

Highest-Paid Male Model

From research, it’s easy to observe that male models are not as well paid as their female counterparts.

However, this value and pay disparity may also result from the fact that female models may be more versatile and have multiple income streams or may find it easier to diversify their source of income.

That said, the current highest-paid male model in the world is US-born Sean O’Pry.

Sean earns an impressive $1.5 million. He was discovered as a teenager through his myspace profile.

So far, O’Pry has worked with huge fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Versace, Ralph Lauren, and many others. He outearns his close second on the list, David Gandy, by a little over one thousand dollars.

Highest Paid Model Of All Time

Most models are paid roughly within the same range, but their net worth differs only due to their ability to diversify and invest their income wisely.

However, it is easier to peg the model with the highest net worth as 63-year-old Salvica Ecclestone from Croatia. Her worth is pegged at over 1.2 billion dollars. Most of her wealth comes from other businesses owned and run by her.

Who Is The Highest Paid Model 2023?

With a $40 million payment, Kendall Jenner will be the highest-paid model in 2022. Unlike her siblings, Kendal delved into the world of modeling and has made a name for herself.

 The American model, socialite, and media personality is the daughter of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner. She has held the highest-paid model 2022 title for three consecutive years.

Are The Most Famous Model The Richest?

It is easy to spot an alignment between the popularity of a model and its pay.

Most models are paid more if they are more prevalent in mainstream media.

It is also commonplace to see that many brands are lined up to work with these models, leaving the newer models in the industry merely trailing in the shadows.

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How Much Do Supermodels Make?

Well, on average most supermodels in the United States make about $112,685 per year or about $54.18 per hour. Generally, a model’s pay increases as her profile grow in the industry.

Kendall Jenner, who still holds the title of the highest-paid supermodel, earns over $40 million.

Top Ten Highest Paid Models In 2023

1. Kendall Jenner

Well known as one of the Kardashian sisters. Kendall did not tow the reality TV line with the rest of her sisters but rather built a career for herself as a model.

She started modeling at 14 and now earns over $40 million. She has lucrative contracts with Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Pepsi, and many other top brands.

2. Chrissy Teigen

This proud mother and wife struggle between growing a beautiful family and earning decent pay modeling.

She is just a million dollars shy of the top spot, earning about $39 million a year.

3. Rosie Huntington-Whitely

The England-born beauty began her career over 18 years ago and has campaigned for Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, and Ugg, among others.

These come together to earn her an impressive $32 million.

She’s one of the Highest Paid Models.

4. Adriana Lima

She is a former Brazilian beauty pageant winner. She is the longest-running Victoria’s Secret Angel and earns $31 million.

5. Cara Delevingne

Like Adriana, Cara earns an impressive $ 31 million annually. She is a two-time model of the year and a singer/actress.

She has appeared in shows for major fashion houses like Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, and others.

Cara is one of the highest-paid models in the world.

6. Gigi Hadid

She walks in major fashion shows and has endorsements from numerous brands, but she still makes time to support charitable organizations.

She earns $20 million.

7. Bella Hadid

Younger sister to Gigi, this 24-year-old represents Dior’s beauty. She is also a Bulgarie and Tag Heuer ambassador.

She walks for fashion brands in Paris, New York, and Milan.

Bella is one of the Highest Paid super Models in the world and earns $19 million.

8. Joan Smalls

The Puerto Rican face of Estee Lauder earns about $19 million annually. And she is one of the richest and top models in the world.

9. Liu Wen

She was the first model of East Asian descent to walk in Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

She has also done editorial work for Oscar de la Renta, Dolce and Gabbana, and Hugo Boss, to name a few.

This highest-paid top model earns $18 million.

10. Doutzen Kroes

She is said to be a look-alike of Grace Kelly. She is Dutch and also an actress. Kroes has done editorials for Vogue, Glamour, Time, and others.

This is the last highest-paid model in the world. She rakes in $17 million annually.

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It’s easy to see from our very lush list that the modeling industry is very lucrative. However, it does not come without its challenges, but nothing good comes easy.

These are our highest-paid and wealthiest models in the world. Look up these top models and follow their lead if modeling is your passion.

Who are the highest-paid models?

The highest-paid models in the world vary from year to year, but some of the most successful and well-known models include Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bundchen, and Karlie Kloss.

How do models get paid?

Models are paid through various channels, including modeling agencies, brand partnerships, endorsement deals, and personal projects. Some of the highest-paid models make millions of dollars through contracts with top fashion brands, beauty companies, and luxury brands.

What factors determine a model’s pay?

A model’s pay is determined by several factors, including their experience level, the demand for their services, the size and reach of their social media following, and their reputation in the fashion industry.

Can models negotiate their pay?

Yes, models can negotiate their pay for photoshoots, campaigns, and other modeling projects. The negotiation process may involve discussions with agents, brand representatives, and other industry professionals to reach a mutually agreed upon fee.

Are male models paid as much as female models?

Typically, female models earn more than male models in the fashion industry. However, some top male models have been known to earn significant salaries through high-profile campaigns and endorsement deals.



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