15 Highest Paid Nurses in Georgia

Georgia is renowned for its hospitable residents, Southern charm, and affordable cost of living. The state provides excellent chances for nurses as well. Registered nurses (RNs) will be in high demand by 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is a much higher projection that beats the national average.

Numerous lucrative nursing positions in various disciplines are available in Georgia. These well-paying positions might interest you if you’re thinking about a nursing career with the desire to earn alongside other highest paid nurses in Georgia.

Finding a job matching your experience and career aspirations might be easier by learning and understanding more about the responsibilities and qualifications for these positions.

However, according to the University System of Georgia, there is a scarcity of trained nursing teachers in training programs at the same time that there is a shortage of skilled nurses in Georgia’s medical facilities. This is a result of aging as well because many nursing school professors are retiring. 

You can use this guide to decide if attending nursing school and working as a nurse in Georgia is the correct choice. In this article, we have included the top 15 highest paid nurses in Georgia by salary and information on the average pay, educational requirements, and typical duties.

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Who is a Nurse?

A Nurse is a certified healthcare provider competent in improving and protecting health who works independently or under the supervision of a doctor, surgeon, or dentist.

They must have completed a basic nursing program permitted to practice nursing by the relevant regulatory body, usually resulting in a licensing.

Highest paid nurses in Georgia

A Nurse is an integral part of healthcare facilities. Many times the work of the doctor can not be complete without them. They are like guardian angels in white or green work clothes.

Their roles and importance not only to the hospital alone but the society can not be overemphasized. 

Fortunately, the delicate nature of their jobs is reflected in their salaries and take-home pay. In reality, this might not be the case for every nurse since salaries are based on expertise and experience.

Here, we have listed the highest paid nurses in Georgia. These folks rake in substantial sums of money yearly and monthly. 

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The 15 highest paid nurses in Georgia include:

#15. Licensed Practical Nurse

Doctors and registered nurses receive daily assistance from licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in their work. They might work in nursing homes, private practices, clinics, or hospitals. 

They must keep track of the patient’s vital signs, provide medication, and communicate with the doctor about their health.

Licensed practical nurses are the fifteenth highest paid nurses in Georgia on the list based on their salary rank.

Typical annual salary: These nurses earn $54,398 on average each year.

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#14. OB-GYN Nurse

A registered nurse specializing in treating and supervising women during pregnancy, labour, delivery, and the postnatal period is an obstetrics-gynaecology nurse (OB-GYN). 

Additionally, they aid patients in comprehending and maintaining their reproductive health. They might assist patients in developing and talking over fertility strategies or give them normal women’s health advice. They are one of the highest paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $62,457

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#13. Intensive Care Unit Nurse

The life and safety of patients are maintained and guaranteed by an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse. Registered nurses administer medication to and conduct thorough examinations on them. 

Additionally, they are in charge of interacting with other ICU Medical professionals and specialists concerning patients and dressing wounds. They rank among the best paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $62,904

#12. Nurse Practitioner

An advanced practice nurse (APN) with specialist training in a particular field is known as a nurse practitioner. They are registered nurses with the ability to evaluate patients, get and interpret lab results, identify ailments, and create care plans. 

Nurse practitioners support physicians working in clinics, hospitals, and private offices. They are one of the best paid nurses in Georgia.

To become an advanced nurse practitioner, you must complete an accredited Master’s degree program. You can choose to pursue a nursing specialty after receiving your MSN.

Typical annual salary: $70,477

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#11. Registered Nurse

A registered nurse’s job involves planning and carrying out patient care. They inform patients and the general public about a range of medical issues. 

Registered nurses also collaborate with doctors to provide effective treatment and monitor patients’ ailments and critical signs. They are among the highest paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $79,154

#10. Hospice Nurse

Hospice nurses care for patients nearing the end of their lives in hospice institutions or their homes. They aid those near death in maintaining the greatest level of comfort during their illnesses. To keep the patient’s family informed and comfortable, a hospice nurse regularly communicates with them. 

They are qualified to offer patients and families treatment, care, and medical information because they are registered nurses. They are also among the highest paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $81,431

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#9. Dialysis Nurse

A registered nurse with a focus on providing care for dialysis patients is known as a dialysis nurse. They supervise every step of the dialysis procedure from beginning to end. 

They are responsible for monitoring the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, and drug levels. Families of patients are also informed about the circumstances and course of treatment. They also rank as one of the best paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $89,156

#8. Clinical Research Nurse

 A nurse who conducts clinical investigations is known as a clinical research nurse. They work to develop and enhance medical tools and processes. They frequently collaborate with a team of medical experts or scientists to create and try out new medical breakthroughs. 

To become a clinical nurse specialist, you must obtain your Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) focusing on clinical nursing. They are the eighth highest paid nurses in Georgia. 

Typical annual salary: $98,087 

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#7. Midwife

Midwives support expectant women all through labor and delivery as well as frequently offer assistance with newborn care right away. A midwife frequently tends to uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries. They might also assist with home births or function in a delivery room at a hospital. 

You can finish a program accredited by the Accreditation for Midwifery Education (ACME) to become a certified nurse midwife after receiving your master’s degree in nursing (MSN). They are ranked seventh-best paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $101,746 

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#6. Travel Nurse

A nurse practitioner who specializes in temporary positions across many locales is known as a travel nurse. They move to other institutions or houses to address gaps and offer care. 

A travel nurse often works with medical professionals or office staff to find and occupy available positions. They are the sixth highest paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $107,551 

#5. Oncology Nurse

Oncology nurses treat patients with cancer or those who are at risk for cancer. They must do cancer screenings, educate patients, and administer treatments. To develop a treatment plan as well as engage with them on the status of the patients, they might also collaborate with an oncologist. 

To become an oncology nurse, You must graduate from an oncology nurse practitioner program with a master’s degree and pass the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation’s oncology nursing certification exam to get licensed (ONCC). They are also among the highest paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $110,122 

#4. Psychiatric Nurse

To assist psychiatric patients, psychiatric nurses work with doctors, counsellors, and psychiatrists. They are responsible for developing treatment plans, monitoring patient safety, and teaching individuals and their families about mental health issues. These nurses offer resources and therapies to help patients enhance their mental health. They are the fourth best-paid nurses in Georgia.

To become a psychiatric nurse practitioner, you must get a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree focusing on mental treatment. 

Typical annual salary: $111,478 

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#3. Labor and Delivery Nurse

Women are helped before, during, and after childbirth by a labor and delivery nurse. They speak with the OB-GYN and other medical professionals to organize and guarantee adequate care for patients. 

These nurses may also reassure and inform patients regarding the delivery process as well as infant care. They are ranked the third highest paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $137,571 

#2. Surgical Nurse

A certified nurse working in operating rooms and supporting surgeons with surgical operations is a surgical nurse. They are also responsible for applying bandages, controlling blood flow, and keeping an eye out for any complications. 

They look after patients before, during, and following procedures, ensuring adequate prepping and healing. Surgical nurses are the second highest paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $147,314 

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#1. Nurse Anesthetist

A registered nurse with expertise in anesthesia is known as a nurse anesthetist. Patients are given an anesthetic, and they are watched when it is administered. To ensure effective operations and treatment, a nurse anesthetist also looks after patients following their recovery and keeps in touch with physicians and surgeons. 

To become a CRNA, you must complete an accredited master’s program in nursing anesthesia and pass the NCLEX. These nurses are the highest paid nurses in Georgia.

Typical annual salary: $202,472 

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Many nursing occupations are both financially and emotionally satisfying in Georgia. Some specialized nursing occupations call for particular talents and offer a spectrum of advantages, whether caring for geriatric patients, newborn babies, pregnant women, or some other patient group.

Although the state is experiencing a decline in its nursing workforce due to age and other natural phenomena, the best paid nurses in Georgia are fully catered for. The state is still strong as one of the best breeding grounds for skilled nurses.

The need for nurse educators to train new nurses in a range of healthcare settings will always be present as the overall employment of nurses is anticipated to increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the highest paid nurse in Georgia earn per year?

The highest-paid nurse earns $202,472 per year.

What is the starting salary for a registered nurse In Georgia?

The average starting salary is pegged at $58,000.

Does Georgia treat her nurses well?

Based on recent Statistics, Georgia came in at 47th for its poor work environment. Currently, they are not up to standard but have set plans to redeem it.

Which nursing job is the highest paid nurse in Georgia?

The Nurse anesthetic is the highest paid nurse in Georgia.

Which city in Georgia pays registered nurses the most?

Roswell is considered the highest paying city as its average salary is $80,000.

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