Highest Paying Jobs for Teens in 2022 | Full Guide to Apply

Imagine your child walks up to you and requests to know the highest paying jobs for teens, what will be your reaction? Many parents will definitely find that funny but there are really great jobs for teens out there.

It may interest you to know that not all jobs require a college degree or have an age limit. If you’re a teen that needs an extra change in your pocket, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the high-paying jobs available to teenagers so you can find a job that suits you best.

How to find Highest paying jobs for teens– Best Tips

Finding jobs for teens that pay well can be easy if you know the tricks. One of the smartest ways to get a teen job in this modern era is by utilizing the Google search tool. Following the guide below.

  • On your browser, type “teen jobs” in the Google search bar.
  • You’ll get a ton of teen job openings near you.
  • Refine your search by location and set notifications.
  • Visit sites like thewealthcircle.com and Indeed.com.

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Highest paying jobs for teens

Below are 13 High Paying Jobs For Teens To Consider When Looking For Job Opportunities:

#1. Cashier

Average Salary: $ 10.55 an hour

Main Tasks: The main job of a cashier is to retrieve customers’ products and complete the checkout process. This includes performing price checks, packing items, validating coupons or gift cards, collecting cash or processing card payments, and giving change as needed.

2. Actor

National Average Salary: $ 11.00 per hour

Main duties: An actor plays a certain role, be it for a film, a television show, a play or an advertisement. Actors read a script and interpret it to portray a particular character. You need to remember their rules and follow directions from the director.

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If you enjoy acting and have worked on school or local theater productions, you might want to consider a paid acting role.

#3. Sales Rep

Average Salary: $ 11.06 per hour

Main responsibilities: A sales rep works in a retail store and is responsible for supporting customers who are making or want to make purchases. Tasks include answering customer questions and complaints, maintaining order in the store by arranging shelves and shelves, and providing product recommendations to customers.

#4. Server

Average Salary: $ 11.42 an hour

Main tasks: Servers work in restaurants, bars, and fast-food restaurants. You are responsible for taking orders from customers, delivering those orders to the kitchen, delivering prepared food to customers, refilling drinks, and collecting payments.

In addition, a server clears the tables after a customer finishes and resets the area for new guests. At the end of the day, they can also help clean up the restaurant.

#5. Caddy

Average Salary: $ 11.74 – $ 15.87 an hour

Main Duties: Caddies work for golfers and their main duties include simple tasks like carrying golf bags, cleaning golf balls, measuring distances, cleaning the pin, changing ball markers, and holding the flag.

The job also includes more complex tasks, such as advising the golfer on how to use his club. If you are into golf and have a lot of experience with the sport this might be a good course for you.

#6. Lifeguard

Average Salary: $ 11.81 an hour

Main duties: A lifeguard works near a natural or artificial body of water. A swimming pool or the ocean. You are responsible for the enforcement of safety rules and regulations around the swimming facility, helping with swimming lessons, monitoring the area for danger signs, responding to calls for help, rescuing swimmers, and providing first aid. To perform these duties effectively, a lifeguard must be an excellent swimmer.

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#7. Retail merchandiser

Average Salary: $12.72 an hour

Main responsibilities: A retail clerk is an employee of a manufacturing company who works in a store that sells its products. Their main task is to act as an interface between manufacturer and dealer.

They are responsible for maintaining optimal inventory levels in the store, correct placement of signage and pricing for products, and creating and executing sales strategies for their brand. You can also train store staff on how to best sell their products to consumers.

#8. Landscape worker

Average Salary: $13.64 an hour

Main Tasks: A landscaper can perform a variety of tasks, from mowing the lawn to trimming hedges, watering plants to removing weeds. Depending on the location, you can also work with artificial turf and maintain fences, fountains, and bushes.

#9. Dog Walker

Average Salary: $15.23 an hour

Main Duties: A handler is responsible for walking other people’s dogs. These walks are useful for training the dogs and helping them interact with other animals, especially when their owners don’t have time to walk them.

This can be an easy and rewarding task if you love animals. You can start by contacting your neighbors or posting on social media to let people near you know that you are looking for a job.

#10. Youth sports referee

Average Salary: $16.13 an hour

Main duties: A youth sports referee oversees games between sports teams in a youth league, usually at the high school level. Tasks include keeping track of start and stop times, making sure all players obey the rules of the game, applying penalties if necessary, making game calls, and checking team equipment.

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#11. Babysitter

Average Salary: $16.13 an hour

Main duties: A nanny is responsible for looking after young children when their parents are absent. The main duties of a babysitter include washing and dressing the children, ensuring they are nourished by preparing their meals, helping with homework if necessary, and keeping the children busy with games.

Babysitters are also responsible for keeping the play and dining areas clean and for getting the kids to bed late into the night.

#12. Pet sitter

Average Salary: $37,861 per year

Main duties: A pet sitter watches over animals – mostly dogs – while their owners are away. You are responsible for feeding the animals, bringing them outside, and keeping their habitat clean. Pet sitters may also need to bring sick pets to the vet.

#13. Tutor

Average Salary: $21.31 per hour

Main duties: A tutor is responsible for teaching and assisting students with their courses outside of regular school hours. As a tutor, it is your responsibility to create a tutoring plan that will help your students achieve academic success.

They are also responsible for assessing their classroom performance, assigning assignments, pointing out bottlenecks, and developing strategies to work on them. If you are particularly skilled or savvy in a particular subject at school, teaching others in that subject may be a rewarding job option for you.


There are many reasons teens want to work, be it to earn pocket money, save up for a big gift, or even pay for their studies. It feels good to have an extra change in your pocket.

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