15 Highest Paid State Employee in Michigan | Best List

From anesthesiologists to Design-proficient architects, there are several Jobs to pick from if you have been highly paid mind. 

Are you a job seeker in Michigan? Do you ever wonder how much your Dentist earns in a year or the salary earned by the Architect working on a new nearby state construction site? 

Every job seeker in Michigan has a list of high-paying opportunities, depending on the credentials and experience required.

Thus, an individual is advised to assess his skills, strengths, weaknesses, abilities and disabilities, experiences, and education status to fit into a suitable and highly paid job.

This article will briefly explore the most common high-paying jobs available in Michigan, their pros and cons, and why they are on the list of the 15 highest paid state employees in Michigan in 2022.

What Are The 15 Highest Paid State Employees in Michigan In 2022?

#1. Anesthesiologists

Salary range: From $200,000 to $259,280 per year

Dealing with very risky and high-pressure situations, anesthesiologists must be able to think and act quickly and work accurately as their decisions could determine the life and death of their patients. 

Anesthesiologists are responsible for administering anesthesia —a medication to keep patients from feeling pain during the surgical procedure. 

Most of all, they see that the patients are comfortable and in good condition. They constitute an invaluable, irrevocable, and vital part of the health system in Michigan and the entire state.

Becoming an anesthesiologist involves an average of twelve years of rigorous, extensive, and expensive training. 

An anesthesiologist’s work is arduous and in high demand, which sets them out as the first in the list of highest paid state employees in Michigan.

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#2. Surgeons

Salary range: From $166,000 to $244,640 per year

Our next on the list of highly paid state employees in Michigan is the surgeon. By many standards, surgeons are well-paid professionals.

Surgeons have high pay in Michigan for their high demand and the critical nature of their work. 

Their services are essential hence they are valued and highly paid. It is interesting to discover that Michigan surgeons’ median salary is higher than the Nationwide median salary. 

#3. Psychiatrists

Salary range: From 206,000 to 240,494 per year

Salaries did increase recently for many state psychiatrists, the number of hours they were in the office, and the number of patients they saw.

 According to psychiatry.org, psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. 

Psychiatrists can conduct psychotherapy and prescribe medications and other mental-related medical treatments. 

Psychiatry, just like many other fields in the medical profession, requires skill, hard work, long years in training, and long hours at work. 

With increasing rates of mental health disorders and cases, psychiatry has become a fast-growing field that gives them an upper hand in negotiating salaries in Michigan and many other states.

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Salary range: From $68,010 to $208,000 per year

Antenatal and postnatal procedures and deliveries are all superintendents by these specialists.

An obstetrician is a physician specializing in delivering babies and caring for people before and after pregnancy. 

These specialists are also the key physicians in diagnosing and treating diseases peculiar to women and childbearing. 

An obstetrician’s salary can vary considerably by industry. OB-GYNs are compensated more than most average physicians for their work. 

Being an obstetrician is no doubt stressful work that requires long hours, and the high wage by the state is perfectly justified.

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#5. Dentists

Salary range: From $153,882 to $175,340 per year

Dentistry is no doubt a rewarding healthcare profession. Oral surgeons diagnose, prevent and treat diseases in the mouth, performing surgery when needed. Not only do dentists fix teeth, but they also treat jaw and facial malformations associated with the teeth.

This career requires tedious work to perform preventative and restorative treatments on a patient’s teeth. Dentists fill cavities, remove wisdom and damaged teeth, fix fractured teeth, replace missing teeth, and inform and guide their patients into improving and maintaining perfectly healthy teeth. 

Some specialties in dentistry include orthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery. 

To be a dentist, one needs to go through the necessary training in Dental school, write the State Licensing exam, manage a business and finally, locate the ideal location/state with the highest potential of earning a high income, which Michigan is one of.

#6. Pilots 

Salary range: From $79,920 to $154,000 per year

This profession which is from the field of aviation and not the medical sphere, is well paying.

Professional pilots fly and navigate airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft types. The career necessitates strenuous training and studies. 

Michigan state pilots have various career options, from fire fighting—flying over fires to drop chemicals that douse flames—to military and commercial transportation.

There are several requirements to become an airline pilot. They include and are not limited to; communication, decision-making, situational awareness, mathematical, and emergency management skills. 

There is no doubt that the high skill demonstrated in piloting earns them a large salary. 

They are undoubtedly one of the highest paid state employees in Michigan.

#7. Judges

Salary range: From $24,490 to $144,114 per year

Another high-paying job on this list comes from the legal zone. As we all know, the law is a major rigid bedrock of any city which wants to preserve law and order and maintain a thriving state.

 A judge is a legal professional who presides over court rulings, hearings, or trials.

 A judge must be an unbiased arbiter, honest, responsible, impartial, very knowledgeable, and highly analytical. 

This legal profession has so much to do with criticalness and pinpoint accuracy in decision making, which explains their higher than average salary. 

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#8. Chief executives

Salary range: From $89,003 to 117,654 per year

As a manager and a leader, the CEO superintends all the organization’s daily operations and is accountable for the good or fall of any firm.

 Typically, the responsibilities of a CEO include:

  • Being an active deciding authority on business strategy.
  • Policy-making.
  • Communicating the status of the business to the board of directors.
  • Motivating the employees.
  • Driving change within the organization. 

Chief executives of state-owned firms in Michigan are inarguably well paid.

#9. Pharmacists

Salary range: From $56,925 to $112,504 per year

A pharmacist is responsible for preparing, dispensing, and selling medications to patients.

 The pharmacist also gives pharmacological information and advice on appropriately taking medications in the correct dosage, time, and manner. 

The pharmacist must be analytical, communicative, and efficient in his duties. The pharmacist also ensures that different treatments are compatible with the patient. 

A pharmacist can be self-employed, hired by a privately owned firm, or hired by the state. 

Owing to the large population in Michigan, pharmacists are highly sought after, which presents an advantage in negotiating their salaries. 

Therefore, they are one of the highest paid state employees in Michigan.

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#10. Computer and information systems managers

Salary range: From $56,357 to $110,839 per year

The computer and information systems manager (CIS managers) is the next on our list of highest paid state employees in Michigan. 

Computer and information systems managers generally operate and direct the information technology (IT) departments within businesses/firms/organizations. 

CIS managers’ specialties include and are not limited to; software development, web development, and database administration.

Banks, hospitals, government agencies, and various other firms employ their own CIS managers to deploy and maintain data management and security systems. 

The Computer and Information Systems (CIS) Manager will pinpoint the company’s data security and information and computer needs, wielding his/her dexterity using hardware and software to satisfy those needs efficiently. 

As professionals, they plan, design, implement, project, and maintain computer-related activities, working closely with executives and other employees, catering to technology needs at all levels. 

Systems managers must possess critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills and extensive computer software and hardware knowledge.

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#11. Lawyers

Salary range: From $85,105 to $101,190 per year

There are several benefits of being a state-employed lawyer in Michigan, including a handsome salary. 

Lawyers are legal professionals who stand for clients in criminal and legal Court proceedings. 

Lawyers have the opportunity to earn lucrative income in places like Michigan. 

Some of the most highly paid lawyers are a medical, trial, tax, and corporate lawyers. 

A lawyer must possess high analytical and communication skills, be creative, and have good law knowledge.

#12. Sales managers

Salary range: From $64,568 to $94,054 per year

Yes, being a sales manager is a promising career. They also play vital roles in the success and failure of an organization. 

The sales manager works to meet the sales targets and masterminds strategies necessary for meeting them. 

Sales managers make critical decisions for their organizations in their day-to-day operations.

 Sales managers must be skilled in leadership, communication, analytical, and transparency.

 With many responsibilities and risks, sales management is worth the handsome salary.

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#13. Petroleum engineers

Salary range: From $48000 to $85,990 per year

Michigan is endowed with an abundance of oil and natural gas located under its landscape. 

This abundance necessitates oil reserves and gas and oil fields. Naturally, petroleum engineers are in demand in Michigan. 

Petroleum engineers specialize in extracting oil and natural gas from the ground.

 They also service and maintain oil Wells to increase their productivity.

#14. Bank managers (branch managers)

Salary range: From $61,076 to $85,113 per year

A bank manager refers to an executive who spearheads the branch office of a bank or other financial services company. 

Branch managers typically oversee a myriad of activities, including hiring employees, managing the approval of new accounts, delegating tasks to skilled workers, and ensuring excellence and overall growth of the branch. 

Bank managers direct all aspects of branch operations. 

The branch manager is responsible for the success or failure of the branch they manage.

 Being in charge of millions of funds and investments makes managing a bank an arduous profession worthy of a large salary.

#15. Architects

Salary range: From $50,700 to $76,190 per year

The architect is the final on our list of highest-paid state employees in Michigan.

Every construction, privately owned or state-owned, must be preceded by drawing a plan.

 The architects are responsible for this. They develop innovative, highly unique, functional designs for new buildings and restore or reconstruct old buildings while keeping the budget in check. 

Architects must be creative and innovative. Most Architects are self-employed, and some start careers working for the Government. 

They get involved in the restoration of old public structures and the construction of new ones. Architects must apply and obtain an architect license to practice in Michigan. 

With the progressing infrastructural development in Michigan, Michigan spends big on construction, and architects may just be major beneficiaries, making them one of the Highest paid state employees in Michigan.

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Do you want to be one of Michigan’s highest-paid state employees?

While there are several well-paying Jobs in Michigan, we have highlighted the best paying State employee in Michigan. 

However, most high-paying jobs require high dexterity, long and tasking training, and long work hours. We hope this exposition was helpful!


Who is the highest-paid government employee in the state of Michigan?

State Superintendent Shelia Alles, who earned $175,257 in 2020, and Deputy Superintendent Kyle Guerrant, who earned $154,051 in 2020, are the highest paid employees of the Michigan Department of Education.

How much do Michigan state employees make?

From around $31,114 per year for an air traffic controller to $123,371 per year for a section head, that is the average pay in the State of Michigan. For the State of Michigan, the average hourly wage for a clerk is around $11.50; for a senior program manager, it is $62.45.

Do state of Michigan employees get bonuses?

Michigan’s LANSING (WLNS) — During the COVID-19 outbreak, Michigan Representative Kara Hope introduced a measure that would grant public sector workers a $2,000 pay incentive.



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