Who Are The Highest-Paid Tutors? | 10 Highest Paying Tutoring Jobs

The world will always be in need of tutors. From tutors who do it for the love of it to those who take on the big bucks just to have their thing going for them, in the end, everyone wants something. But who are the highest-paid tutors?

A tutor can here be described as an individual who gives another individual or a group of people instruction.

So, a tutor instructs on the things that are right for one to do. The hope of tutoring is for the individual to grow so much that they or no longer need tutoring, which means the person becomes an independent being who can make decisions of their own accord.

The benefits of tutoring as I have almost earlier touched can come in many forms to both the tutor and the person being tutored.

This article describes the tutors in any describable and attempts to make a connection between what was used to be a high-labor, low-reward job, to the highest-paying tutoring jobs in the world. While we definitely do not know all that there is to be known, we can most definitely try to figure out the highest-paid tutors.

Why Do We Need Tutors?

For a very long time, tutoring has existed. It is not the kind of thing that requires much explaining. The children of the rich in ancient Greece, during the period of Plato and Socrates, were educated individually or in small groups by masters or tutors. Tutors continued to educate the children of aristocrats and the rich throughout the Middle Ages.

Teachers began to educate when more established educational institutions were accessible, but tutors remained to play an essential part in the learning process. Tutors were once solely available to the wealthier pupils.

Students may now access tutoring programs through their schools, churches, and community agencies, as well as private tutoring businesses.

How Do Top Tutors Make Money?

Top tutors don’t make money any differently from other tutors. There are just a number of key differences that separate those who earn the big bucks as tutors from those who do not earn as much on the job;


The way a tutor brands themselves could be the defining factor in how they earn. For those who have mastered the art of branding and catering to a certain class of people, the rest of the job is easy. So far as you give the best results after your branding, some people do not mind paying to get the best.

The question then now is, “what would you pay to have a celebrity tutor or one of the highest-paid tutors?” While for some, it doesn’t change much to have a celebrity tutor, for some others, it does mean the world to them and then of course to the celebrity tutors who are what they are because you can’t help yourself.

The Person Being Taught

This is another important part that gets readily ignored. Who is being taught most times is a more defining factor in how you earn than your branding, even though they seem to go hand in hand. Let’s take for example the person who tutors Elon Musk’s kids. Elon Musk started a school without the traditional grade structure of American primary education that is called Ad Astra.

This is founded on his belief that “If you want to teach children how engines work, he says, you wouldn’t want to first teach them all about wrenches and all about screwdrivers. You would show them the engine, and ask how they would take it apart. Then a very important thing happens, which is that the relevance of the tools becomes apparent,”

What is Being Taught

The important thing is that it could be anything, and if that anything is very important to the person paying, they could just as well pay as high as they can. An executive at an international tutoring agency, Andrew Knight, corroborates this when he said “wealthy parents sometimes have unrealistic expectations for tutors, especially when it comes to helping their kids get into the best colleges or get top grades.

Some of these families are used to paying for whatever they want including the highest-paid tutors,” Knight said. “They don’t understand that we can’t guarantee a certain GPA or college.”

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Who is the Most Expensive Tutor?

Who the most expensive tutor in the world right now is debatable for a vast number of reasons. First inflation, then others such as the standard of living and how where you live and work affect how you are paid. The world has grown to a point where the vast majority of highly paid remote tutors don’t disclose how much they earn for personal reasons.

In 2013, it was recorded that the typical salary for a full-time tutor today has jumped to between $70,000 and $120,000 depending on the requirements. But Tutors International has placed one tutor who is making $400,000 a year and another who was paid $80,000 for just 16 weeks of work.

Along with their pay, most tutors also usually get free housing, cars or drivers, paid travel and meals, and occasionally even a private chef and personal assistant.

10 Highest Paying Tutoring Jobs

Here are the highest-paid tutors:

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  • Private Subject Tutors
  • Private Education Tutors
  • Chief Academic Officers at Tutoring Centres
  • Owners of Tutoring Services
  • Managers of Tutoring Centres
  • Instructional Coordinators
  • Language Tutors
  • Adult Tutors
  • Special Education Tutors
  • Tutors Assistants

1. Private Subject Tutors

These private tutors can either be online or offline tutors that help students master any aspect of their extracurricular life. This could be learning how to maintain fitness, how to make professional music, or how to professionally handle weapons.

They can be anything, but anything that involves the use of specific talent or specific genius that can be taught or trained requires that the tutor be paid handsomely well for what you do.

As one of the highest-paid tutors, you can earn between $250,000 to $360,000 or even more.

2. Private Education Tutors

Private education tutors can either be online or offline tutors that help students learn a wide range of subjects or topics. Most often these education tutors have backgrounds working as certified teachers or even lecturers in higher institutions. These tutors can vary from place to place, depending on where you live.

They earn within the range of $250,000 to $300,000 and even more but depending on other aforementioned factors.

3. Chief Academic Officers at Tutoring Centres

Chief Academic Officers are directors of education who plan and coordinate educational programs in tutoring centers. These learning centers offer to tutor for last-minute questions as well as ongoing academic needs.

In some cases, students enrolled in grade school may get free tutoring access at local centers or receive class credit for attending a learning session.

In this job, you earn between $92,622 to $158,000.

4. Owners of Tutoring Services

As an owner of a tutoring service, you perform a wide range of managerial and academic, and administrative duties. Your earnings vary according to your experience, qualifications, duties, and field of specialization. While the cost of a private tutor varies depending on experience level, tutoring services typically offer transparent set pricing for tutoring lessons.

The pay rate for an online tutor differs depending on the platform you’re using. You can earn $158,130 to $200,710 annually.

5. Managers of Tutoring Centres

You perform administrative or academic duties or both and advisory roles to tutors, staff, and students through the careful observation, development, and monitoring of performance, instruction, and programs. Some tutoring companies charge sign-up fees while others only charge hourly rates.

Most online tutoring agencies don’t require a long-term contract, though you may be locked into a monthly contract if you choose a monthly plan at a discounted rate. These are the guys that decide how much how most people within the company earn. As a manager of a tutoring facility, your salary range from $89,406 to $150,000.

6. Instructional Coordinators

The instructional coordinator helps to examine and develop the curriculum and also, promotes professionalism and ethical practice among educators. Relying on data collected by monitoring and evaluating student progress, instructional coordinators are responsible for formal and informal assessment methods to plan for instruction.

In addition, the instructional coordinator oversees the implementation of curriculum and standards, and reviews and recommends textbooks and educational materials among tutors if there exists an organization that routes tutors to clients.

As an Instructional Coordinator, you can earn $76,600 to $120,000.

7. Language Tutors

Language tutors both offline and on online platforms are strongly preferred with at least a bachelor’s degree in the field they’re interested in tutoring, a teaching license, and/or a specialized or professional certification (like TESOL for ESL teachers, and so on).

This depends on the region or country where you are tutoring of course and what the requirements are; there could even be no requirements as tutors could get hired off their proficiency alone.

Prospective tutors go through “verification,” which includes a background check – this also depends on the company you work for if you aren’t freelancing.

You can earn an income within the range of $70,000 to $100,00.

8. Adult Tutors

Besides teaching adults basic job skills or proficiency education such as reading, writing, and English, adult tutors also help learners who left school at an early age in order to support their family, get a job, or for other reasons-complete their high school equivalency diploma program.

Adult tutors are important advocates for instilling confidence and skills in those who haven’t had the chance to complete their basic learning and preparation for a fast-paced job field.

You can earn salaries ranging from $41,600 to $83,960 and even more based on the Institution, your experience, qualification, and funding.

9. Special Education Tutors

Special Education Tutors provide instruction to infants, children, and teens with mental, emotional, or physical disabilities. Because it was still taboo to discuss impairments in many settings, word of mouth from people “in the know” was one of the few methods to discover certified special needs tutors, and even that didn’t always work.

Fortunately, special needs tutoring has progressed rapidly over the last decade in a variety of ways, including assistive technology, private tutoring, and advanced life skill treatment.

A special needs tutor adapts the curriculum offered in your child’s standard classroom to meet their unique learning requirements. Obtaining special needs tutoring before the introduction of the internet and a global network of users was difficult, if not impossible, in some circumstances, but now they are accessible and that is a good thing.

Special Education Tutors, you can earn from $40,480 to $70,500.

10. Tutors Assistants

The responsibilities of tutor assistants are frequently determined by their level. A higher-level tutors assistant, for example, may be qualified to fill in for a tutor when they are unavailable, in addition to completing basic administrative responsibilities.

The ages of tutees may also have an impact on the tutor’s assisting responsibilities. If a tutoring assistant is working with a preschool pupil, for example, they will oversee them during play or breaks.

They will, however, be more focused on creating lesson plans, preparing material for classes, and assisting with remedial teaching if they support a tutor who tutors a high school tutee.

You can earn in this job role anywhere from $38,740 to $65,360 or more which is based on other determinants.


The experiences of tutors differ with many having entirely different experiences from others. Obviously, the highest-paid tutors will be expected to have experiences that are not on the same level with those that are those who earn far less.

Tutoring lies between hand-holding and prison-guarding on one end of the scale, with people like myself assigned to the role of a glorified babysitter: I sneakily read through Instagram while ensuring all schoolwork is finished on time and without error on the other.

On the other hand, I’m encouraged to pursue a humanistic approach that emphasizes critical thinking and self-exploration. Tutoring in the Renaissance method promises to mold a youngster into the type of young adult you – or, more significantly, a university admissions officer – would want to sit next to at a dinner party.


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