How Does Discord Make Money | 2022 Full Details

Game users share a common bond. We can attribute it to their common interest and the shared feelings they get while playing a game.

As a popular saying goes ‘Variety is the spice of life’, discord ensures that these gamers are given a voice whether or not they are playing.

So, let’s see how discord makes the amount of money associated to it.

In the games revenue in 2017, a total sum of 108.9 billion was generated from 2.2 billion active gamers worldwide. The advent of new games and different gaming platforms has enabled discord to increase in wealth.

Therefore, glance through the table of contents below to have an overview.

What is Discord?

There’s no point knowing how Discord makes its money without having a background knowledge of what it entails. Therefore, it is a text, voice, and video chat application available to gamers worldwide.

The sole aim of introducing it is to give gamers a chance to interact with each other without hitches of any sort.

Before its inception, Skype and TeamSpeak were systematic communication apps with lots of drawbacks. The failures displeased game addicts a lot while prompting Jaton Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy to bring Discord to existence.

Interestingly, Discord improved on the failures of its predecessors and now serves its users an all-in-one messaging gaming app.

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Also, it is free!

The fact that there are no ad pop-ups is enough to arouse the curiosity in you. More so, other interest groups ranging from music, art, entrepreneurship are beneficiaries of this app.

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What are the Characteristics of Discord?

While Discord is basically free for its users, other components can be made accessible through a little token. However, in the list below are some of the features of Discord that are free.

  • In-game overlay.
  • Multiple channels.
  • Availability of your friends list as long as you want.
  • Simultaneous use of the app on both the desktop and phone.
  • Minimal CPU usage.
  • Client-server encryption.
  • Free video chat services.

How Does Discord Make Money?

Without an intention to make users pay for using Discord, there are several ways Discord makes money.

Currently, there is a paradigm shift where Discord provides quality features to users who pay for them. The following are ways Discord make money.

#1 Game Subscription Service – Discord Nitro

This is a paid subscription option with charges of $9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually. It is a program whereby interested users support the app willingly.

Using the Discord Nitro, you gain access to a large game library, advanced features and enjoy some benefits like those listed below.

  • Animated avatars
  • Top-quality screen resolution
  • Special Nitro profile badge
  • Personal Discord tag.

Discord earns money through this strategy given that its users subscribe and willing support the company.

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#2 Discord Merchandise Store

By promoting the sale of branded wears in the merchandise store, Discord makes some amount of money.

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It is expedient to note that the most part of the money Discord makes here comes from effective and promotional strategies.

Its users are however encourage to purchase the goods and items on display in the merchandise store.

#3 Game Store

Through this game store that was officially launched in 2018, it allows game developers to sell their games .

After each game sale, 90% of the revenue goes to the developer while Discord getsthe other 10% . That way, Discord uses that to cover their operating cost.

#4 Funds and Investments

Apart from promoting sales and putting up voluntary support, Discord receives support from big companies. The money realised is used for the international growth as well as improving the platform.

#5 Cosmetic Items

In the list of sources of revenue for Discord is the sale of cosmetic items ranging from sound packs, customer emojis, sticker packs, and skins.

These items are mainly for advanced user experience.

Discord’s Future Revenue Schemes

While Discord has chosen to stay true by offering its users free chat and messaging services, there is a need for the company to come up with more strategies that will yield revenue so as to strive long in the game market.

Therefore, the following are the expected sources of income for Discord.

#1 Gaming Stores

This is a platform where the sale of a variety of games take place. The Nitro users who subscribe qualify to enjoy exclusive benefits.

This way, it increases the revenue and makes up the services rendered.

#2 Revenue Sharing

If Discord enters into partnership with other gaming companies like Twitch, it could earn more revenue.

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Also, it is possible to make money by inviting more gamers as those successfully referred could end up buying games, items , or even features.

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#3 Gamebridge

This allows game developers to combine the app in their game and reduce the load of coding an in-game app.

The following are the features of gamebridge:

  • Audio control settings
  • Positional audio
  • Building up a community
  • Automatch players in voice channels
  • Auto-create permanent servers for game worlds.

Although this app went into extinction months after its introduction, the comeback should be worth the wait.


Since its official launch in 2015, Discord has attracted various gaming firms to invest on them. So, if you are asking how they make their money, this article should serve you the information you want.

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