How Long Are Personal Checks Good For?

It’s annoying when you hear your check cannot be processed or your check endorsement goes wrong. A lot of times, the bank hardly notifies you that your check has expired and you will need to get an updated replacement.

As painful as it is, this is still happening today. However, there’s a way in which you can save yourself some embarrassment by paying for a renewal upfront.

But that begs the question, “How Long Are Personal Checks Good For?” We will discuss this and more in this content.

What are Personal Checks?

Personal checks are leaves of paper material wherein an account holder can instruct a particular sum of money to be given to a beneficiary from his account.

Due to the ease involved in manipulating signatures, a lot of people didn’t feel safe having checks anymore. Today, that is not the case as banks have increased security measures to avoid signature forgery.

So, you can save yourself the stress of always going to the banks or asking for an increase in your transfer limit. Just get a check instead.

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Why People Use Personal Checks?

Transfer limitations are set to ensure people stay within certain requirements in case of fraudulent activity. As much as this is good, it can be frustrating when you need to make a huge money transaction on your account.

A personal check can save you the trouble of constantly asking for transfer limit increments. More so, you don’t necessarily need to have the banking details of a person before you can issue them a check.

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How Long Are Personal Checks Good For?

This question is the core reason for this article. And we will be establishing some reasons behind why banks have decided to set this limitation.

Before the rules to make checks easily accessible and cashable, many people who never had an opportunity to visit the bank on the stated date encountered high levels of difficulty before getting the check cashed.

All this led to the establishment of new laws to make it easy for someone to cash a check.

How Long Are Personal Checks Good For?” Well, a good check can last for up to six months and more.

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Pros & Cons of Personal Check

As much as checks have benefits, they also have demerits. Let’s carefully consider them below.

Makes cashing of funds easySome checks pose limits on transaction
Ability to send funds to any bank from any bankDifficulty in cashing because of bank issues
Doesn’t need an electronic deviceRenewal fee
Cheque book is easy to lift aroundA signature can be forged

It’s obvious that as much as checks have an advantage, they hold a disadvantage as well. But don’t you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Final Thoughts

After reading through this article, you can strongly answer the question “How Long Are Personal Checks Good For?”

You may just need to get a check so as to enjoy a great level of seamless transactions.


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