How To Be More Confident: 15 Best Tips To Do

One of the things that have held you back from pursuing your dreams for many years is the fear of failure and the lack of self-confidence needed to overcome that fear.

Certainly being more confident is advantageous to you, here are 15 tips to help you build your confidence.

What is Self Confidence?

Everybody talks about being more confident and gives a personal opinion. Some defined confidence as: speaking up for oneself; believing you are capable and not shying away from tasks; being able to contribute in a conversation without the eerie feeling of blutting out stupidity; beliefs.

However, confidence is the feeling of surety in oneself and his abilities, not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic, secure way.

The lack of confidence expresses itself in the form of fear, and this fear is felt by everyone, even the most confident. But, by following certain tips, they have been able to become more confident even in the face of greater fears.

When the stakes are high and the fears greater, then facing them head-on makes you look even more confident.

Don’t allow your fears pause your life. Rather,navigating them and become more confident. This is what this article tends to acheive by providing practical steps on how to be more selfconfident.

How To Be More Confident: 15 Best Tips To Do

Here are 15 of the best tips to help you be more confident.


While it may not seem so, you can actually boost your low confidence. Since confidence is not genetic, and non-reliant on others, it can be increased.

And if you believe that you are not very competent, not very smart, not very attractive, e.t.c that can be changed.

You can become someone worthy of respect, and someone who can pursue what she wants despite the naysaying of others.

Achieve this by taking control of your life and your confidence.

Identify and understand that confidence is built and can be built just like a muscle by working on it consistently.

By taking concrete actions that improve your competence, your self-image, you can increase that confidence, without the help of anyone else.


The only way you can help yourself is if at first, you understand who you are. What triggers your fears? What makes you feel nervous? Why do you not trust yourself?

Once you figure out everything that makes you tick, you can start building on the areas where you need improvement.

Knowing then that you have to take action to build your confidence, identify and isolate those fears and voices in the head. Separate yourself from them, learn that they do not represent who you are and what you stand for, rather they are just there to limit you and your potentials because you are great and important.

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     3. Think Positive (Perspective)

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. This way your perspective on life will change and you will feel that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

I find the best way to put a positive twist on life is to ask ‘why not’ to all your problems and fears.

Step out of your head, irrespective of all you might be going through. Know that you are important, the world needs you, your society needs you, your family and friends need you, they might not know it yet but they do.

If you don’t know why they need you, I do. They need you because you are great, you are a success, you are a shining light, you are a victor, you are valid.

Think positively, whatever is making you feel less confident is wrong and you are right.

4. Challenge Your Fears

Fears are false expectations appearing real. Most times these fears in your head, these problems are not as great as your minds make them be.

Challenge those fears, if it says you are not good enough and you don’t need to attempt achieving your goals, don’t believe it instead call its bluff. Try it out nonetheless and see what happens, if it works out, it is great but even if it does not work out, you wouldn’t be the first to not achieve something on the first try so you try again.

Do not let your fears win. Always challenge them and oppose them.

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5. Groom Yourself

Challenging your fears requires that you do it consistently and while you do it, look good!. Your appearance greatly affects your confidence.

So, even if this sounds very obvious, being clean and tidy can stimulate your confidence. By simply taking a shower and cleaning up, you will feel a lot better about yourself.

6. Dress Good

Like the above point, your appearance greatly affects your confidence. If you dress well, you will feel a whole lot more confident about yourself.

Dressing well doesn’t mean conforming to other’s likes. The only way you will be more confident is if you are comfortable in your clothes. Eliminate every avenue within your control that could attempt to make you less confident.

7. Straight Posture

How a person holds himself greatly reflects how he feels.

For example, a person who is lying won’t stand straight and tall, he would probably hunch and have a closed posture.

So to be more confident, begin practicing good posture. Stand up straight, don’t hunch your shoulders, keep your head up, and don’t fidget. Just remember people who have good posture feel good about who they are, and you want to be that type of person.

8. Play an Active Role

This is another important step to being more confident.

Now that you are beginning to think more positively and have started challenging the causes of your low confidence, you need to stop sitting on the sidelines but get into the game.

If you continue to sit on the sidelines of life you will never achieve anything. So if this means organizing a function or involving yourself in an event, do it.

Just put in the effort, take calculated risks, and begin to understand, that you can do anything.

9. Gratitude

If you continue to dwell on your shortcomings you will never be able to pick yourself up and look forward to the future. Cultivate the habit of being grateful.

Develop an attitude of gratitude and reminisce on your successes, triumphs, and accomplishments. Stop ruminating on your fears but rather begin to be grateful, look at your achievements, look at how far you have come, look at how well you have done to be able to be where to are now.

Be grateful for what you have, knowing that not everyone can be where you are now, acknowledge the fact that you have come a long way. Be grateful, you will find that this attitude of gratitude will help build your confidence.

    10. Do Things Faster (Do Not Procrastinate)

This might sound strange but it’s quite good. Whenever you have a task, be it acing a goal, accomplishing a task, speaking up, or whatever it may be, once you feel like it, do it.

Don’t hesitate, don’t second guess yourself, don’t allow your mind to replay past events to berate you or to make you low in confidence, know that everyone goes through this so you do it!

The longer it takes for you to accomplish those things, the greater your fears become and the more your mind reinforces those fears.

Do things faster, don’t procrastinate. When you begin to accomplish these little goals, your confidence increases, making you feel more important. This feeling of importance builds self-confidence and resultantly makes you feel better.

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    11. Smile

This has become quite cliché but it is fundamentally the most effective. By smiling you create a sense of happiness and a sense of self. These two things together are what creates confidence.

Smiling releases endorphins which help you feel happier and more positive. It can improve your mood and increase positive thoughts.

Whenever you feel low on confidence or whenever your fears begin to rise, try smiling, and after that, confront your fears. Smiling will make you feel better. 

Try to smile as much as possible 

    12. Put Emphasis on Solutions rather than Problems

Whenever you face a problem, don’t dwell on the problem itself. Look forward to solutions and emphasize solving the issue. This is very important!

Everyone has problems and face difficult challenges and fears, but how people face these problems differ.

How you face your fears and problems can either help you be more confident or not.

When you face problems or make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up, don’t cry over spilled milk, everybody makes mistakes. Rather than focus on the problems and allow your mind to create a mountain out of that molehill of a problem, focus immediately on solutions, focus on things that can savour the situation.

    13. Work out (Exercise)

Along the same lines of appearance and self-confidence, exercise and fitness have a huge role in how confident you feel about yourself.

By exercising you will improve your physical appearance; you will become more energetic, and you will kill stress. This will all add up, and you will improve your life greatly. Working out helps you be more confident.

    14. Complete Small Things

Taking on a huge project or task can be quite overwhelming, but if you break it down into chunks and complete it little by little, you will feel bursts of accomplishment when you finish those small tasks.

These feel-good accomplishments will make you feel a lot better and a lot more confident. Complete those small tasks daily. You can start by making your bed when you get up in the morning and enjoy the way accomplishing that small and simple task make you feel.

Accomplishing smaller tasks helps you be more confident and give you the confidence to tackle bigger tasks. You can accomplish those bigger tasks because you are capable and you are not listening to any voice saying otherwise. Start small.

    15. Be Prepared

You only feel insecure and self-doubting if you’re not prepared. Imagine an exam and you didn’t study, you would probably feel unconfident about your abilities. 

This same thing can apply to life. If you are not prepared for something you will feel unconfident about it until you get ready.

So try to be ready for anything in life and you will automatically be more confident.


Now you know the steps to take on how to be more confident but it doesn’t just end with knowing these steps, you have to work it out daily and intentionally.

When you try out these tips and it doesn’t produce instant results, do not stop. That is what your fear wants you to believe and accept to keep your confidence where it currently is. Do not give up, try again. When you stop, you accept defeat. It might seem hard at first, but know that it can be done and you can do it.

I would like to hear what you think about these proven tips on how to be more confident, what part may be too difficult for you and what tips would you start implementing instantly?

Likewise, when the results start flowing in and you begin to shine in confidence, we’ll like to hear about it.



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