How To Get My Car Towed For Free: 5 Simple Ways

If you own a car and drive, there will be a point when you will need the services of a tow van.

Regardless of the kind of fault your car develops, it will require a good sum to tow your car to the mechanic’s place.

In cases where your car breaks down and you don’t have cash on you to call for towing vans, what do you do? I’ll show you how to get your car towed for free.

If you get your car towed for free, it automatically means you should save for better purposes.

The table of contents above will help give you an insight into how to get your car towed.

Is There a Free Towing Service?

Yes, there are free towing services. Although not all are free you can get your car towed for a relatively small amount.

These towing services are either offered by auto shops, car manufacturers, or insurance companies.

How Do I Know if My Car Needs a Tow?

It is scary when you turn on your car’s ignition and it doesn’t come up. Worse still, the engine packs up while you are driving.

If the above happens and you have your thoughts running wild, you should know you might need to tow it down to where it needs fixing. So, below are the steps you should take.

  • Apply the foot brake and steer to the side of the road
  • Turn on your hazard and try to restart your car
  • If your car still doesn’t come up, you could call a mechanic for jumper cables
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If the jumper fails, the next thing to consider is calling for a towing service.

How Do I Get A Towing Service for Free?

Having your car get stuck without prior knowledge of how much you can pay for it to be towed can be quite disheartening.

You can maximize the following and can get a towing service for free.

  • Check your car warranty
  • Join AAA
  • Auto Insurance
  • Be a member of Costco gold star executive
  • Credit card
  • Join the Better World Club

What Towing Services Are Free?

At the beginning of this article, remember I said some of these towing services are not free. So, the free towing services are as follows:

#1 AAA

AAA offers up to 200 miles of free towing based on the type of membership you go for.

Their system is so flexible that if the tow is urgently needed, you could easily register and get the tow almost immediately.

This free towing service comes with extra bonuses that are not negligible. You can click on this link to learn more about how this works.

#2 Costco Gold Star Executive Membership

Being an executive member of Costco Gold Star earns you free roadside assistance if your car is insured.

At every occurrence where your car needs a tow, Costco covers up to $75. Also, for those who are non-members, it offers more coverage at a relatively cheaper rate.

#3 Check Your Credit Card

As a cardholder, you can ensure that your credit card has a free tow service for your car.

To enjoy this offer, you have to do some paperwork or better still, have a close-end conversation with the credit card company.

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An illustration of the credit card offers is represented below.

Credit CardWhat You Get
– Chase Sapphire Reserve®
– United MileagePlus Club Card – – United℠ Explorer Card
towing up to five miles as well as other services up to four times a year ($50 each)
All Visaup to 5 miles (must pay $69.95 per call, so not free)

#4 Check Your Car Guaranty

There is some sort of guaranty following squeaky-clean cars in the US. Regardless of whether you have a trade-in vehicle, your guaranty may still be valid.

What matters is the producer’s standards and inference to when they deem it fit to cut you off.

Interestingly, this guaranty offers you a free tow to help you out when you are stuck. Although it is believed that you will no longer receive free tows if your car hits 36,000 – 50,000 miles.

To be sure how the guaranty works, you should visit the official website of your car dealer.

Better still, see the table for an easy understanding.

MakeRoadside Assistance (yrs/mile)
Alfa Romaoe4/unlimited
Land Rover4/50,000

It is important to note that you have some confirmations to make with the car dealer before calling a tow-free service line. If at any point you were active, you might need to use this service free of charge.

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#5 Auto insurance

What you don’t know as a car owner is that you pay for car insurance. Did you know you can add a free towing service to your auto insurance policy?

This might not be completely free but adding it up to your insurance policy makes it feel like you are getting a free tow should you need it.

Why not cease this opportunity and go back to the auto insurance company to enquire how much it would cost you to include it in your policy.


Conclusively, it is entirely an easy process to get your car towed for free. Although some cost a few penny, it is almost like you’re getting it for free.

Giving any of the options above a try will make you save more bucks. Good luck!


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