How To Get Free $100 PayPal Code | Ultimate Guide

You can earn free $100 PayPal cash using the Free $100 PayPal code from several online survey sites.

In this article, I will show you not only if it is possible to earn PayPal cash with no minimum pay-out but how, with first-hand resources, to reach these links. So, what are you waiting for?

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The Concept

The idea of making money online from the comfort of your home has always been a welcomed one, and PayPal is one such means of getting paid while carrying out online services.

PayPal is one, if not the most recognizable payment platform for online work cause of its security and speed of transaction.

There are also several ways to earn money on PayPal, basically free, if you exclude the time spent making the cash.

The best thing about this is that it is done with ease. From completing small tasks to passive income jobs, your PayPal account can get that buff look you always wanted.

Also, the true beauty here is that, unlike some earning means, you can earn some PayPal cash with no minimum withdrawal, giving you the freedom to earn and spend at your own pace.

By no minimum withdrawal, I mean you get to cash out no matter how small you earn. Sounds great, right!

Can I earn PayPal money with no minimum pay-out?

At this point, I don’t think the question should be, “Can I earn PayPal money with no minimum pay-out?” it should be how?

Not only can you earn PayPal money with no minimum pay-out, but there are also several links in which you can get this opportunity. All you have to do is look, and you shall find. Especially the legit ones to avoid wasted time.

So, in this article, I will list several trusted means of earning PayPal money with no minimum pay-out.

How you can earn PayPal money with no minimum pay-out?

You can earn instant PayPal money with minimum effort by conducting surveys on sites with no minimum pay-out. Its really that easy. Some of these sites offer minimum pay-outs that are so low it’s irrelevant, while some others offer absolutely no minimum pay-outs.

So, if you are looking for a place to earn PayPal money with minimum withdrawal, you are at the right place. I will list some sites with reliable survey sites that pay-out to PayPal instantly! Be sure to receive your hard-earned PayPal money before a specified time.

For each site where you can earn PayPal money (no minimum pay-out), I will briefly review the site and how to earn it.

By the end of this article, you should be all smiles and earning massive PayPal money with no minimum pay-out with no delay.

Best Sites Where One Can Earn Paypal Money With No Minimum Pay-out

  1. Swagbucks
  2.  Survey Junkie
  3.  InboxDollars
  4.  MyPoints
  5.  Pinecone
  6.  Opinion Outpost
  8.  PrizeRebel
  9.  Toluna
  10.  LifePoints

#1 Swagbucks

This is a survey site confirmed to be legit. You can earn on Swagbucks through different means, from completing surveys to shopping online or watching videos, searching the web, and playing real money-earning games.

The company has successfully paid over $140 million to its members. Once you sign up, you are automatically credited with a sign-up bonus to your account.

It offers an extremely low pay-out of $3 but a sign-up bonus of $10, which you can use to pay off the minimum pay-out, so it’s a no minimum pay-out zone. It is extremely popular for being a good site to earn SB points that are redeemable instantly through PayPal.

It’s available in most North American, South America, Europe, and Asia countries, with a minimum age requirement of 13 years old. To sign up, use the link below.


#2 Survey Junkie

It is a well-known survey company that has been around since 2011 with over 4 million members. Its legit with a trusted name that has withstood the test of time.

Once you sign up, you get awarded 25 points with a minimum withdrawal of 1000 points which is easily achievable cause each survey is valued between 20-200 points per survey. You would be hitting the 1000 points mark in no time.

It is important to note that the 1000 points are valued at $10. That’s cool cash in your PayPal account instantly with no stress involved.

One of the best parts about survey junkie is its enormous survey bank. There are so many surveys to choose from. Don’t be surprised that you would find it hard making a choice. This site is highly recommended. To sign up and start earning, click the link below.

Survey Junkie

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#3 Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars is an online rewards site founded in 2000 that lets you earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, or searching the web. It is a legitimate means of making money, with over $59 million paid out to members since 2000.

Surveys pay between $0.50 to $5 per survey. Payments are made directly into your PayPal account. One of the best parts about InboxDolllars is that you earn money, not points.

With a huge list of surveys and games to choose from to help you earn some cool PayPal money without extra hassle. On sign up, you are awarded free $5 for just being a member. That’s a great way to make cool cash. To sign up for this money express, hit the link below;


#4 MyPoints

This is a popular survey platform that was created back in 1996. Currently operating with over 10 million members, its legitimacy is sure. It is recorded to have given out over $300 million to its users from US and Canada.

It runs primarily on surveys, watching videos, and playing games. Earning up to $2.5 per activity and a minimum pay-out of $3 doesn’t require a minimum pay-out.

All you need to do is sign up and start earning from the list of surveys, games, promotional emails, videos, and more available. You get credited on your dashboard from where you can withdraw to your PayPal account.

One of the cons is that withdrawal can sometimes take 3-5 days to process, but once done, you will ripe the fruits of your labor. To join in and start earning legit PayPal money, use the link below;


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#5 Pinecone

Pinecone is one of the top-rated survey sites. It functions on an invitation-only survey service. New York-based company Nielsen Company, LLC owns and operates in the US. It sends its members online surveys to complete, each of which takes 15-20 minutes.

Surveys are emailed to members, who may choose to carry out the survey or not based on their interest in the topic. Each survey earns members $3. It pays via PayPal and has a required threshold of . (Diazepam) The best part is you get credited to your PayPal within 24 hours.

Also, Pinecone has 3 stars on Trustpilot with an age requirement of 18 years. It is available in countries like United States, Canada, the united kingdom or Germany. To sign up to pinecone and start earning, use the link below;


#6 Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a reputable site well known for its elegant format and high qualification rate. All that is required is for members to sign up for Opinion Outpost and create a profile.

Surveys can be accessed through the dashboard, or email opinion outpost sends daily. To redeem your points on PayPal, you require a minimum of $10, which is equivalent to 100 points which is low.

You can earn as much as $1.50 per hour, and rewards are redeemable immediately with no waiting period.

Opinion outpost is among the few suitable and reliable survey sites to earn easy PayPal money. To register, click the link below and start earning;

Opinion Outpost

#7 Superpay

One of the most famous survey sites for making instant PayPal money with no minimum pay-out is SuperPay. It is by far the fastest PayPal money pay-out there is.

Superpay is a survey site that pays you for other tasks like clicking ads, watching videos, signing up for different websites or downloading apps. You get an instant $0.20 for just signing up. Then all that’s left is to get to completing surveys and clicking links.

You can withdraw straight to your PayPal with no minimum pay-out faster than you will see anywhere else. So, for your instant PayPal money, SuperPay is the site to be. To register, click the link below;



Prize Rebel is an online survey site such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie that rewards members for completing surveys and pays in points which can be redeemed as real-world currencies and sent to PayPal.

It has other alternative methods to improve earnings by watching videos, playing games, and referring friends. With over 9.2 million members and pay-out value of over $19 million in cash and rewards since 2007, its legitimacy is assured.

At PrizeRebel, 1 point is equivalent to $0.01, with surveys having values of up to 80 points which roughly amounts to $2.4 per hour. It also has surveys that pays as high as 250 points.

To redeem your cash, all you have to do is to have a minimum of $2 to be able to do the point to dollar exchange; from there, you withdraw to your PayPal. No stress!

To sign up to PrizeRebel and start bagging some cool PayPal cash, hit the link below and sign up;


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Toluna is a well-known survey site that has been around for quite some time since 2000. Rumored to have the world’s largest social voting community and streamlined research platform, it is the place to be when it comes to earning PayPal money.

You can cash out once your account hits $30 or 95,000 points, which doesn’t take long to achieve. They also offer great prize draws.

The downside about Toluna is there might be delays in payment which is normally received within a week, but the site states it might take up to 4 weeks at times. Toluna is a great survey site to earn nice PayPal cash without minimum pay-out. To sign up to toluna, click the link below and start earning;


#10. Lifepoints

Last on the list is LifePoint. LifePoint is a great survey site with no minimum pay-out. Once you sign up as a new member, a given sum is given to you as a bonus. After that you can start earning right away from completing surveys that might take 10-15 minutes to complete.

There also have a mobile app which makes them easily accessible. Withdrawal might experience a slight delay, but it always gets credited to your PayPal account within 10 business days with no minimum pay-out.

If you are looking for easy PayPal money with no minimum pay-out, you should check out lots of survey options on LifePoint survey site. To sign up to LifePoint and start making PayPal money with no minimum pay-out, hit the link below and register;



Earning PayPal money without minimum pay-out instantly is very much possible. Thanks to survey sites like these listed above. The only issue with this might be finding legitimate ones that really pay.

The sites listed above have been properly reviewed and legit and can offer you PayPal money to complete surveys.

You can decide to open a new email dedicated fully to surveys cause they usually spam emails with loads of messages. Using your current email might lead to you missing important emails.

So, to avoid such inconveniences, try to get an email dedicated to surveys for making PayPal money with no minimum pay-out and get to the money-making.



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