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You can consider Visa Gift Cards as a free offer that comes at a small price. Several establishments have come out, especially towards the festivities, with lucrative offers, only if you dare to try.

Just like is the case for vouchers, you purchase something at a set value and you get the chance to walk away with whatever prize is attached to that particular good. Visa Gift Cards are no different.

Before we go into how to win yourself Visa Gift Cards for 2022, let us find out what gift cards are and how they work.

How Visa Cards work

A visa gift card is a non-reloadable, prepaid debit card. Once it is activated, the card works as well as cash. The cardholder can use it to shop or make a one-time bill payment anywhere that accepts Visa for as long as some balance remains. The Visa Gift cards are available at banks and retail stores.

Now let us find out how to win yourself Visa Gift Cards for 2022. Stick around!

1. Win a $500 Visa Gift Card

Toyota is offering you up to $500 more for your trade. You earn $500 Visa Gift Cards after you make your vehicle purchase. Of course, of a Toyota model. However, not all available Toyota models come with the prize.

Find out from the Village Toyota website which specific vehicles you need to purchase to win yourself $500 Visa Gift Cards.

2. Win a $125 Visa Gift Card

This particular offer is all courtesy of Pan Pacific Vancouver. One of their most popular offers, but only runs for a limited time. Here is what you need to do:

Book for your stay with Pan Pacific Vancouver between October 25th, 2021 and February 28th, 2022.

Receive a $125 gift card for one night.

  • Here is the catch! If you stay longer, you win yourself an additional $50 Visa Gift Card for each subsequent night – up to a three-night maximum stay.
  • Sounds like your kind of deal? Find out how to book your space today and redeem your offer from the Pan Pacific Vancouver website.

3. Win the Unconditional Gift Card offer

Let’s get this right. The first two offers are a bit limiting to what you can do with that Gift Card you so worked hard for. 

The Florida Department of Transportation in partnership with Credit Union have come in to allow you the freedom to decide what will be your ideal gift.

Their gift cards suit any occasion. Is it movie tickets? Music? New set of clothes? Or a dinner at your favourite restaurant, that feels like your perfect gift? 

You get to decide with the Visa Gift and Travel Cards that assure the safety of your money.

Find out additional features of these prepaid Visa Gift Cards from the website and get to decide whether to spend $10 or $999.

 4. Win a $300 Visa Gift Card

Get your $300gift cards, courtesy of Friendly Kia. You get to walk away with your Gift Card and a new Kia lease or purchase of the 2022 Kia Carnival LXS. The $300 Gift Card is also available with several other Kia vehicles.

You can lease the 2022 Kia Carnival LXS for 36 months at $498 monthly with no money down. If you are buying, there is an $899 pre-delivery service fee, a $159 electronic registration fee and a $299 private tag agency fee.

Whether you are looking to buy or to lease, you remain eligible for the $300 Gift Cards. Find out more deals from the Friendly Kia website.


The Visa Gift Cards remains the world’s most recognized and trusted brand and allows you to gift a friend or a loved one. have stepped in with the Visa Virtual Gift Card that allows instant delivery, making it available for use online everywhere.

You can also customize Visa Gift Cards for your favourite person or still, access pre-designed Gift Cards. More details from the website.

Loading and Activating a Gift Card

The issuer specifies the minimum and maximum values you can load into the card. The minimum amount is usually $25, while the maximum generally ranges from $500 to $750. 

The issuer additionally determines whether the card automatically activates once you make a purchase or whether you must first activate the card online or via the phone.

Visa recommends that the buyer provides you (the recipient) with paperwork on the card’s terms and conditions including activation and usage instructions.

Using the Visa Gift Card

Once you get your gift card, you might realize that most gift cards do not come with a personal identification number. So for online transactions, enter the card number and three-digit security code just as would be the case with a credit card.

For in-person transactions that use cards but do not come with a PIN, choose the credit card option and sign a purchase receipt. However, if the card has a PIN, use the debit option and enter the PIN you selected or that which came with the card.

It is important to note that, no matter where or how you use the card, Visa immediately deducts the amount from the available balance.

Expiration Dates of Gift Cards

Although most cards have an expiration date extending out between five and seven years, the funds never quite expire. 

But a card with a very small balance may be declined at check-out time even if you inform the cashier in advance that you intend to use two forms of payment. If this is the case, Visa recommends contacting the issuer for further instructions.

If the expiration date printed on the front of the card passes, you can request a new card from the original issuer. An issuer however has the option to charge a monthly fee if a card remains inactive for a certain period.

Gift Card Limitations

Gift cards can’t be used to get cashback at a checkout register or to withdraw cash at an ATM machine. 

Issuers however do not allow cards to be used on Internet gambling sites or to set up recurring bill payments. 

Although you can use your gift card at a gas station, paying at the pump instead of inside, can result in a $100 authorization hold that can take from three to seven days to remove.


Both prepaid and gift cards are loaded with a set of money that allows you to make purchases. A prepaid card is a type of debit card issued by a credit card company or a bank and you can use it for purchases, paying bills or access cash from ATMs.

Gift cards on the other hand are mainly for use at a particular retailer and were traditionally only used to buy items. Prepaid cards can also be used indefinitely as long as you keep adding money to the card, but gift cards are not indefinite.

You can use prepaid Visa Gift Cards for purchases on Amazon but it will not allow split payments between gift cards loaded onto an account and other payment options.

So here’s what you need to do. Before adding your card’s balance to your account, ensure the Visa is activated and ready. Find out more hacks on how to shop on Amazon with your Visa Gift Card today.

A Visa Credit Card differs from a Visa Gift Card in that one is a credit card while the Gift Card is not. However, both are similar since they are used in the same way.

Totally. Visa Gift Cards can be used online, just as you would with a Credit Card. Just enter your Visa Gift Card information at checkout and it’s as good as done!

Absolutely. Like a plastic gift card, you do not have to provide any ID to use your eGift Card. Remember, Visa Gift Cards can be purchased at varying amounts from as low as $10.


Visa cards can be used at your favourite restaurants, stores, over the phone or even online across the U.S. We have provided you with options on how to get one, what is left is you to make that choice today and appreciate that someone. It is never too late!



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