How To Pay For Car Repairs With No Money In 2022: 5 Possible Ways.

What happens when your car breaks down and you have no cash on you to pay for the repair? Would you rather leave it at that point or reach a compromise with the mechanic how you will pay him later?

There will always be an option. So, see the possible ways you can repair your car with no money as some of these options may be open to you.

The table of contents below will help you navigate through the article for an overview.

How to Pay for Car Repair With No Money

Below are several ways to pay for your car repair with no money.

#1 Check if you have a Coverage

It is fine that you have some coverage that caters for some costs of the bill of your car repair. If your car is new, your guarantee may cover a good portion of the repair costs.

If it is older and you opt for an extended coverage, your auto insurance should pay for your roadside help when you have an accident and request to fix your car.

Where the car repair isn’t caused by an accident, you can check with your insurer to see if they provide free roadside help.

There are lots of companies that offer free roadside assistance to their member and if you are one of those, you may not have to overwork yourself or leave your car at the point of breakdown.

As much as this is one way you can pay for a car repair with no money, it may not get your car back to what it used to be.

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#2 Shop around for a good Deal

You need to have a prior knowledge of how much you must pay before attempting to figure out where you have to get the cash.

Request for estimates from at least three respectable fix shops. Tell them you want to know how their offer compares to other repair shops you’ve been to and ask if there are discounts.

Interestingly, some auto repair shops offer payment plans that are favorable and less hefty on your wallet that a huge onetime payment.

If you’re a member of AAA, there are endorsed shops that you can connect with. They offer discounts to members and a 2-year or 24,000 mile warranty on car parts and work.

If the monetary evaluations still exceed your budget, you can check with technical schools where you live. See whether they teach classes on car mechanics.

If they do, it might leave you with no option but let them carry out one of their practical classes on your car. You will take responsibility for paying for the parts required to fix your car.

#3 Barter with a Friend

If you can’t get a decent arrangement with a vehicle auto shop or an expert technician, perhaps you know someone who’s convenient with cars.

Someone who has the time and expertise to fix your vehicle for something valuable, agree with him and see what you can offer as payment for the service.

Whatever agreement you come up with, ensure it gets into writing. This is to protect everyone involved.

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#4 Get Smart with your Credit Card

If borrowing money that is interest-free from family and friends isn’t a possibility for you, your credit card might be a sensible option if you have one.

Using your credit card to buy car repair services is a smart move, but that is if your card provider offers a guarantee against terrible repairs.

If you carry a balance, you’ll pay interest but may conclude it’s a fair cost for hitting the road as soon as possible.

As with any credit card debt, endeavor to pay off the balance.

#5 Sell Personal Items for Quick Cash

If you have stuff you don’t need, you can sell them on Craigslist or eBay for some brisk cash. While this may not raise as much as you’ll need to fix your car, it will go a long way.

Final Thoughts

These options are applicable when you don’t have an emergency funding for times as this however, you can start saving in readiness for the unexpected.

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