How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make a Week

The rigors of becoming an MD are draining for people who lack patience and focus. Medical assistant seems to be a vocation close to it. It is a good career path for those interested in the healthcare industry. Trust me, the medical assistant salary is good.

As a medical assistant, you will have access to various job opportunities, as the career is a type of career that will offer you more positive exposure to the healthcare industry.

They make more in an hour than other employees in the healthcare industry. 

When considering the job position in a company, you should negotiate your weekly pay with the employer of the facility.

In this overview, we will give you an insight into everything you need to know about these assistants and how much a medical assistant makes a week.

Who is a Medical Assistant and their Responsibilities?

Medical assistants are often referred to as clinical assistants. They provide healthcare support to doctors and care for their patients.

Although you are not permitted to offer medical advice to patients, you can collect information and prepare the physician and patient for the meeting. 

As a medical assistant, you will be tasked with collecting and recording vital signs, showing exam rooms, and checking patients’ height and weight. They also ask for symptoms and health issues, so they can provide feedback that would help the doctor.

Medical assistants can also provide administrative help, such as day-to-day office work, answering patient questions and providing answers, bookkeeping, billing, and creating appointments for patients hoping to see the doctor.

They also code and complete insurance forms for patients, and collaborate with physicians, office managers, and other members of the patient care team.

As a medical assistant, you may be tasked with laboratory work such as drug screens, drawing blood, pregnancy tests, and other relevant laboratory jobs for assistants.

This career is an excellent choice for a lot of medical students who are still finding it difficult to decide on the path they want.

It will give more insight into how the medical world works, you can then decide to pursue other career paths or simply improve yourself in this field. 

The best thing about being a medical assistant is that the hourly and weekly pay of this job is quite attractive, and there are over a thousand jobs available in the world today. 

A medical assistant can choose to work in a public or private healthcare facility.

What are the skills required for a medical assistant?

As a medical assistant, you need to have some of these skills. These enhance the medical assistant salary.

Anesthesiology is a medical profession you can take up. See How Much Do Anesthesiologists Make?

#1. cleanliness and organizational skills:

If you want to work as a medical assistant, be clean and understand how to organize your surroundings, and make them look neat.

Keeping equipment sterilized is one of the major skills you need to learn.

Organizational skills will help you manage your time, energy, and resources efficiently to achieve your objectives and goals for the day’s job.

It usually includes communication, goal setting, time management, analytical thinking, delegation, working under pressure, strategic planning, etc.

#2. time management:

Time management is an important skill for medical assistants. You should be able to manage your time and that of the patients easily.

The skills usually include organization, prioritization, communication, goal setting, delegation, planning, stress management, etc.

#3. administrative skills

Administrative skills help complete tasks in the facility where you work.

The skills usually include Empathy, Critical thinking, decision making, teamwork, customer service, active listening, time management, multitasking, communication, project management, conflict resolution, etc.

#4. communication

As a medical assistant, you need to develop your communication skills.

Both verbal and written communication should suit your duty properly, you need to also learn how to communicate with patients without making them feel uncomfortable.

Communication skills usually include active listening, empathy, confidence, emotional intelligence, reliability, patience, etc.

#5. Computer skills:

One of the important skills to develop as a medical assistant is your computer skill.

The administrative aspect of the job strongly requires your computer skills and that is why you should develop them.

Computer skills usually include Microsoft office, email communication, etc.

How can I become a medical assistant?

For every profession studying and earning a degree will help you gain access to the top positions available.

In other to become a healthcare administrator for any level in the system, you need to earn a degree in healthcare administration or a similar degree, and a license.

You require fewer degrees to become a nurse aid. How Much Does A Nurse Aide Make?

#1. High School Diploma or GED:

Earning a high school diploma or GED will give you the access to begin your journey as a medical assistant. This certificate will help you gain a basic understanding of the healthcare sector.

With a high school diploma or GED, you will have access to jobs like Medical records assistant, Medical transcriptionist, Medical services administrator, Medical administrative assistant, medical biller, and others.

#2. complete an internship program:

In other to become a certified medical assistant, you need to complete an internship program in a healthcare facility.

The duration of this program may vary depending on the program, and this internship program will help you with a basic understanding of the medical field. 

#3. Prepare and pass the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) examination:

To work in top executive positions, you need to prepare and pass the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) examination.

This will certify your membership as a medical assistant. 

#4. keep up with the American association of medical assistants (AAMA) credential:

To work in top executive positions, you need to keep up with the American association of medical assistant certificate.

Only graduates of the medical assisting programs are eligible to that the CMA (AAMA) certification examination.

#5. Earn Advanced Certifications:

Some states will demand an advanced certification, to be regarded as a certified medical assistant.

In addition to your skills and degree, you need some advanced certifications to help you get the best from becoming a medical assistant. 

Some relevant certification includes Certified medical assistant (CMA);

  • National certified medical assistant (NCMA);
  • Certified clinical medical assistant (CCMA);
  • American association of medical assistants (AAMA);
  • American medical certification association (AMCA);
  • National health career association NHA);
  • American medical technologies (AMT);
  • Clinical medical assistant certification (CMAC).

What are the Factors that Determine Wages for medical assistants?

There are a few factors that determine the weekly wages for medical assistants. The Medical Assistant’s weekly wages vary from state to state for various reasons.

Some factors that determine wages for medical assistants include:

#1. years of experience:

Your years of experience matter is a big determinant for your weekly salaries. Most employers pay according to your level and years of experience in the industry.

#2. location and the employer:

The weekly wages for medical assistants vary for reasons like locations. The weekly pay in a private setting might be higher or lower than that of a public healthcare sector. While some states’ weekly wages also vary greatly. 

#3. skill level:

Your skill level is one of the factors that determine your weekly salaries.

How Much Does a medical assistant Make An Hour?

A medical assistant makes an average of $590 per week, $20 per hour, and $37,724 yearly. Although this might vary in some states for several reasons, some states earn more than others. 

Here is a list of weekly and yearly average salaries for medical states in the U.S:

#1. Alabama:

Per week: $604.8


Per year:$29,950

#2. Alaska:

Per week: $941.22


Per year:$46,610

#3. Arizona

Per week: $720.3


Per year:$35,670

#4. Arkansas

Per week:$636.72


Per year:$31,530

#5. California:

Per week:$868.14


Per year:$42,990

#6. Colorado:

Per week: $788.34


Per year:$39,040

#7. Connecticut:

Per week: $829.5


Per year:$41,070

#8. Delaware

Per week: $701.82


Per year:$34,750

#9. District of Columbia

Per week: $915.6


Per year:$45,340

#10. Florida

Per week:$702.66


Per year:$34,800

#11. Georgia

Per week: $691.74


Per year:$34,250

#12. Hawaii

Per week: $818.58


Per year:$40,530

#13. Idaho

Per week: $742.14

Hour: $17.67

Per year: $36,760

#14. Illinois

Per week: $750.96

Hour: $17.88

Per year:$37,190

#15. Indiana

Per week: $702.66

Hour: $16.73

Per year:$34,790

#16. Iowa

Per week: $760.62

Hour: $18.11

Per year:$37,660

#17. Kansas

Per week: $646.8


Per year:$32,030

#18. Kentucky

Per week:$675.36


Per year:$33,450

#19. Louisiana

Per week: $628.32


Per year:$31,110

#20. Maine

Per week: $763.56

Hour: $18.18

Per year: $37,820

#21. Maryland

Per week: $777

Hour: $18.50

Per year: $38,480

#22. Massachusetts

Per week: $870.24

Hour: $20.72

Per year: $43,090

#23. Michigan

Per week: $703.5


Per year:$34,830

#24. Minnesota

Per week: $870.24


Per year:$43,090

#25. Mississippi

Per week: $616.98


Per year: $30,550

#26. Missouri

Per week: $677.46


Per year:$33,540

#27. Montana

Per week: $746.76


Per year:$36,980

#28. Nebraska

Per week: $722.82


Per year:$35,810

#29. Nevada

Per week: $726.18


Per year:$35,970

#30. New Hampshire

Per week: $784.56


Per year:$38,860

#31. New Jersey

Per week: $765.66


Per year:$37,920

#32. New Mexico

Per week: $653


Per year:$32,340

#33. New York

Per week: $804.72


Per year:$39,850

#34. North Carolina

Per week: $697.62


Per year:$34,540

#35. North Dakota

Per week: $774.9


Per year:$38,380

#36. Ohio

Per week: $692.16


Per year:$34,270

#37. Oklahoma

Per week: $641.76

Per hour:$15.28

Per year:$31,790

#37. Oregon

Per week: $842


Per year:$41,700

#38. Pennsylvania

Per week: $700.14


Per year:$34,670

#39. Rhode Island

Per week: $777.42


Per year:$38,510

#40. South Carolina

Per week: $666.54


Per year:$33,010

#41. South Dakota

Per week: $644.28


Per year:$31,910

#42. Tennessee

Per week: $686.28


Per year:$33,990

Therapists also function to aid the mental health of people. How Much Money Does a Therapist Make?

#43. Texas

Per week: $680


Per year:$33,700

#44. Utah

Per week: $710.22


Per year:$35,170

#45. Vermont

Per week: $759.96


Per year:$37,190

#46. Virginia

Per week: $741.72


Per year:$36,730

#47. Washington

Per week: $922.74


Per year:$45,700

#49. West Virginia

Per week: $602.28


Per year:$29,820

#49. Wisconsin

Per week: $783.3


Per year:$38,800

#50. Wyoming

Per week: $719.88


Per year:$35,660

FAQs on Medical Assistant Salary

A medical assistant earns an average of $20 an hour.

A medical assistant earns an average of $37,724 in a year.

Yes. A medical assistant is a good career path for medical students that are indecisive about what to do and anyone willing to become one.

It usually takes 2 to 4 years depending on the program you opt for.

Yes. Regardless of the state, medical assistants are well paid.


As a medical assistant, you will handle the management and treatment of patients. Most medical assistants provide support to patients, and also help them with medical examination rooms.

They are quite similar to registered nurses, but with few differences.

We hope this overview gives you the right answers to your questions.


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