Moneydance Reviews: Legit, Scam, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Moneydance is a powerful personal finance app for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and iPad. It has been for a good while now.

This money management solution app provides tools for complete personal finance management, Including Online banking and bill payment, in a secure and private application. It is a great alternative to Quicken for Mac.

With these enormous features, interested users are curious to know if Moneydance is as good as it seems or if it’s a scam.

You’re probably interested in Moneydance app, but you didn’t have anyone to ask. Good thing you’re here.

We have compiled a couple of Moneydance reviews in this article. By reading other people’s experiences, you can tell if the personal finance app is the best premium tool for managing your money.

How Does Moneydance Works?

It has an enormous range of features that can easily handle even the most complicated budgets.

With Moneydance, you can track investments, and the program is well designed for importing data from your bank.

Moneydance allows you to automatically download your financial transactions and sort them into their proper categories. You can also build a custom budgeting strategy including importing your existing budget spreadsheets.

Moneydance charts and graphs give you a visual picture of where your money’s going all your accounts in one place.

You can also pay bills from the app and receive alerts to remind you when payments are due. The last feature can save you money by helping you to avoid late fees.

Moneydance Key Features are;

  • Online Banking
  • Bill Pay
  • Payment Reminders
  • Moneydance Summary
  • Categorizing Transactions
  • Account Registers
  • Graphing Tool
  • Budget Reports
  • Investment Tracking
  • Foreign Currency Transactions


Moneydance is free for the first 100 transactions. After that, you can purchase the software for a one-time fee of $49.99. The price covers any of the different versions, so from the Mac OSX edition through to the Windows and Linux versions, the cost is the same. There are also editions available for those who prefer a mobile solution, with versions on iOS and Android. 

Moneydance Pros and Cons


  • Offers a reasonable one-time fee.
  • Moneydance is not cloud-based.
  • Offers one license per household for as many computers as you want.
  • You can “test drive” Moneydance for 100 transactions.
  • Offers 90-day guarantee
  • Allow digital reconciliation
  • Great for currency conversion.


  • Moneydance dashboard tends to be cluttered and could be incredibly confusing if you have many accounts included and are still learning the system.
  • Importing of files is a bit tricky
  • Interchange Format.
  • Limited customer support service

Moneydance Reviews

We have compiled a couple of reviews about Moneydance. Each review reflects the personal opinions of the poster. We got information from different sites and forums like,, and others.

“I’ve been using Moneydance since release 2, maybe earlier. In any case, for the years that I’ve been using it, I’ve never lost data, I’ve never found ads in the program, runs faster and more reliably than Quicken, easy to understand, support has always been there and is even better now, with feature requests attended to almost on a same-day basis. …Great, solid program, performs as advertised, constantly improving.”

“Moneydance is…fast, well-designed, regularly updated, and well supported, and which seems to have a very satisfied user base—superlatives not often used in conjunction with Quicken, the major player in the Macintosh personal finance market.
— Macworld review

“Moneydance includes features of big-name personal finance programs but with a greater focus on privacy. …with its multicurrency mechanism, Moneydance is particularly useful for customers dealing with multiple foreign accounts or cryptocurrency.”

“This is a really great product. Its been completely stable and absolutely intuitive… It’s by far the best Mac finance package I’ve seen and infinitely better than all of the recent products I’ve seen from Intuit and Microsoft on the PC side. Thanks so much for making it such a great program; you saved me in my migration from the PC to Mac!”—

“The online banking type of person will love Moneydance. It was the first one I reviewed, and it’s the one I’ll be sticking with… The functionality and usefulness of it is just awesome.”
 The Apple Blog

“Thank you for making a clean looking, simple interface to manage my finances and balance my checking account. Quicken has grown so bloated – Moneydance is the graceful, simple interface I fell in love with when Quicken first came out for DOS…Awesome work!”—

Final Thoughts

Moneydance is one of the better financial management software options out there. It features all of the tools you need to get a comprehensive overview of your financial circumstances. 

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