10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes Ever Sold

Over the years, Nike has sustained market domination, which may not be unconnected with its ability to produce visually attractive yet quality sneakers while reviving standard releases. 

The prices of shoes in the gallery of Nike do not have the same price tag, as some surpass others in terms of price, designs, and maybe quality. These highly sought-after shoes are mostly collaborations and limited-release drops.

This means they are not just manufactured in large quantities, just like others. Besides, they go for as high as $47,744. That is roughly the same amount a year’s rent for a two-bedroom flat goes into London. 

In this article, we are all out to bring to your notice the top-quality shoes Nike produces and the prices they are auctioned at. You can check them out as well.

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Nike Brand History

Nike was established in 1964 by middle-distance runner Phil Knight and track coach Bill Bowerman. The name Nike was not the original brand name; rather, it was Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1971, it later changed to Nike Inc, named after the Greek goddess of triumph. The initial idea was to design, manufacture and sell the most suitable shoes for college track stars.

The iconic swoosh logo of Nike, which has gone far and wide, just cost the company 35 bucks to plan and create by a Portland State University graphic design student. 

Regarding quality athletic and leisure footwear, we will always give it to Nike. It is not just about the quality but the number of products it manufactures now and then. Undoubtedly, it has continuously topped the market, with its competitors tagging along. Even Adidas and Puma are still no match to it in yearly sales. Even in the next coming years, this is not expected to go down. 

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Why Are Nike Shoes Expensive?

First of all, no quality sneakers are bought at a cheap rate. If you want to wear lasting shoes, then you need to bring out a lot of money for that. Nike is a big brand, and many people are willing to let go of thousands of dollars to purchase unique ones. Not to exaggerate, but half of sports shoes produced in the United States are products of Nike. Even at that, at least 95% of basketball shoes sold in the US are made by Nike.

Here are some reasons why Nike shoes are expensive:

1. Quality of the product

Nike does not just sell shoes; the brand has been known for selling original quality shoes since its inception. Even though they have the best qualities, their shoes are sold at affordable prices. The brand also values the customers and treats them well.

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2. The materials of the product

Nike only uses the best possible version of every material to manufacture its shoes. That is to say, the materials used in manufacturing their shoes are just the resources needed, and they have maintained that style since time immemorial. The brand only delivers sustainable options, and they have paid well in the long run. 

3. Only cutting-edge technologies are used

Nike does not copy others, rather the reverse is the case. That is, before other brands think of using a new sneaker technology, Nike has delivered it. For instance, the Hyper Adapt sneaker is built so that all you need to do is put your legs. This is because it is designed with sensors that adapt the shoe to the shape of your foot. As such, you won’t have to force your feet into the boots. This is just one out of many Nike products.

4. Nike shoes are versatile

The shoes are designed in such a way that they can fit all occasions. They look great for all casual activities and never run out of fashion. So, every outfit you wear can go with every Nike shoe.

5. They offer comfort

Nike considers the comfort level of the shoes and the feeling of their customers. The shoes are produced for any comfort level. But mostly, they go for the hood and low-key casual events. They also come in various styles and colors to match your outfit.

Smart moves by Nike

In the ‘70s, running and jogging became popular. Being a very smart company, Nike grabbed the opportunity to create shoes that matched the moves. As if that was not enough, in 1974, they started using athletes to market their shoes, which worked like magic. They first signed a deal with Steve Prefontaine for $5,000.

This swaggering move led to a huge success experienced by the brand, and that was how it invaded the athletic world till today.

In the 1980s, Michael Jordan came into the picture. Then, well-known athletes like Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and Serena Williams joined the race. While all this was happening, Nike worked its way into the entertainment industry. Michael Jordan started doing the advertisement for Nike with Spike Lee.

Consequently, rap and hip-hop songs joined the league and started mentioning Nike in their songs. It was first Nelly in 1982 before Kanye West joined. Since then, the story has kept soaring, and the brand keeps selling.

Top 10 Most Expensive Nike shoes ever sold 

1. Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1s

These shoes were produced at the price of $560,000 per pair. They were worn by none other than Michael Jordan himself. The original Air Jordan was manufactured in 1984 and 1985, although a modified version was made in 1986 to account for Jordan’s broken foot. It was renowned as the Chicago colorway with red, white, and black features and the iconic swoosh.

In 2020, the pair sold for over a million dollars and set a new record. When these shoes were auctioned by Sotheby’s, they were sold for three times their estimated value, with the price rising by $300,000 in the last 20 minutes of bidding. 

Image from highsnobiety.com

2. Nike Moon Shoes

Priced at $437,500, only 12 pairs of these super amazing shoes were created. These shoes were among the earliest athletic sneakers designed by the brand. Each set went to the 1972 Olympic trials. This is a huge connection to sports history and the Nike brand.

The shoe has a basic black and white colorway, with the iconic Nike swoosh set on the outside. After the sale of the original 12 pairs, there have not been any such shoes produced since then across the world.

Image source: manofmany.com

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3. 1985 Autographed Air Jordan 1 TYPS Player Exclusives

Priced at $62,500, Autographed Air Jodan these shoes were produced in August 2021 and joined the league of sneakers that made history. By selling just 9 pairs, Christie’s and Stadium Goods held the original air auction and made almost $1 million. Among them was a pair of 1985 Air Jordan 1 TYPS Player Exclusives that had not been worn and were signed by No. 23. 

Image source: robbresport.com

4. Nike Dunk Low SB Paris

This pair of shoes were produced in 2002 and go as high as $47,861.43. They are art pieces in their own right and featured the graphic and colorful designs of French painter Bernard Buffet. They were explicitly designed for the ‘White Dunk’ traveling art exhibition. Only around 150 to 200 pairs were produced and sold in special Parisian boutiques.

Image source: pinterest.com

5. Nike Air MAG Back to the Future BTTF

Created in 2016 at $31,323.70, this futurist Nike Air MAG is the most expensive secondhand shoe. They reproduce Marty McFly’s famous self-lacing shoes from the 1989 movie Back to the Future II. These sets of shoes by Nike were just 89 launched in 2016 at the price of $31,323.70 per pair. They are not just shoes, anyway. Here is why: they have a built-in rechargeable battery, luminous LED panels, a radiant Nike logo, and adjustable lacing technology.

Image source: manofmany.com

6. Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhatt

Produced in 2015 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the record The Marshall Mathers LP, Air Jordan collaborated with Eminem and workwear Company Carhatt to manufacture just ten pairs. Each of them was sold at $27,731.50 per pair. The unique colors of the shoes are black and shiny silver, with silver adornment and Eminem’s logo.

When you talk about the most expensive Nike shoes ever sold, this was one of them.

Image source: hypebeast.com

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7. Michael Jordan Olympic Converses

Sold at $190,373 at auction in 2017, a pair of game-used and autographed Michael Jordan Olympic Converses was worn by the then-future NBA star during the 1984 Olympic basketball final against Spain at The Forum in Inglewood, Los Angeles. They are said to be the last pair
Jordan wore in a game as an amateur and also the last time he wore Converse in
an official game.

Image source: robbresport.com

8. Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October

This Air Yeezy was released in 2009 by Kanye West and Nike 2009. This was before they collaborated successfully with Adidas. However, the release of these second red sneakers was not achieved without some controversies and interest.

This was why they came in this strikingly colorful red. The value was relatively high that even the receipts sold way above $500.

Image source: complex.com

9. Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore

This Nike shoe produced in 2017 came in its uniqueness. They were among the rarest Nike shoes, and only 23 of them were made to be graced by the public. The color scheme was just inspired by Eminem’s 2004 Encore album cover, which had blue suede with grey, black, and red accents. They were sold at $19,348

Image from solecollector.com

10. Nike Air Back to the Future BTTF

Created in 2011 with an unlimited number of 1,500 pairs. More than 10 of these Back to the Future shoes were introduced and auctioned throughout the world as part of the Back 4 The Future campaign. Hence, the revenues were used for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Sold at $15,662.42, they did have all the qualities of Back to Future 11, except a power lacing system.

Image from esquire.com


I hope you enjoyed our list of the world’s top 10 most expensive Nike shoes. You can use the comment section below to tell us what you want to buy.


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