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Since the breakout of the pandemic, a lot needs to be put in place when a new business idea is about to spring up. So, see the most profitable businesses you can set up in 2022.

To make you more successful at the business you venture into, you’ll have access to expert advice for important steps to take.

Carefully, follow through.

This article will be of great help if all you want is a great business idea that you can start and nurture into a profitable business in the year 2022.

What are the Steps to Start a Profitable Business?

You can find very lucrative businesses across all sectors and industries.

Despite the area where you find your calling, you can take the steps below to set sailing.

#1 Find the Ideal Business Idea and Research.

Every good business is borne out of good brain work. So, it is expedient that you validate your idea and compare them with that of your competitors.

Apparently, this first step will help consider the financial feasibility of the business before you plunge in deeply.

#2 Work Out Your Plan and Make it Official

After you’re certain of what kind of business you want to set up, you can then make your business plan official.

These are the few things you have to do to make your business official; apply for an EIN, register it, and choose a structure for it.

#3 Source for Appropriate Funds

At the core of every profitable business is the capital to make it grow. Therefore, it is important that you start the foremost steps with a business credit card.

This is just so you have ample time to process your credit card and then, stand the chance to earn rewards as you spend.

25+ Most Profitable Small Businesses In 2022

#1 Social Media Management

Being birthed in the era when technology influences a lot of things is why you should think of growing a business around the social media management niche.

This helps you give your customers an active online presence.

So, if you are very active on all your social media handles, it is an opportunity for you to relive the moments while turning them into your own small profitable business.

#2 Marketing Copywriter

If you are one who can play around with words, you can convert that talent of yours into writing marketing copies for several organizations to enhance their marketing strengths.

Whichever way you choose this, you see that this small business idea is very lucrative.

#3 Graphic Design

As we advance in using technology, there is a need for brands to get exquisite images to better portray them to their audiences.

So, your expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, and the design tools will come to play if you complement it with having an eye for excellent branding.

By creating outstanding graphics, you can outshine most small business owners.

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#4 Personal Training

Oftentimes, you have neglected the fact that you can turn your hobby to a profitable business.

By expressing your love for fitness, you must not work as a gym instructor to prove a point.

You can take up private training sessions with your clients either at their homes or community centers. So, by helping them stay fit, you make your business a profitable one.

#5 IT Support

To be an IT support person, you will help people solve computer-related issues they might encounter on their computers.

Your productivity at this small business depends on the availability of mobility and technical knowledge.

#6 Auto Repair

Your skills in auto repair service can be a great business idea if you monetize it.

You need a few tools to start up this business where you can help people do: battery swaps, headlight repair, fluid refill, etc.

#7 Car Wash Services

This is one of the most profitable business ideas you can work on. People would rather pay a fortune to a mobile car wash at their disposal than pay the same when they have to drive their cars to a car wash.

Being a mobile car wash avails you the opportunity to avoid the startup cost of owning a place. However, there are a plethora of online car washers that can guide you through that niche.

#8 Catering Services

If you know your culinary skill is top-notch, you can offer to cook for individuals or families who stay close to you but are always busy making their meals.

You can make fantastic money from this profitable business.

#9 Translation Service

Research shows a downtime in the translation service industry in the past year. In 2022 however, it is projected to bounce back.

Just as technology has introduced foreign entrepreneurs to English-speaking markets, so does the trend offer particular services in translating documents and website information.

So, making yourself grounded in the service would blossom as a profitable business idea.

#10 Home Care Service

Foreknowledge in rendering hospitality services can help you set up a business taking care of old people.

research according to the National Institute on Aging shows that the population growth for people between the ages of 85 and above will increase by 351% from 2010 to 2050.

So, you can make yourself available to these aged folks to help them with errands and repairs around their homes.

#11 RideShare Driver

Establishing a business has its difficulties, however, you can become a rideshare driver if you have a car.

Being a rideshare driver offers you the independence of being a business owner without bothering you with how to manage the coordination.

#12 Drop Shipping

Here, you can either liaise with an e-commerce site or a wholesale retailer to get your orders and then import the goods.

Although this might take a lot of time to mature into something very obvious, it requires your dedication too.

#13 Consultancy

If you are vast in business, social media, marketing, leadership roles, and communication, you can start up a consulting business as it is one the most profitable businesses you can own.

While it grows, you may choose to employ other consultants to assist you in the smooth running of the small profitable business.

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#14 Online Teaching

The pandemic introduced a lot of things that we never thought were possible long before now.

So as the demand for online education increases, you can start up your own business by choosing your best subject area and teaching people without fear for location.

Also, you can consider teaching English language to students who are abroad.

#15 Courier Services

While this may seem appropriate for you as an independent courier man, it may be quite hard to get very lucrative contracts from courier firms.

However, setting up this small profitable business wouldn’t incur too much upkeep.

#16 Cleaning Services

This is another profitable business you can start in a small way. All you need to start is a vacuum cleaner, polish floor cleaner, and maybe, a car.

With a little capital and minimal training, you can offer optimal services doing the work of a janitor.

#17 Warehouse Storage

There is no reason why you should keep that empty house wasting when you can use it for warehouse storage services.

You can let businesses and individuals store their goods and give you very interesting returns.

Also note that this small business is not for everyone.

#18 Gardening

A lot of persons love to see their gardens always kempt and so, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to fit into this business.

With a few tools, you can actually get started.

#19 Organizer

Your attitude towards the organization can fetch you a good sum of money especially when you assist people to get rid of things they don’t have a need for.

This way, people will pay you heavily for helping them create space that makes them comfortable. Also, you can promote this business if you create a social media profile for it.

#20 Digital Marketing

This business continues to thrive because it is evergreen. You can also make a profit from becoming an affiliate marketer.

#21 Real Estate Agent

While helping people find homes that fit into their budget, you are enriching yourself.

If you are not a people’s person, you may not be successful at this business.

#22 Mobile Apps and Entertainment for Children

If you have an attraction for the younger generation and are inclined to technology as well, you can take the step to build an educational app that will enhance their education.

Go deeper with the business idea and watch it blossom into a profitable one.

#23 Vacation Rentals

If you reside in a place where lots of tourists come to relive moments, you can set up a profitable business by renting a space in your home to the tourists for purpose of shelter during their stay.

#24 Accounting and Bookkeeping

Money management is an arduous part of business ownership. So, you could extend your hand of fellowship to help other business owners keep a record of their finances.

You can process invoices and payrolls in bookkeeping. If you have a license, then you will be at a significant advantage where you help business owners generate balance sheets and make professional recommendations.

#25 Virtual Assistant Services

As a virtual assistant, you can help your clients create schedules in managing their emails, and meetings travels, and run their activities in a more efficient manner.

All you need to set up this profitable business is a laptop and an internet connection.

Final Thoughts

Rather than focus on setting up a lucrative business in a more defined niche, most business owners would choose to go the easy way after which everything comes crashing at their foot.

Therefore, it is important that you look out for loopholes in the business you intend to invest in and take every step necessary to make it profitable.



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