Nest Home Security System Review | 2022

Nest is Google’s entry into the home security market. A central hub, a video doorbell, various sensors, and security cameras communicate with other intelligent home devices, all of which make up this high-cost yet high-quality hardware network. 

Nest, owned by Google, is most known for its popular smart thermostat, which helped bring smart home automation into the mainstream. The NestNest should not surprise and offer much more than futuristic thermostat aesthetics. 

Nest offers a full range of home security solutions, branded as Nest Secure, and smart home automation capabilities. The Nest was one of the first firms to establish a device ecosystem that combines into one easy-to-use platform. 

Our team of experts was ecstatic to perform a comprehensive hands-on review after hearing about this choice. To understand more, keep reading this Nest home security review.

About Nest

Two Apple workers developed NestNest in 2010 to create a first-of-its-kind, high-end thermostat: the Nest Learning Thermostat. 

In 2014, Google bought the company and merged it with Dropcam, one of the earliest cloud-based WiFi streaming camera companies. 

The Nest Cam Indoor security camera and the Nest Cam Outdoor security camera were created in collaboration by the Nest and Dropcam teams. 

Nest launched the Nest Cam IQ camera range in 2017, making it one of the first security cameras to include machine learning (commonly known as artificial intelligence or AI).

The cameras were able to learn and recognize specific people, objects, and things. Nest started as a separate company from Google, but in 2018 it was folded into the company’s home devices division. 

The Google Nest brand now encompasses all Nest products. The Nest Cams may be used with Google’s Nest Hubs (smart speakers with touch screens) to view the footage from your camera. 

They also function with Google Assistant, Google’s smart digital speech assistant. Google’s Nest Hub Max smart display includes a camera, allowing it to work as an indoor security camera with the same functionality as its standalone cameras. 

Some individuals are naturally anxious about putting internet-connected cameras and microphones into their homes. Google has pledged not to sell or gather data about you without your permission to address this issue.

Pros Of Nest Home Security System

  • The design is stunning.
  • Unique characteristics
  • Battery and cellular backup
  • Professional or do-it-yourself installation
  • Professional or do-it-yourself installation
  • Multiple Entry Options
  • MONI allows for both self-monitoring and expert monitoring.

Cons Of Nest Security System

  • There is no professional monitoring for smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.
  • equipment is quite expensive;
  • There are no glass-break sensors or emergency buttons.
  • Customer service ratings are low.

Is Nest Home Security System a Good Investment?

Yes, Nest home security cameras are effective and received high marks in our review. Customers praise Nest’sNest’s cameras for their high-quality video and exact alert settings, and their ability to record continuously. 

Nest’s cameras are high-tech, which is why they’re so pricey, and some of their features may be overkill for most people. 

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However, advanced machine-learning technology allows for features like facial identification, bark detection, and persons talking alerts, which are more valuable than being notified every time a tree blows in the wind.

According to reviewers, nest cameras operate well with other Google Nest products. If you already have Google Home-compatible devices, adding Nest security cameras is a simple and painless process that adds additional functionality. 

If you combine the cameras with Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms, you’ll be able to see a clip of what’s going on in your house whenever the alarms go off, whether or not you’re a Nest Protect subscriber. 

Nest is the only camera company in our rankings that can do this without paying for a subscription. Nest is also the only company in our orders to include a smart assistant (Google Assistant) in one of its cameras and the only one with a waterproof outdoor power adaptor.

Warranty And Quality

All of the components of Nest Secure are covered by a 2-year limited warranty. Its equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring top-notch quality.

WiFi connectivity is required for Nest Secure equipment. You can acquire a backup cellular connection for your security system through Nest’sNest’s relationship with T-Mobile for an extra monthly fee.

Nest Equipment

Nest’s basic security and safety offerings include:

‘The Nest Hub’: The Nest Hub, a compact tabletop device with touchscreen controls, serves as the security system’s central hub. The Hub is in charge of the whole system, and it can send you a Remind Me to alert your phone if you forget to set it.

‘Nest Detection’ is a term used to describe a method of Nest Detect is a motion detector and entry sensor that can be installed on doors and windows. When the system is activated, an interruption of the sensor will cause the Hub to sound an alarm.

‘Nest Tag’ is a game where you have to find a way to disarm Fob: You can arm and disarm the system via the Hub’s keypad or by tapping the Hub with an RFID-enabled Nest.

How to Purchase Nest Security System at Home

Follow these steps to purchase Nest home security cameras:

  • Decide where you want your cameras to go and what characteristics you want them to have. Two inside and two exterior cameras are available from NestNest. Whether you want basic features or advanced capabilities like facial recognition, the security camera or cameras that will work best for you will depend on your needs.
  • Choose whether or not you want a professional installation. For $100 per camera, NestNest provides professional installation for all of its cameras. Hiring a professional installation might be wise if you don’t have external outlets and don’t want to drill through your walls to access interior outlets. The Nest Cam Outdoor may be plugged in outside. However, the Nest IQ Cam needs to be plugged in inside.
  • Determine if you want to see recorded footage and have your cameras record video 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If that’s the case, you’ll need to sign up for a Nest Aware subscription, which starts at $6 per month or $60 per year. All Nest cameras come with a 30-day free trial period so you can see which one is right for you.
  • Purchase your Nest security cameras. They can be purchased directly from Google or via shops such as Best Buy.
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Nest Home Security Pricing

The total cost of a Nest system is determined by the equipment you purchase. You can choose from a handful of Nest package options. 

The Front Door Package, for example, includes the Nest Hello Video Doorbell and the Nest Hub. 

This package costs $288.99 for 24 months or $12.04 per month. The Nest Outside Security bundle is another option. 

For $427 up or $17.79 per month for 24 months, you can get a Nest Hello video doorbell, Nest Cam Outdoor, and a Nest Mini.

Brink’s Home Security charges $29.99 per month for expert monitoring, though this can be reduced to $19.99 per month if you sign a three-year contract. 

Subscriptions to Nest Aware can be paid monthly or yearly, and they can be canceled at any time.

What Are the Cost of Nest’s Home Security System?

Nest home security system cameras are among the most expensive in our review, ranging from $129 to $399. Nest cameras, on the other hand, are praised by reviewers for their high-quality image sensors, unique features, and durable materials.

Although a NestNest Aware membership isn’t required, it is essential for features like Familiar Face Notifications and alerts for a dog barking or a person chatting on non-IQ cameras. If you buy more than one Nest camera, you will receive a discount.

Nest’s video recording and remote viewing services are affordable and straightforward, costing $6 per month or $60 per year for as many cameras as you like. You’ll get a 30-day history of event-based recordings if you choose this option.


Nest Secure is simple to set up, and the Nest app will lead you through it step by step. Peel-and-stick strips and a QR code are included with each unit. The device links to your Nest Guard when you scan it.

If you need assistance, you may use Nest Pro to find Nest-certified professionals in your region and order professional installation.

Customer Service for Nest Home Security

Nest equipment comes with a two-year limited guarantee and can be returned for a refund within 30 days if it seems new and unused. You’ll need to contact Google customer service if you have issues with the Nest gadgets themselves.

Reviews on the Nest Home Security System

Nest does not have any ratings or reviews on the Better Business Bureau because it is owned by Google and controlled by Brink’s Home Security (BBB). On Trustpilot, Nest does offer some product-specific ratings. Positive and negative reviews are mixed, with negative reviews focused on bad customer service and network concerns.

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Final Thoughts

Nest Secure proved to be a good alternative for individuals who could afford it during our testing. The equipment provided us with new and unique features that were both practical and improved the security of our home. 

We noticed a few problems and malfunctions here and there, so the technology isn’t ideal. We received our money’s worth in the end. 

We found this system to be more expensive but more complex than other security systems with similar features, costing $399 for the basic configuration.

However, most people who are uninterested in smart home automation should avoid Nest Secure. However, this system may be upgraded with literally dozens (if not hundreds) of intelligent gadgets for tech-savvy.

FAQ About Nest Home Security

How Does Nest Work?

Nest is designed to be a simple system to set up. You connect to the Nest Hub and use the mobile app to configure it. Screw mounts or adhesives can be used to install Nest Detect door and window sensors. Nest may send a professional to assist you if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself for an additional cost.

How much does a complete Nest home security system cost?

The cost of a Nest system is determined by the individual products you purchase. However, you will receive specific packages—for example, the Front Door Package. The Nest Hello Video Doorbell and the Nest Hub are the only components of this solution. This package costs $288.99 for 24 months or $12.04 per month. You also have the option of purchasing the Nest Outside Security bundle. For $427 upfront or $17.79 per month for 24 months, this package includes a Nest Hello video doorbell, Nest Cam Outdoor, and a Nest Mini.

Is there a panic button on NestNest?

No, NestNest does not have any panic buttons.

What is the procedure for canceling a Nest subscription?

If you’re not happy with your Nest product, you can return it within 30 days if it’s fresh and unopened. After that, you’ll only be able to cancel your Nest Aware or Brink’s Home Security memberships; however, the month-to-month choice ensures you won’t be charged extra if you cancel.

How can I connect my Nest thermostat to my phone?

If you already have a Nest thermostat, connecting it to your new Nest system should be simple. The free Nest app can provide instructions throughout the setup process after the Nest Hub is linked to your WiFi.



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