22 Weirdest Websites to Visit | All You Need to Know

The internet is an unpredictable place. You find all kinds of information and knowledge, both relevant and irrelevant. If you seek the weirdest and most irrelevant websites, you’ll find them in large chunks.

As Abraham Lincoln rightly said: “What has been seen [on the Internet], cannot be unseen.”

In reality, all manners of weird websites are scattered over the web that people visit for fun.

Brace up for the list of our weirdest and strangest websites to visit.

22 Weirdest Websites to Visit in 2023

#1. Nooooooooooooooo!

This is one of the weirdest and most strange websites you can visit. It poses perfectly for moments when you want to scream but cannot.

Also, when you are having a bad day, visit Nooooooooooooooo! and press the blue button for instant satisfaction. You’ll feel better in no time.

Remember to connect a headset if you are in a public place.

Keep this website bookmarked in case you need to say NO to something in a more dramatic way. Darth Vader will do the job of screaming for you.

#2. Z0r.de

z0rde is a website with many flash animations.

This weirdest website shows the head of a zombie-like male dancing. It felt strange watching that.

Once you press F5, you can access unlimited fun with this weird website. The sound effects will keep coming even when you close the tab.

Because of this, put down your volume.

#3. ThatstheFinger

This strange website shows a consistent flip of the middle finger. The website gives you a middle finger whenever you try to move the cursor.  

That’s probably all this strange website does.

#4. Eel Slap!

Do you enjoy slapping people or watching people get slapped as I do? Then, gather here and join me in visiting this weird website daily.

It lets you slap people in the face with an eel by moving your mouse.

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#5. Can’t Not Tweet This

Your worst nightmare just became a reality. You know that hate feeling when a website has a share button everywhere? That shit just got real. This strange website even takes it a step further because you can’t do anything on the website until you tweet this website.

#6. Staggering Beauty

I found this weird website very surprising. Nothing happens when you move your cursor. All you’ll experience will be calm and relaxed until you try to move the cursor faster from side to side.

A weird eel-type creature moves erratically when you put your cursor over it. The background music is epileptic, therefore putting down the volume.

#7. Every Day I’m

Load this website. Move your mouse cursor to the word on the website. Leave it there. And enjoy the beat.

#8. Paper Toilet

This weird website features a simple toilet paper roll. Drag and roll it as much as you can. Continue to roll and roll some more. That’s the rolling therapy.

#9. The Magic Button

Do you remember how Princess Tiara’s magic wand solved all her problems as a kid? Now, there is a magic button you can push to make all life’s problems disappear.

Trust me, this magic button will make everything ok.

#10. PointlessSites.com

This is another weird website, unlike all the others mentioned in this article. It points you to other weird websites. With this strange website, you don’t have to search for similar weird websites alone.

#11. Bristlr

I am a beard lover, are you? Bristlr connects people with beards with others who want to stroke their beards.

This mobile app is like Tinder for beard people. It lets you do a social search by location and chat with other bearded people who want to meet or talk to similar people.

Bristlr.com is, without a doubt, one of the weirdest websites ever. Again, it has a gender feature that shows bearded people who love a particular gender.

#12. Procatinator

This weird website is simple but brilliant. Visitors get an animated gif of a cat accompanied by a special song from YouTube.

There are different ranges of cats like kittens, bored cats, active cats, motionless cats, and music which can be jazz, disco, or techno mix. It is incredibly vast. You can click to see another cat.

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#13. Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue tests your patience. Can you be calm to wait for this website to load? Now find out if you’re patient, anxious, restless, or angry. Are you even sure there will be something for you at the end? Visit the site to find out.

Just wait for it to load completely, and you’ll experience the most hilarious comic ever seen!

#14. Crossdivisions

Crossdivisions make one feel like they’re hallucinating. It does nothing but make people feel sick.

You’ll see moving gradients, expanding tunnels, bold colors, and creepy red tones that add to this website’s overall weirdness and pointlessness.

#15. Move Now Think Later

This weird website contains a giant checkerboard where pieces move on their own, and you have no control. All you have to do is to look at it. It is one of the websites where you don’t need to be on the internet.

#16. Endless Horse

Endless Horse is one of the weirdest websites ever. It has a horse with never-ending legs. Keep scrolling, and you might get to the bottom of it.

#17. Fallingfalling.com

The background music on this strange website is his site sucks, coupled with the moving graphics. They add up to make one feel like they’re falling into infinity.

I once tried visiting this website, and the feeling is indescribable. I had to close the tab quickly.

#18. Bury Me With My Money

Truly, I don’t understand the essence of this weird website. You’ll typically see an image falling, and as it hits the ground, the website displays bury me with my money. It is extraordinary.

#19. Hacker Typer

This weird website is essential when dealing with nosy people. When those nosy friends and relatives visit, don’t let them down. Make them assume you’ve become a hacker by visiting this website; keep it open and type. The interface will display a developer font, and they’ll think you are hacking another person’s account.

#20. Ship Your Enemies Glitter

We can all admit that it is extremely annoying to open a card, and glitter goes everywhere. It takes days to clean up!

Now, you can ship your friends some glitter without cleaning it yourself. Life just became easier.

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#21. Zoomquilt

This weird website infinitely zooms in on an image in a mind-boggling way. It is pretty easy to get stuck staring at this infinite image for hours.

To many people, this site is an interesting one.

#22. Find the invisible cow

You’ll spend time on this website trying to find an invisible cow on the screen. It might sound confusing, but once you get invested in the hunt, you will be strangely immersed in this epic quest.

#23. Republique Des Mangues

View and enjoy floating mangoes in the sky. I’ve wondered why a person would build a website like this and realized that they just can!


This list contains the weirdest websites ever. They can pose a perfect way to make a person relax.

If you’re a fan of strange websites, feel free to share this post with your friends.

Lastly, we hope this can inspire you to build a weird website. Go crazy in creativity and let it all out. We can’t wait to visit your website.



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