Does Nordstrom Offer A Student Discount? | 2022

Are you a student who purchases things at Nordstrom? You may have been pondering on or anticipating a Nordstrom student discount.

However, you will figure out all of that soon. Just read on.

Nordstrom is a top American luxury fashion store that was established by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin in 1901.

Its headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. They retail fashion products including footwear, accessories, jewelry, apparel, bags, fragrances, wedding accessories, home decoration items, etc. 

Nordstrom is a reliable place if you want to stay at the top of your fashion game. With a taste for excellence in fashion and a team of specialists, Nordstrom is out to help you look your best regarding fashion.

Nordstrom Rack, a subsidiary of Nordstrom, has chains of stores across 40 states in the United States and Canada. Nordstrom’s official websites are,,, 

If you’re a student seeking information concerning Nordstrom student discount, you will get your answers here. 

Does Nordstrom offer a Student Discount?

Currently, there isn’t any known form of discount that Nordstrom offers nor has Nordstrom made any official announcement on its page about offering a Nordstrom student discount.

In other words, there’s nothing like Nordstrom student deals too. Although they give out promo codes which are usually attached to the product on the product detail page.

But even without the Nordstrom student discount, there are other ways with which you can save at Nordstrom which will be unveiled in this article. 

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How to Save At Nordstrom

As one of America’s top retail fashion stores, Nordstrom has been at the top of its game since its inception. The department chain store has 338 retail stores across the United States of America.

They sell beautiful fashion items and you’d rather prefer to buy more items when the prices are subsidized.

Knowing that Nordstrom officially does not offer discounts, if you’re a student seeking a Nordstrom student discount, below are some ways to save at Nordstrom.

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In Place Of A Nordstrom Student Discount, You Can Shop Via A Cash-Back Website

You can save at Nordstrom by shopping via a cash-back website.

Let’s say you sign up at a cash-back website, if you log in to the website before going to make purchases at Nordstrom’s official website you will receive a 2% reduction on every item you purchase.

This can help you save more especially if you purchase a lot of things.

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Register for Nordstrom Rewards

Registering for Nordstrom rewards can help you spend less, unlike purchasing directly from Nordstrom’s website.

The advantage of becoming a member of Nordstrom rewards is that when you make purchases at Nordstrom or its subsidiaries you will be given a point for each dollar.

These points are being compiled and as soon as it gets to 2,000 points, a $20 Nordstrom note will be issued to you to buy anything you want in Nordstrom.

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Purchase at Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is a subsidiary of Nordstrom. Since the prices at Nordstrom are relatively high, you can shop at Nordstrom Rack.

Nordstrom Rack offers reductions of about 30%-70% compared to the actual price at Nordstrom.

This is another great option to save at Nordstrom. 

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Shop When You Can Triple Your Points

Look out for Nordstrom’s calendar that features the times when you can triple your points and follow it up.

During these events, when you shop at Nordstrom or its subsidiaries you will receive three points for each dollar. 

Obtain A Nordstrom Card Of Your Choice

Nordstrom has three types of cards – the Nordstrom retail card, Nordstrom visa card, and Nordstrom debit card.

So, get any of them.

After doing so, you’ll receive a bonus of $20 Nordstrom note when you make purchases of up to $100 at Nordstrom, HauteLook, or Nordstrom Rack.

However it doesn’t just end there, you will also be rewarded with additional Nordstrom Reward points (this is determined by the type of Nordstrom card you get).

Nordstrom Retail Card: When you purchase items at HauteLook, Nordstrom, or Nordstrom Rack, you will receive two points for each dollar you spend.

Nordstrom Rewards Visa Cards: When you purchase items at HauteLook, Nordstrom, or Nordstrom Rack, you will receive two points for each dollar you spend. Additionally, you will receive a point for each dollar you spend somewhere else.

Nordstrom Debit Card: When you purchase items at HauteLook, Nordstrom, or Nordstrom Rack, you will receive two points for each dollar you spend.

Therefore, during Nordstrom triple point’s events, you will receive a total of six points for each dollar. 


Purchase Discounted Nordstrom Gift Cards 

Purchasing discounted Nordstrom gift cards are another way to spend less at Nordstrom. These cards can be gotten at Cardpool and Raise.

They offer discounts on Nordstrom gift cards. 

Purchase the Half-Yearly and Anniversary Deals

Nordstrom holds their anniversary sales in July/August every year and their half-yearly sales during the spring and fall season.

During this period, you will save a lot from the beautiful stuff you will purchase.

You can keep track of these periods in your calendar every year. 

What are Nordstrom Coupons and Promotions?

Nordstrom does not provide coupons of any kind. Although some websites display “Nordstrom coupon code”, “Nordstrom coupon”, or ” Nordstrom discount coupon” with claims that Nordstrom offers coupons this is false.

Similarly, there is also no such thing as Nordstrom student code.

Nordstrom offers two types of promotion – the Gift with purchase promotion and the Buy & Save promotion.

You receive the gift with a purchase promotion when you purchase a particular brand of product or when you reach the minimum order amount of a certain product as stated on their website.

Whereas, the Buy & Save promotion allows you to get a discount when you buy a surplus of a particular item or two of a particular item or a certain group of items.

Furthermore, you can apply a promotion in two ways – the promotion code method and the automatic method. For the promotion code method, some offers have special promotional codes.

You will see this code on the product details/promotion details page on their website. “How do I get my gift?” You may ask.

Well, to get your gift simply put in the promo code while checking out and make sure the gift is included in your order.

Meanwhile, in the automatic method, your promotion will be included in your order automatically while checking out.

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is a subsidiary of Nordstrom American luxury fashion store. The department store retails unisex apparel, pieces of jewelry, footwear, accessories, fragrances, etc at exciting discounted prices.

You can find Nordstrom Rack in 40 states across the United States of America and about three Canadian provinces. It runs about 352 luxury department stores in the United States.

Nordstrom Rack Student Discount: How to Apply

Interestingly, Nordstrom Rack offers a student discount, unlike Nordstrom. These discounts are available for all students regardless of their grade level.

Check out how to get the Nordstrom rack student discount using the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Nordstrom Rack using your web browser, then sign up if you don’t have an account. But if you already have an account, just go ahead and sign in.

Step 2: Click on Nordstrom Rack student discount when you search for it. Then proceed by entering your name, grade level, student ID, school name, and other personal details required to verify your identity on the page.

Step 3: Nordstrom Rack will send you an email that contains a link. Click the link to activate your Nordstrom Rack student discount. As soon as you do this, you will be taken to Nordstrom Rack’s website. You can now shop as much as you want. 

Note: Before you checkout, apply your student discount. 

Nordstrom Return Policy

As a reputable American luxury fashion store, Nordstrom has its customers’ interests at heart. Their returns are handled on a personal level.

Therefore if you return a product for whatsoever reason, you will be attended to based on your case.

Additionally, while returning a product, ensure to come along with your payment receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nordstrom does not offer any kind of discount but there are other ways by which you can save at Nordstrom.

These include purchasing discounted Nordstrom gift cards, obtaining a Nordstrom card of your choice, shopping when you can triple your points, purchasing at Nordstrom Rack, registering for Nordstrom rewards, and shopping via a cash-back website. 

Nordstrom holds its half-yearly sales during the spring and fall seasons. During this period, you will save more on Nordstrom because prices will be slashed.

The Nordstrom anniversary sale takes place around July/August yearly. Nordstrom gives you reductions in the prices of items you purchase during this period.

For orders within the United States of America, the shipping will be free. However, for your orders to be shipped within two days, you will be charged $12. But if you want your orders to be shipped the next day, you will be charged $20.

You will receive your promo gifts while checking out. But if you’re a Nordstrom employee, type “EMPLOYEE” into the promotion code space bar, then enter your employee ID number. 

According to Nordstrom’s official website, there is currently no Nordstrom student discount.

No. Nordstrom does not offer a military discount.

Yes. Nordstrom has a price match policy. Another interesting thing you might want to know is that after two weeks of purchase you can return any item if you find out that the same item is sold at a lesser price by a competitor. You will be given a discount when you return such an item.

No. Nordstrom does not do birthday discounts.

Your student discount will be lost as soon as you graduate. The Nordstrom Rack student discount is only accessible to you while you’re still a student. 

Yes. Employees at Nordstrom receive discounts. Regular employees receive a 20% discount while special employees and department managers receive a 33% discount.


Nordstrom has been dedicated to serving its customers for more than 100 years by providing them with the latest fashion trends for men, women, and children.

Their subsidiaries include HauteLook, Trunk Club, BevyUp, Treasure & Bond LLC, and Nordstrom Rack. Its subsidiary, Nordstrom Rack offers huge discounts to customers. So if you’re looking to save at Nordstrom, this is a good option.

They also have beautifully curated style guides to help inspire your fashion sense and keep you at the top of trends. 

However, there’s no such thing as a Nordstrom student discount because Nordstrom does not offer any type of discount.

Although there are other ways you can spend less at Nordstrom which have been explained in this article.

There are a lot of skilled specialists at Nordstrom that will help you look your best, so you don’t have to worry about running out of fashion ideas.



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