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The business of purchasing and selling stock options took a different coloration when Options Trader salary/jobs/pay in the United States had a paradigm shift.

Whether you are working as a brokerage firm or independently as a freelancer, the Salary of an Options Trader has become much more than just a passive means of income.

Central to what this article places focus on is the Options Trader’s Salary and the question of how much an options trader makes annually. It equally considers the average salary of an options trader hourly, weekly and monthly in the United States.

While this article comes naturally to individuals who operate as options traders, it answers the question of options trader salary in 2022 and renders it a must-read.

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How Much Does an Options Trader Make in the United States

The average pay of Options Traders Salary in the United States annually is estimated to be $133,669. Verifiable research conducted by Kiiky has indicated that the salary of options traders comes up to $363,000 and goes as low as $22,000 in a year.

By percentage, many options trader salary ranges from 25% to 75% on the salary scale of $50,000 to $22,000. 

However, it is instructive to add here that the average pay of an individual options trader may vary (by as much as $178,500), with a few privileges in view like years of experience, skill level, and even location.

With the assistance of a simple salary calculator, the average salary of an options trader is $64.26 by an hour in the United States. An options trader earns $2,571 weekly and $11,138 monthly in the same vein.

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Entry Level Jobs for Options Traders Salaries

Although the average Entry-Level Trader salary is approximately $46,564, there may still be a few exceptions in the related Entry Level Trader jobs for more earnings.

Below is a well-designed table showing five options trader jobs related to the Entry Level Trader job.


Job TitleAnnual Salary
Options Trading$125,451
Quant Trader$122,270
Junior Options Trader$119,427
Junior Quant Trader$114,108
Options Trader$133,669

Options Traders Salary By Educational Level

Options Trader’s Salary is determined by education. Options traders with Master’s degrees earn higher than those with Bachelor’s Degree in salary.

The same scenario plays out when you consider options traders with a College Degree trailing behind their counterparts with a Master’s Degree.

Below is a table that gives a more detailed analysis of Options Trader Salary By Educational Level in some parts of the United States.

Master’s Degree$141,655
Bachelor’s Degree$121,808
College Degree$106,812

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Factors Affecting Options Trader’s Salary

It is common knowledge that options trading stands on two major legs; buying at a low cost and selling at a low cost.

But factors like economic indicators and political developments may affect market prices and market trends, ultimately affecting Options Trader’s Salary.

Other primary factors that may challenge the status quo in Options Trader Salary come under the umbrella of one’s experience, one’s race, the size of the company in question, and one’s level of education, as illustrated in a table.

Companies with the Highest Pay for Options Trader Salary/Jobs

According to Zippia, the highest-paying companies for options traders salaries are Citigroup ($211,553), The Bank of New York Mellon ($201,939), Barclays Capital ($187,461), JPMorgan Chase & Co ($172,719), Standard Chartered ($155,426), and Royal Bank of Canada ($154,361).

How Much Does an Options Trader Make?

An Options Trader earns and makes as much as $178,500. However, the average pay of Options Traders Salaries in the United States annually is $133,669.

How can I make money as an options trader?

A good options trader makes money and increases his pay and salary by implementing strategies like buying put options of the stock that he is holding and having a bullish view. The strategy is that if the price of the underlying rises, he makes profits, whereas if the price falls, then the loss will be limited to the premium paid for the put option. Again, good options traders profits by being option buyer or option writer. Here is the idea, Options allow for potential profit during both volatile times and when the market is quiet or less volatile.

What are the Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Options Trader Jobs?

Here are the top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Options Trader Jobs in this order;
Santa Clara, CA($164,840),
San Francisco, CA($159,534),
Fremont, CA($155,657),
Marysville, WA($153,473),
San Jose, CA($150,683)
Oakland, CA($149,206)
Jackson, WY($148,640)
Alexandria, VA($148,342)
Sunnyvale, CA($147,076)
Maple Grove, MN($146,765)

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If you have ever had reservations about how impactful the salary of options trader is and how best to earn better as an options trader, I strongly encourage you to snap out of that column and consider the fortunes which may trickle down to you.

However, trading options carry a huge capital risk on the flipside, but superior performance is inevitable when a planned strategy is gainfully deployed.



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