How To Start A Personal Concierge Business | Business Model

I bet this will be helpful when you have someone who can help you run errands without charging you every time. Well, many people operate in this line of business, and you will be shocked to discover that setting up the business is not complex.

Indeed, you must refuse to be stuck on why and how to start a personal concierge business when you can research the processes.

Your business has great scalability prospects as long as the tourism industry is still worth over $1 billion. This is one of the small business ideas that give huge benefits.

While this post will give a complete breakdown of how to start a personal concierge business, it will also highlight key things you should note before starting the person and the pitfalls you should avoid.

Why Should I Start A Personal Concierge Business?

Every business must provide quality service to its customers, else it will lose its space in a highly contested market. For this reason, a lot of organizations invest grave amounts of money into customer service training.

When you have a personal concierge business, it communicates you have an understanding of customer management. It also strengthens your understanding of integrating an efficient working system that delivers results.

Starting a personal concierge business is cost-effective and doesn’t demand a lot of paperwork. It’s surely an efficient business to run with less cost.

What Are The Mistakes To Avoid When Running a Personal Concierge Business?

After learning how to run a personal concierge business, you will need to run one. On running it the first time, there are certain mistakes you can avoid which are harmful to your business. These mistakes include:

  • Failure to register the business
  • No billing/service plan
  • Omitting work hours
  • No automated messaging system
  • Omitting privacy policy

What Are The Hacks That Help You Manage A Personal Concierge Business Effectively?

While you’re training on how to start a personal concierge business, you must learn the management aspect too. Due to the business model, a lot of people feel this is not a business for men.

However, in managing a personal concierge business, you must utilize certain hacks that can help you grow your business easily. Some of these hacks include:

Create Policies:

Every thriving business works on policies. Policies help you avoid lawsuits that can damage your business while guiding your customers to understand your offerings and propositions.

You can draft a policy that will cover staff welfare, work hours, customer complaints, and more.

Build Customer Rapport:

One of the important things every business seeks to achieve is to retain customers. And a lot of businesses that have failed to do this never grow to become companies or organizations. Essentially, customer retention is paramount.

Building a great customer rapport with your customers is an effective way to get them coming back especially in the concierge business.

Create Automation Systems:

No one likes to complain and never gets a reply that communicates understanding, concern, and commitment towards solving the problem.

A great way to solve this problem would be to leverage an automated message responder that helps you attend to your customers while you aren’t active.

How to Start A Personal Concierge Business | Business Model

If you don’t know how to start a personal concierge business, this section will enlighten you on the key steps or processes you must follow to successfully run the business. These steps include:

Choose a Target Market

In running any personal concierge business, you must choose your target market carefully. For a lot of people in this business, they focus on tourists while some focus on elderly people living within a particular district.

Before you choose your target market, you must consider who your value will serve better and the location wherein you want to operate. Income levels of target markets can also affect your choice.

Register the Startup and Get Documentation

Getting documentation is very important. Although you can run a whole lot of your business online, possessing certain documents will help you avoid embarrassment from law enforcement agencies while proving your legitimacy to your customers.

You only need to register your business name with your local registration board and you could probably print some cards to share for your target market for easy accessibility.

Get a Location

A good location is instrumental to the success of your business. In fact, among the ways of how to start a personal concierge business, I recommend that you pay a lot of attention to getting a good location that is free of gridlocks.

Most importantly, your location should be within your target market to ensure quick and efficient delivery of service.

Create Your Billing Plan

Fighting the battle of price every time can be draining. In fact, it is the clearest reflection of a failed or poor business structure. You’re running a business, not a philanthropy organization, so funding is vital.

You should have a clear billing system that itemizes your services and the prices for each service. You can add bonuses infrequently in order to build your customer numbers and increase service orders.

Build Marketing Strategies

Your business won’t grow farther than your marketing will take it. You must have a strong marketing plan and team to help you ensure you’re always in the hearts and minds of your target market.

If you don’t have a marketing team, you can outsource your marketing to a wide range of agencies and keep them accountable to you based on the results you want to see.

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Even if you know how to run a personal concierge business, you can still make mistakes. However, they don’t mean you don’t understand the business or you’re not a competent professional – they’re just part of the process.

On the other hand, if you were a novice, I’m pretty sure you know how to start a personal concierge business and run it effectively.



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