10 Best Places To Buy Cheap Baby Clothes | Updated

One of the horrendous expenses that parents face is buying baby kids’ wears; this is because children grow fast and what fits them this week likely won’t make it through next month.

You just want to get nice wears for your bundle of joy but you don’t have $1,000 to purchase a set of white & beige shorts from your favorite designer. No worries, the best deals on kids’ wears are easy to find if you know how to shop.

Read on as we take you through the 10 best places you can buy affordable baby wears without having to break a bank. With this, you can save up for toys and perhaps baby formula. Your kid deserves the best!

How Can I Buy Very Cheap Baby Clothes? – Best Tips

Before looking at where you can buy cheap newborn clothes, you should check the following tips on how to get the best buys deals. It will benefit you a lot.

  • You are certain to get a discount when you buy baby wears in packs rather than individually
  • Buy from friends/family members
  • Most clothing stores offer great deals on baby wears on special days like back Fridays. You can research online or join pregnancy app forums for information on ongoing sales.
  • Stay alert for coupons and sales, stack them when you can
  • You can buy ahead of your budget but beware of seasonal items as they could end up the wrong size when your baby needs them.
  • Go to local group sales
  • Shop the clearance racks

List of Places To Buy Cheap Baby Clothes

  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Cookie’s Kids
  • JCPenney
  • French Toast 
  • Kohl’s
  • Crazy8 
  • Zulily.com
  • Old Navy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

#10. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack offers clearance prices on kids’ fashion and trends. You can visit their website for fabulous deals on brand names and their own signature line, and don’t forget to check out their great prices on shoes and accessories too. 

Cookies Kids is a baby clothing store that carries well-known brands at affordable prices. If you visit their site, you can get the best deals from the major brand names in kid’s clothing, including Nautica, Levi’s, The North Face, and Carter’s.

#8. JCPenney

JCPenney offers great deals on kid’s clothing, accessories, and shoes. You can add their sales, coupons, and red zone clearance deals with the mix.

#7. French Toast 

French Toast is a great website to buy affordable baby clothes. You can find basic pieces like polos, khakis, and white dress shirts and blouses at great prices. Save up today and get the best deals for your kids.

#6. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is a perfect place to get the best deals on your kid’s clothing for the season. They offer great brand names in kids’ clothing, including Levi’s, Carter’s, Columbia, and Under Armour at fantastic prices. You can get “percent off” coupons, and Kohl’s cash on weekly sales.

#5. Crazy8 

Crazy8 offers affordable baby clothes from the Gymboree brand. The quality of the wears on Crazy8 is comparable, and they have some crazy-good deals, including $5 t-shirts, $6 dresses, and swimwear for $8.88. While they do have some higher-priced items, you can score great deals on those items when they run a sale.  

#4. Zulily.com

Zulily is a flash sale site that offers the best deals on the cutest children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. They got something special for you every day. You can visit the website and make a choice of the best wears for your kids.

#3. Old Navy

Another great place to buy cheap baby clothes is Old Navy. They offer a wide selection of trendy, well-made children’s clothing at low prices that are hard to beat. If you want to stock up on t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and swimwear, Old Navy will offer you the best deals.

#2. Amazon

Want to dress your kids in the latest fashion trends without breaking your family budget? Then turn to Amazon.com, you’ll find cute styles, brand names, and great deals.

#1. Walmart

If you’re looking for affordable baby clothes, you’ll find some of the best deals at Walmart. You can get basic tees and pants, girls’ hosiery, and other deals for less than $10. You can shop their deals by clicking on the button below.


Raising kids is one of the challenging and most fulfilling jobs in the world. It doesn’t cost a fortune to clothe a baby. Take advantage of the best places on our list and purchase cheap yet nice wears for your baby.



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