Probux Reviews: Is It Legit or Another Make Money Online Scam

The number of people searching for an online making money platform is outrageous. This is only logical considering the economy, where many people are underpaid or out of jobs and need money to pay their bills. is a pay-per-click website that allows people to earn money from home simply by viewing ads delivered to their inboxes.

This PTC site seems simple and easy to make money, but a question needs to be answered. Is Probux a Scam, or is it legit that I can make money from it.
Let’s walk you through our 2023 Probux Review. Eventually, you will learn if you should log in and start making money immediately.

The idea of looking for an Online Money Making platform is to earn cash at the end of your transaction. This is not a new method; it works for advertisers and members.
The problem arises when you don’t get your pay; this has been the case with ProBux.
So, is ProBux the right way to go?

Read our full review of Probux and how it works.

What is Probux? is a “paid per click” website, which means that you will be paid to click on the ads.

We can’t ascertain the founder of Probux because we have no much information on who owns Probux all we know is that the website was registers and came into full play in October 2018.

The concept of Probux is not a new idea, and it works for both the advertisers and users.

As an advertiser, you get your promotions or information to those who would not normally see your ads. Then, the member users clicks and get paid.

The idea of ​​being a ProBux user is to earn funds by clicking on the advertiser’s promotions. Each time you do this, a small amount of money will be placed in your internal ProBux account.

Probux is available to everyone around the world.

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How Does Probux Work?

The way Probux works is quite simple as their primary aim is to provide excellent business solutions in an easy going environment.

From their official website, you will see each category: Members, Advertisers, and their main benefits.

Depending on what you want, you can choose to be either a member or an advertiser.

Whatever category you choose, your first step is to register with Probux and fill the necessary information as shown below.

Probux Registration

Registration is simple. Make sure you fill in the necessary information for each block.

Then you have to prove you’re not a robot below clicking the “Create My Account” button.

Probux Login

The next step is to login once you’ve confirmed from your email and you’ve been signed up.

See the Probux Login page below or Click Here to log in.

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When you enter the dashboard after logging in, you can see header information like my account, view ads, Progrid, Surveys, Offers, Forums, etc.

Now let’s show you the working steps in Probux as mentioned below.

My Account

In this section you will see the account information as:

  • Your referral link
  • Membership type
  • Detailed statistics of your click ads.
  • Main balance
  • Rental balance
  • Advertisements
  • Number of direct references and rented references
  • Referral click statistics, etc

In this section you can hire referrals who can earn money for you. To rent referrals from Probux, you must add funds to the rental balance.

The price of the rental packages depends on the package you buy. Prices are shown below:

  • 3 for $0.6
  • 5 for $1
  • 10 for $2
  • 15 for $3
  • 20 for $4
  • 25 for $5
  • 30 for $6
  • 40 for $8
  • 50 for $10
  • 60 for $12
  • 70 for $14
  • 80 for $16
  • 90 for $18
  • 100 for $20

View Ads

In this section you will receive 14 ads per day. Ads are provided in different categories, such as:

  • Daily Advertisements; 6 in Number
  • Extra Advertisements; 4 in Number
  • Fixed Advertisements; 4 in Number

Once you’ve finished viewing the ads, the proceeds will be credited to your account.


In Progrid you basically have to play a game. Playing on Progrid is very easy. You will see an image provided by Probux. You will have almost 21 chances to click anywhere on the image.

Follow this step if you want to play a game on ProGrid:

  • Just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $5 that goes directly into your account balance!
  • Each click will open up a sponsor’s site that you will have to view for up to 5 seconds.
  • After this time has passed, you will know if you are a winner or not.

After each click, you will be redirected to an advertiser’s site and will have to wait up to 5 seconds. Now you will know if you are a winner or not.


In this section, some surveys are available from different survey routers. You will earn coins or dollars if you qualify for the survey and pass.


In this section you will get many tasks and the highest paid surveys from four advertising partners. They have offers from OfferDaddy, MediumPath, KiwiWall and Offers4all.

Offerdaddy provides many surveys from different survey routers such as yuno surveys and many more. Once you complete the surveys, you will earn coins, which can then be exchanged for cash.

Medium Path also offers various tasks like answering surveys, installing apps, registering on a website, etc. Once you complete these offers, you will earn rewards.

At Kiwi Wall, you will get many offers available such as installing applications, reading questionnaires, watching videos, taking surveys, registering on websites, and much more. You will earn coins and convert them to cash by completing these tasks.

Offer4all has three types of tasks available: viewing PTC ads, surveys, and watching videos. You can go through the tabs one by one and perform these tasks one by one. After successfully completing these tasks, you will get rewards.

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Is ProBux a Scam or Legit?

Is ProBux a Scam or will I really be able to make money from this platform?

Now, let’s tackle this big question in front of us.

From our research and reviews from several people regarding ProBux, we can only conclude that ProBux is a scam.

Even the new version of i.e ProBux .net also gets bad reviews from their users.

You can see some of the recent comments in 2023 after was registered. Although this is only a small selection, all the reviews on this site were not complementary.

Here is a selection of TrustPilot ProBux Reviews:

Here is another ProBux Review from

From our thorough research, we would say that is a scam, and it is equivalent to doing nothing.

We advise you to avoid ProBux because it’s not an efficient way to make money online since it doesn’t pay enough.

Let’s refer you to where to Make Money Online and earn higher income commissions.

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ProBux Earning Methods

Depending on your individual opinion, some people like the idea of ​​PTC sites and others despise them. Whatever your thought is, this is how you can “seemingly” win with ProBux PTC.

The predominant method of earning money is by clicking on ads and viewing them for a specified period of time. Each ad will have an allotted number of seconds, which is the amount of time you will be asked to view it (or at least have the ad open to view while you check your Instagram feed).

You can select the ads you want to view just the way it is above. At the bottom of each ad, there is a time when you will need to look at the ad. Along with this, the amount you will earn for viewing the ad.

As you can see, the amount is not much, but what would you really expect for clicking and viewing an ad?

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Other Types of ProBux Earning Methods

Referral Method

The other method of earning rewards is to refer others to ProBux. Like most programs, they like to reward users for attracting new members.

There are 2 types of referrals within ProBux programs:

  • Direct referrals
  • Rented referrals

Direct referrals are those that YOU recruit directly. So it’s not that I’m involved with ProBux, but if I were and used my “unique link” to draw you to this program, you would be my direct reference.

Rented referrals, on the other hand, are where you can pay a fee to host referrals you did not hire. The caveat is that rented referrals can only be those that have not been registered through someone else.

Most people will become “standard” free members, but they offer different types of membership that may encourage you to upgrade with more money. We urge you to resist updating, after discovering that ProBux appears to be a scam.

Membership Method

This is where we think ProBux gets most of its money. You will be under the impression that more money can be made by paying for an upgrade, but look at the cost of the upgrade.

  • Standard – Free
  • Golden – $80 per year
  • Ultimate $790 per year

From our perspective, the difference in payment for these upgraded memberships is not related to the additional earnings. Some of the ad exposure comparisons are the same, others are double.

This still means that you will spend too much time clicking on ads to earn a decent amount of money.

ProBux Review 2023 | Our Experience

After several months of clicking ads on ProBux, we would like to point out the earning potential even though they paid.

You can only earn a few dollars a day, but you’ve to put all your effort into it.

Let’s use the typical clicking of ads as an example.

As a free “Standard” member, you will earn $0.001 for completing a general list. While this may indicate that you only need to see the ad for 5 seconds, it does not consider page load time.

The realistic time frame for this could be 25 to 90 seconds, depending on the internet speed you have access to.

For this example, let’s assume and say you take 30 seconds to see the ad and get back to the dashboard. You will have to do this 10 times to get 1cents, which is 3 minutes of work.
So for a full hour of clicking on the ads, you will earn around 20 cents.

60 minutes (1 hour) / 3 minutes (1 cent) = 20 cents.

Well, I’m not sure about you, but no one’s precious time is over 20 cents an hour. Even though it has doubled or tripled when signing up for the various membership updates, it is still not very attractive.


From our research, the best part of ProBux is the FAQ page. It explains in detail how the site is supposed to work and how you will apparently be rewarded for completing which tasks depending on which category of member you belong to.

Also, they made the site easy to navigate, but that doesn’t mean it can add a large sum of money to your pocket as you expected.


The disadvantage of surrendering ProBux is higher than it advantages.

Let’s show you some of the reasons we don’t consider ProBux the best platform to make extra bucks

#1. Unknown Founder

As with many PTC sites and Bitcoin faucet sites like FaucetDuck or FaucetCrypto, it is unclear who owns these programs.

We generally only trust programs and products that the owner is upfront with and willing to help out the members when they encounter issues.

#2. Low Income Potential

Even if you were seriously trying to make money with ProBux, the earning potential is so limited that it’s really just a waste of time. Some people have suggested that $20 to $30 a day can be earned through ProBux using the rented referral method.

The problem with this is that you rely on your downline to get the tasks done. There’s also the fact that you need enough members who have joined directly, so you can get enough hired referrals. None of these problems are guaranteed, not even probable.

#3. Many Negative Reviews

The number of bad reviews about ProBux outnumbers the positive reviews.

For instance, there are a few YouTube videos promoting this show, but they are all existing members trying to get new referrals.

We can’t advise you to trust such kind of platform with a great number of bad reviews.

#4. Boring Tasks

Are you really interested in clicking ads all day? We can tell you now that this is not a sustainable way to make money online. If you’re not bored after a day of clicking ads, you sure will be at the end of the week.

Final Thoughts

The idea of making money online is to earn enough cash so that you no longer need a traditional job. Since Probux PTC is a scam, there is another online making money platform you can join.

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