Receiptpal Reviews 2022: Is It Legit Or A Cash Back Scam?

ReceiptPal Review shows that is one of the legit apps that rewards you with a gift card when you scan your purchase receipt and upload it.

You know, the figures don’t lie especially when they have been tested over time. This spurred our belief that ReceiptPal is legit.

You don’t have to believe us outrightly. In fact, if you do, I’d be surprised because you are meant to juxtapose talk with facts.

And that is what this article has brought to your staples. A very detailed breakdown of ReceiptPal and its reviews led us to the conclusion above.

For the first section, we’ll dissect their background. You’ll be glad you read this review of the ReceiptPal app to the end.

Background Information About ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal is a creation of The NPD Group, Inc.

NPD is a market research company that has been around since 1966. They provide marketing services that help companies in product development. Their expertise over the years has been in areas of food, fashion, and technology industries.

Therefore NPD uses ReceiptPal as a way to collect market data since customers have to hold their receipts just to collect a reward. Not to worry, the information collected is still private.

The receipts can be digital or in paperback.

It launched ReceiptPal in 2013 initially as an iPhone app, but now there is an Android version.

Since ReceiptPal has been able to survive for many years, one will believe it is legit. Before we give an opinion, you should know how the app works.

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How Does ReceiptPal Work?

According to the ReceiptPal review, users earn points each time they scan a receipt. Basically, you’ll earn 25 points for each receipt you scan and upload to the app.

The mobile app is on a point card of 100 points. Users will have to scan four receipts to complete a card before they receive any points.

These points earned are for gift cards, ReceiptPal doesn’t give cash payments. ReceiptPal offers valuable gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Visa, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and many others just for submitting everyday receipts for market research.

Typically, ReceiptPal approves your receipts and credits your points within 72 hours of submission. Note that if the receipt is blurry or missing vital information, you won’t get credited for your points.

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Lastly, ReceiptPal is only available as an app.

What Kind of Receipt Does ReceiptPal Accept?

Any kind of receipt can be scanned. Submit receipts from retail stores, clothing stores, pharmacies, car dealerships, or anywhere you have made a purchase.

The receipt has to be printed in English and paid for in U.S dollars. Then, submit it no later than the third day of the week after the week of purchase.

Online purchase is also accepted. Just make sure your email is AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo to be able to submit the receipt.

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What Kind of Receipt is not Accepted?

  • Any receipt that has no purchase date, store name, or total price.
  • Any other purchase that isn’t personal. Business or company purchases are not accepted.
  • Receipt for return, handwritten receipt
  • Lottery ticket
  • Purchase from third-party payment systems like PayPal isn’t acceptable
  • Blurry or screenshot images

SignUp on ReceiptPal

It is pretty easy and free to join ReceiptPal. Downloading the mobile apps on IOS and Android will probably take a minute and another to complete the registration.

All that’s required is an email address, date of birth, gender, and zip code.

The bottleneck is the minimum age requirement is 18.

After setup, your points will be displayed alongside the punch card. They are in the Receipts tab.

The Reward tab will list your points and their value, sweepstakes entries, and time for drawing.

Then, the Message tab will be for notification.

Finally, the Account tab is where your receipt is logged. You can track your receipt and spending, refer-a-friend option, app tutorial, and FAQs.

Is ReceiptPal legit? We will find out after going through the ReceiptPal reviews. First, let’s look at how to earn from this app.

How do i Earn from ReceiptPal? – Review

This section will provide a review of the ways to earn through ReceiptPal.

#1 Scan Receipts

The primary way to earn from Receiptpal according to its website and reviews is to scan receipts.

The more receipts you scan, the more points you earn.

As we have mentioned earlier, each card has 100 points and you have five cards to fill at a time. This gives extra cash rewards.

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#2 Bonus Games

After you’ve completed a card, you have an opportunity to play a game. The reward for the game is displayed.

Users get 5 bonus games per week which can be accrued till when you’re ready to play but not more than five at a time. However, if you don’t use ReceiptPal for 90 days, you’ll lose the games.

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The reward of playing games using the ReceiptPal app can be points or extra sweepstake entries.

You can legit make money gaming. Try it out.

#3 Sweepstake

There are only 3 winners for the weekly sweepstake entries.

The more receipts you scan, the more entries you get into the sweepstakes. Also, if you complete all five cards, there is a possibility to earn twice the sweeps.

Is ReceiptPal Legit?- Pros

There are quite a number of advantages of using this ReceiptPal app.

There is a weekly sweepstake where you can win $250.

Similarly, all kinds of receipts are accepted. Either restaurants, clothing, groceries, and lots more.

It uses the point system, and there is an option to earn additional points by playing games and taking surveys.

Meanwhile, you’ll earn 150 bonus points just by signing up.

ReceiptPal Reviews- Cons

One of the main disadvantages of ReceiptPal which many reviewers have lamented about is that all points will be lost if you’re inactive for 90 days.

Another grievance is that you don’t earn for every receipt scanned. You have to wait until they are up to four to earn 100 points. Users will be glad if they can see their rewards once they scan a receipt.

For the e-receipts, it can take up to 72 hours to be validated. It will also take a while to get the points together for a big payout.

Receiptpal Review

This compilation is brought from its Android users and IOS users. Read them below.

Stephanie Lozano

Great app, one of my favorites for sure. Scan your receipts and get paid, simple as that. Customer service is prompt and helpful. I have no complaints. This is the real deal. Thank you, Receipt Pal. Update- I’m still going strong, about to reward myself with a $50 Walmart card. Definitely needed with Christmas almost here. You won’t be sorry you joined Receipt Pal. And their customer service is outstanding.

Melissa Sampson

There’s no way to contact you, I had over 5000 points claimed Amazon gift card never received it this was 3 weeks ago. And still a year later nothing ever received my Amazon gift card I will now delete this app. I do not recommend it it’s horrible it would be okay if you got what you’re supposed to receive. Update I still to this day another year later have not received my Amazon e-gift card. The promo that you provided me with never worked. This app is horrible, I do not recommend don’t waste ur time.


New update or App Layout?
I’m not sure what it is exactly cause I don’t remember updating this app recently. However, the entire format of entering receipts has changed. Either that or I changed some settings that resulted in how it looks for me now. Anyway, I just wanted to leave some feedback. I don’t like it.. it seems way slower than it used to be. It also seems like it’s way harder to focus and SEE the receipt clearly now. Maybe that’s just the one receipt of mine, hopefully, it is. I hope that this isn’t a sign that the app is going to start changing or becoming less legit. I’ve experienced that with other apps before. Anyways! Thank you for listening or reading to this and thank you for what has so far been an incredible app! Keep it up!

Allison E F

What I do like about this app is that receipts from most places are accepted and they all get the same amount of points regardless of the amount.
What I don’t like is that you can only submit a maximum amount of 12 receipts per week to get actual points. You can submit more that will earn you sweepstake entries but there are typically near 500,000 total entries so your chances of winning are extremely slim. Based on the points that are needed to redeem rewards and the limits of 12 receipts for points per week, it would take you over a year to earn a $50 gift card and over 2 years to earn a $100 gift card IF you submit 12 every week. Just seems like a really long time.

It would be great if they would double the weekly maximum so you could at least earn rewards in a reasonable amount of time.

Our Verdict of ReceiptPal Review

After careful review of the ReceiptPal app, we can conclude that ReceiptPal is legit.

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However, the principle of losing all points and bonus games after 90 days of inactivity doesn’t go down well with many users.

In as much as it retains customer usage, there should be an exception for some unforeseen contingencies.

Final Thoughts

ReceiptPal app pays you a fair deal for your time, it is legit and this is an honest review.

ReceiptPal offers you a great way to earn free gift cards for retailers you love. You’re going to shop anyway, so why not make some extra money for doing it? 

We advise that you combine its usage with other cashback apps used for your grocery purchases. This way, you’ll get the maximum return for every penny you spend.



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