Steal My System Review: Can I Make Over $4000 in 7 days?

Wondering if steal my system is a legit get-rich-quick website or just a scam? This steal my system review will guide you. It’s a good thing you’re doing your own research before you join. 

Apparently, the steal my system website says you can “legally steal $3,000 per week”. How possible is this? Inspect to find out if this is legit or just another scam.

The steal my system website comprises a sales video which is about 25 minutes long. This video promises you that making money online is going to be easy once you follow their hack. It promises you everything with you making almost no effort.

Sounds cool, right? However, this is nothing more than hype.

Literally, it says once you purchase the system, you will start making $3,000 or more per week. When you watch the video, it’s quite clear that the claims are ridiculous and solely based on false hype.

Importantly, know that extreme sales hype is always a red flag. The table of content below exposes all you need to know about the steal my system review.

What is Steal My System?

Steal my System is a get-rich-quick website, presented to you in form of affiliate marketing. The sales video on the main website ( makes some exaggerated income claims and says making money is simple. 

The spokesperson mentions “Steve” as the owner of Steal my System. However, you cannot find any information about Steve on other places on the internet and there is nobody related to this product.

There are screenshots to show us the earnings of the owner, and a few people who say how much you can earn. According to my research, these are fake testimonials by scam actors to win you over to the site.

In fact, one guy, Chris, was hired from Fiverr to make a fake, yet convincing video testimonial. Fiverr is a marketplace where you can hire people for $5 or more to do certain “jobs” for you. 

How Does it Work?

Just like every other scam site, it begins with outrageous promises of easy riches. The video spokesperson (Steve) leads you to believe you’re about to discover some “secret loophole”.

Affiliate Marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money online. In fact, many people believe it is a quick and inexpensive method to make cash. Affiliate marketing is actually legit.

However, not all websites that claim to be into affiliate marketing are genuine. For instance, “steal my system website“.

The spokesperson does not give us any information about the product or the members’ area. It kicks things off by sending you a typical ‘get rich quick’ spam e-mail. Again, this includes a link to the sales page which focuses on deceiving the visitors. 

Just so you know, you won’t be getting intense training on how to make money fast from the video.

It’s made to sound like a way to make even more money, and more quickly. When in reality, it’s just a way for the people behind this to make more money- off of you.

How Much Does Steal My System Cost?

Well, steal it has created my system to make money for the owner. However, as a member, you will be made to believe that the platform will help you make tons of money in a few days. You will find upsells and affiliate links to other sites.

If you use the pop-up, they will get your email and send you tons of emails. The starting price is $30.

They may change their pricing strategy every few weeks or months, but this is what you can see when this review is written.

When you fill in the payment form, it is mentioned a 60-day money-back guarantee provided by ClickBetter. So, you can ask for a refund if you have already bought the product.

Also, it’s on you to use the product and figure out anything. Even the link to the support desk from the sales page, it’s broken and redirects the visitors on the homepage.

Is Steal My System Legit or Scam?

Is steal my system scam or legit? Are users safe on the platform? These are key questions users continue to ask.

Steal My System is a complete scam. Just like every other scam site, it begins with outrageous promises of easy riches. There is no way to get the promised results in the time they say.

I know the spokesperson via their sales page said that the system was guaranteed. However, it will shock you to know that most people will not earn even a single penny. 

Also, the product you get isn’t what’s actually advertised. Thus, if you spend your time on Steal my System, you will not only lose time, but your efforts will also go in vain.

The only good thing about this product is that ClickBetter may issue you a refund if you’re lucky.

Steal my system Review: Can I make over $4000 in 7 days?

The only person who’ll really be making money from this thing will be the creator & he’ll be earning his money at the expense of all the members that are signing up expecting to cash in. Not to forget, he prefers to remain anonymous which is another red flag against Steal My System.

So, I doubt if you will be able to make up to $1000, not to talk of making $4000 in 7 days. You can invest your money into other genuine affiliate marketing platforms.

Moving forward on the review, the steal my system website will continue to send spam emails that encourage you to get the upsells. This bait is to get you to pay even more money, so the program creator gets richer at your expense.

You’ll pay $30 expecting to get access to the full program, but then once you’re past the checkout you’ll discover that there’s actually several more upsells you need to purchase to get access to the “full” program on offer.

These upsells often cost hundreds of dollars and will probably set you back $500+, which will be an immense loss for you.

Whatever you decide to do, I just hope that my review of Steal My System here has given you some wonderful insight into how it all really works & hopefully you can see why it should be avoided.

Are there Better Alternatives to Make Money Online?

Yes, there are surely better alternatives where you can make money online. There is affiliate marketing, online training, website and design business, content creation business, Amazon FBA and so many other businesses that you can go into. 

Also, we have reviewed other money-making websites to help you make better decisions with your money. Check them out here.

If you want to make a living working from home, check out affiliate marketing.

It is important for you to know that there are no overnight riches. If you will learn and take action, you can certainly make a lot of money. Indeed, you will need to put in the work because there is no shortcut to riches.


For what it’s worth, external opinions are often more aim than manufacturers’ opinions. This is because no manufacturer will want to speak badly about their product, even when they know the product is bad.

On Steal My System, the owner promises overnight earnings with legal stealing, but there is no system at all. Also, he uses a pen name (Steve), and fake testimonials, and he will spam your email with other money-making products.

For all these reasons, I don’t recommend to Steal My System. It will be a waste of your money and time.

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