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Sean Taylor Net Worth 2022 Overview

Accordingly, this is an overview of Sean Taylor net worth 2022.

Net Worth$30 Million
Full NameSean Michael Maurice Taylor
Date of BirthApril 1st, 1983
AgeHe was 24 years old when he died in 2007
ProfessionAmerican Footballer
Source of WealthFootball
Marital StatusMarried
Wikipedia ProfileSean Taylor

Sean Taylor Net Worth 2022

Taylor of the Redskins was a very talented player, and analysts believe that he would have done a whole lot more than he did with the bit of time he played the beautiful game.

A Sean Taylor net worth of $30 million was a fraction of what he would have earned should he have lived longer. With the Washington Redskins signing him to a six-year contract worth more than $40 million, Sean Taylor net worth would have increased exponentially.


Oftentimes, people describe Sean Taylor with great and kind words as well as how good he was as a footballer. He may have died too early enough to fully express the heights of his prowess, but the little he did have been in the hearts of all who knew him..

According to nbcsports, Former NFL safety Louis Riddick, the Redskins director of pro personnel from 2005-2007, believes Taylor was more skilled than Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed.

“Sean had more physical skills than Ed Reed,” Riddick said. “It just would have been a matter of would he have been able to develop the intuition and the ability to anticipate and play mind games with quarterbacks on the level that Ed Reed did, probably better than anybody.

We’re talking about true greatest of all time status, which is what I truly believe he would have reached.”

“It’s not a tribute that guys are looking at Sean and saying because he had this terrible situation. It’s because of how he played the game,” Cooley said. “All of us grew up with role models in the game, by Sean Taylor stood out repeatedly.

As a playmaker, big-hitter, and guy who played relentlessly, fearlessly, he is the epitome of how you play the game. He was everything you ask for in a professional athlete. So that’s why people want to be Sean.”

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Sean Taylor Biography

Sean Taylor was born in Miami, Florida, on April 1, 1983. He spent most of his childhood with his grandmother, Aulga Clarke, before moving to his father’s home at the age of ten.

Taylor attended Miami Killiam High School before transferring to Gulliver Preparatory School, where he could play both offense and defense. He played running back, defensive back, and linebacker on his path to leading his school to a Class 2A State Championship.

In November 2007, Sean Taylor was shot in his home by four men in what appeared to be a homicide.

Because it was a weekend during football season, the four guys didn’t expect Taylor to be home, but he was told not to attend the Redskins’ game on Sunday because his injuries were fresh.

When the attackers saw Taylor and his machete, they were taken aback and shot him in the upper leg. The bullet cut his femoral artery.

After losing substantial blood, he was airlifted to a nearby hospital and underwent surgery. However, he into a coma after surgery, and physicians suspected he had suffered a brain injury as a result of the blood loss.

Unfortunately, Sean Taylor died in the hospital at 3:30 a.m. on November 27th, 2007, at 24.

Sean Taylor Career

Basically, Sean Taylor went through many teams and opportunities to play, and he continued to prove himself. He was always showing up as the best. High school football, National championships, and the big break were yet to come until he skipped his senior season to enter the NFL draft in 2003.

He continued to play ball till in 2004, after the draft, the Redskins signed Sean Taylor to a seven-year, $18 million deal. After signing with Washington, issues arose quickly.

Taylor was fined $25,000 for missing a mandatory rookie symposium, then stopped after a late-night party and charged with drunk driving.

In his first three seasons in the NFL, Taylor was fined seven times for late hits, uniform infractions, and other penalties, including a $17,000 punishment for spitting in the face of Michael Pittman.

In interceptions, Sean Taylor was tied for the league lead with five early in the 2007 season.

He was then shot to death. The Redskins chose to put only ten players on the field for the first defensive play a week after his death to memorialize Sean.

Taylor was named to the Pro Bowl on December 18th, making him the first player to be named to the game following his death. To memorialize their dead teammate, every Redskins player wore #21 during the Pro Bowl game.

Sean Taylor Family

Sean Taylor is survived by his wife Jackie Garcia, his daughter, Jackie Taylor, his father, Pedro Taylor, his mother, Donna Junor, and his sister, as well as many other relations whom he helped along the way.

Taylor had spent a lot of money helping his mother and other family members over his career. Taylor, on the other hand, had never written a will, thus the majority of his inheritance went to his three-year-old daughter Jackie.

Taylor’s father got $328,000 from a joint account he and his son shared. Also, Taylor’s life insurance policy also paid out $650,000 to Taylor’s sister.

On the other hand, Taylor’s mother received nothing, including no sports memorabilia to sell. As a result, she found herself unable to pay the taxes on the home she purchased with Taylor’s money in 2005. To make matters worse, no one else in the family offered to share their newly acquired fortune with her.

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Sean Taylor Cars & Assets

Sean Taylor was famous for splurging on himself and his friends by buying them things. He bought houses for himself and his mother, he owned a silver BMW 760 with tinted windows and a blue 2005 GMC Yukon Denali sport utility vehicle with two bullet holes.

He would sometimes spend long periods of time in a luxury hotel in Miami, and that came along with some additional kicks to make his time there pleasurable.

Sean Taylor Awards and Achievements

Here are some awards and achievements of Sean Taylor;

  • Taylor was named to the Pro Bowl on December 18th, making him the first player to be named to the game following his death.

Sean Taylor Quotes

Here are a couple of quotes about Sean Taylor by former teammates and friends:

  • “He was everywhere. Like, it didn’t matter. Short, long, medium, run, pass, he was there. You would think there was 11 Sean Taylors and there was only one.” – Clinton Portis.
  • “God made certain people to play football. He was one of them.” – Joe Gibbs
  • “In his first game in the NFL, he was the best player on the field. You could see it.” – Chris Cooley
  • “Nobody made splash plays like Sean did in the amount of time that he had. That’s why he still lives today. How big he was, how fast he was. He put a lot of fear in a lot of people’s hearts and as a safety that’s what you want — you want to put fear in them.” – D.J. Swearinger
  • “You drew it up to be a good play, and he made it a great play. He made it a turnover. He made it something mere mortals can’t do … Every game he’d do something to let you know he wasn’t from this planet and all of us were.” – Ryan Clark

Sean Taylor Social Media Handles

Sean Taylor was not on social media, and even if he was, it was a relatively unknown account.

FAQs Sean Taylor Net Worth 2022

Sean Taylor was 24 years old when he died in 2007.

Sean Taylor was married to Jackie Garcia who bore him his daughter.

Sean Taylor is survived by his daughter Jackie Taylor who inherited his estate.

Sean Taylor’s net worth is $30 million.


A Sean Taylor net worth of $30 million dollars was a fraction of what he would have earned should he have lived longer. With the Washington Redskins signing him to a six-year contract worth more than $40 million, Sean Taylor net worth would have increased exponentially.


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