Chase Credit Card Application Status: Don’t Miss These Steps Again

It’s a little tactical to verify your Chase credit card application status because of the various notifications you will get when your application is not automatically accepted.

When you apply for a new credit card and don’t get immediate approval, you might freak out about what your next action should be; the wait can be draining.

In this post, we will go over everything you need to know about your Chase credit card application status and what to do if you aren’t immediately approved.

Chase provides some of the best credit cards out there with travel rewards. While waiting for the decision on your credit card application, hang in there; it will be worth it when with each payment you receive valuable points.

Before we lay out steps to check your credit card application status, let’s briefly look at answers to specific questions you may have about your Chase credit card application status.

How Long Does It Take For Chase To Process A Credit Card Application?

It takes 7-20 business days to get a credit card from Chase, from the time you apply to when you get your Chase card in the mail.

It can take up to 10 business days to receive an application decision, though it’s possible you’ll be approved instantly if you apply online.

How long should I wait to apply for another credit card after being denied?

6 months. The duration to wait before reapplying for a credit card after an application is denied varies with each person’s situation, so there’s no hard-and-fast timeline to follow. The typical recommendation is that you should wait six months between credit card applications

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What are Chase’s Framework Guidelines for Credit Card Application?

There are rules for all banks as to how frequently you can apply for credit cards. These rules are in place to restrict the amount of credit that banks spread to a person and deter those who try to play with the system.

Chase is no exception to these rules, and among card issuers, they are known for having some of the strictest ones. Yet some of the best travel rewards credit cards out there come with the strictest criteria!

Chase has some of the best credit cards on the market for travel rewards, but when it comes to how many cards you can qualify for, they also have some of the harshest rules. Before you apply for another credit card, make sure you recognize the 5/24 rule, the 2/30 rule, and the Sapphire limits. Image Credit: Chase

The 5/24 Rule of Chase

The rule of 5/24 is not a rule written, but it is very much alive and well. It says that you can’t open 5 or more personal credit cards across ALL BANKS in the last 24 months (with a few exceptions) to be accepted for some Chase credit cards (including some of the most common, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred ® Card).

What exactly does 5/24 count for?

1. New personal credit cards that every bank has opened for you. Even if you close these accounts later, they are still counted down to the 5/24 law.

2. Retail credit cards, such as cards from Victoria’s Secret, Best Buy, and Amazon stores.

3. Being linked to someone else’s credit card account as an approved customer.

4. Capital One business cards, Discover, and several other banks. The good news is that company credit cards under the 5/24 clause DO NOT count against you.

The 5/24 rule did not affect many personal Chase cards until November 2018. Unfortunately, it seems that the following cards ARE now affected as of November 2018. (This data is crowd-sourced, which means Chase has not checked it.)

The Law of 2/30

This one is a little less well-known than the law of 5/24. You can’t open more than 2 personal credit cards or one business credit card within a 30-day period, according to this law.

This is not a verified, published rule, much like the 5/24 rule, but it is supported by loads of user-reported data.

Why May Chase Approve Your Credit Card Application Immediately?

Here are some of the reasons your Chase credit card application may not be immediately accepted;

1. There are so many credit cards you have applied for. For those of us who enjoy the excitement of credit cards for travel rewards (myself included), this can be a challenge. After the introduction of the 5/24 rule, Chase is extremely tough on this one; scroll down for more detail about these constraints.

2. With Chase, you already have a lot of credit. If you have a few Chase credit cards available already, you might be approaching the top credit cap they are able to extend to you.

3. A small business credit card you are applying for. Small business apps can be more complex than those with personal credit cards. To confirm the information of your business, you may need to provide Chase with some additional documents.

4. On the application, you made a mistake. Often, the pending status of an application may be attributed to a simple typo or other unintended mistakes.

Attempting to open so many cards in a short period of time is one reason why a Chase credit card may not be accepted immediately.

You probably won’t be accepted if you’ve opened 5 + credit cards (from any bank) in the previous 24 months.

Furthermore, your new application is likely to be rejected if you have opened 2 + personal Chase cards or 1 Chase business card in the previous 30 days.

How Can I Contact Chase?

For contacting Chase, here are some frequently needed phone numbers:

  • Reconsideration (Personal): 888-270-2127
  • Reconsideration (Business): 800-453-9719
  • Customer Service (Personal): 1-800-432-3117
  • Customer Service (Business): 1-888-269-8690
  • Check Application Status (Personal): 1-888-338-2586
  • Check Application Status (Business): 1-800-453-9719

Chase Credit Card Application Status

There are basically two ways of checking ones Chase Credit card application; by phone and via the internet (online).

How To Check Your Status Online?

You can check your application status online if you are already a Chase customer. To check your application status online, log into your account, click the main menu icon at the top left of the page (three horizontal lines), and click on “Application Status.”

Along the left side of your computer, a menu will pop up. Scroll to the bottom all the way down, and you’ll see a tab that says Application Status. To check the current status of your Chase credit card application, click on it.

How To Check Your Status By Phone?

  • For Individuals: To verify your Chase credit card application status by phone, call the application status line on 1-800-432-3117, follow the instructions and enter your Social Security number.
  • For Corporate Bodies: Call 1-800-453-9719 for corporate applications.

Ultimate Thoughts

It can be stressful to apply for a new credit card, particularly if you do not get accepted immediately. But don’t worry; an application “pending” does not automatically mean that you will be rejected.

It may be attributable to anything as basic as your application’s tiny typo. Try calling the Chase reconsideration line to argue your case if you aren’t accepted immediately. After a fast verification of some basic details, you could be accepted.

The information contained in this article should enable you resolve all worries from waiting for your application status approval.

Finally, whatever your choices, ensure you resolve whatever issues with your credit cards.

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