10 Most Expensive Houses in the US | All You Need to Know

The United States of America is known to have a lively and beautiful real estate scene. The country has a myriad of expensive houses for residents of the country to select from.

Think large square feet, spacious kitchens, large bedrooms, swimming pools, and guest rooms; these are some of the basic features which expensive houses in the United States offer their occupants.

Most expensive houses in the United States come with mind-jarring price tags, but the buildings make up for their astonishing prices by having extremely beautiful exterior and interior designs, quality facilities, affluent neighborhoods, and extra jaw-dropping facilities.

The real estate scene in the United States is constantly evolving with more luxurious, unique, and luxurious houses being erected all over different states in the country. Some of the most extravagant and luxurious houses in the United States are built specifically for individuals in order to satisfy their present requirements.

Most people dream of homes with wine cellars, a chef’s kitchen, a state-of-the-art bathroom, and a spacious and exquisitely furnished bedroom.

Are you interested in finding which houses in the United States are the most expensive? This article is clearly focused on reviewing the features and cost of the ten most expensive houses in the US, the benefits of living in such luxury homes, and any disadvantages that might be involved.

Benefits Of Owning A Luxurious House 

What exactly do you stand to gain from splurging on these expensive houses? Luxurious houses are termed luxurious because of the features and amenities they offer that can’t be found in your normal houses.

Owning a luxurious house with large bedrooms and warm pools is one of the dreams of many residents of the United States.

These luxurious homes with the features and facilities they contain make up for the hefty price tag they come with. The benefits of living in such luxurious homes are;

1. Good neighborhood

A luxurious house cannot just be located anywhere in the city. The most expensive and luxurious homes in the US are found in the most affluent and safe neighborhoods in the country. The houses are able to exist in parts of the state featuring an inclusive, safe, and protected community.

The public areas are usually topped with impressive facilities. The neighborhood usually features a good school in case residents have kids, good health care, and a public library.

2. Luxurious features

What is a luxurious home without extravagance? Luxurious homes are meant to evoke a feeling of “living the American dream” not just to the resident of such expensive houses but to everyone who comes in contact with them.

Most luxurious homes will have jaw-dropping features like

  • Large square footage.
  • Impressive artworks, paintings, sculptures, and chandeliers.
  • Customized interior designs.
  • Spacious bedrooms.
  • An ultra-modern and inclusive security system.
  • Wine cellar.
  • Large compound.
  • Gated and walled property.
  • Top electric gadgets and control systems.
  • Exquisite swimming pools.
  • Spa and gym rooms
  • Movie theatre and many more.

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3. Serene

Most luxurious homes are located away from the hustle and bustle of the heart of the city. Luxurious home buyers are usually searching for somewhere they can relax and enjoy the quietness.

Most luxurious homes are built holding this basic feature in mind. These expensive houses are usually built to have an attractive or breathtaking view fused with a completely serene atmosphere.

Are There Disadvantages Of Owning A Luxurious House?

The large space, luxurious features, and confidence that come with owning a luxurious home are not all you should think about when thinking of purchasing any luxurious house.

It is very important to note that owning a luxurious house does not just stop there as you’ll have to foot bills for daily repair and maintenance of the home, think long term.

The cost of all the maintenance and repairs in a luxurious house is capable of running you into debt.

What Are The Most Expensive Houses In The US? 

The most expensive houses in the United States come with mind-blowing features and hefty price tags. Most of the expensive houses in the city are located in the state of California.

This section will exclusively highlight the basic features and cost of these toppers in the real estate scene.

1. The One

With a name like ‘THE ONE,’ you shouldn’t expect anything short of perfection. This real estate masterpiece was created by Nile Niami. The majestic building sits on a five-acre plot of land in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in California, Bel-Air.

The house is positioned in such a way as to have a perfect view of the downtown area of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.

The one is 105,000 square feet and is exquisitely designed with marble and glass. This luxurious house is the most expensive house in the United States and has luxurious features like 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, a movie theatre (30-seater), 5 swimming pools, a 30-car garage space, a bowling alley, and a 10,000-square-foot-sky-deck.

Great things cost more and ‘THE ONE’ does not disappoint on this with its jaw-dropping price tag of $ 350 million.

2. West Creek Ranch Gateway

Calling this marvelous real estate art ‘massive’ won’t be an exaggeration as the house sits on a mind-blowing stretch of 8,700 acres of land.

The estate is located in Colorado and was constructed around 2001. The main house in the estate covers 22,000 square feet.

The unique house is one of the most expensive houses in the US and boasts luxurious features like a gym, movie theatre, swimming pools, spa, art studio, library, 8 bathrooms, and 8 bedrooms.

This massive property belongs to John Hendricks and is estimated to cost $279 million.

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3. Casa Encantada

Located in the affluent neighborhood of Bel-Air in Los Angeles, California, Casa Encantada is one of the most sophisticated houses on this list.

The house is sited on eight acres of land and has had its fair share of billionaire owners as it has been home to businessman David Murdock and hotel tycoon Conrad Hilton.

The expensive house has a German home setting, housing over 60 luxurious rooms.

This house features 7 spacious bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, a library, a guesthouse, a pool house, a basketball and tennis court, a garden and greenhouse, a 15-car garage park, and a silver bar. The massive house has a price tag of $225 million.

4. Mylestone at Meadow Lane

The Hamptons are known for having a wide collection of impressive real estate, and the Mylestone at Meadow lane is one of such unique houses in the area. The beautiful house is one of the most expensive houses not just in the area but in the country. The 15,500-square-foot mansion is a true sample of living the dream life.

The house has 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, various living rooms, a spacious dining room and kitchen, and a Helipad.

Mylestone has features that have intricately fused modern and traditional features like the cozy fireplace, timber floors, and tile works. The house also boasts extra features like a gym, yoga studio, master suite, and many more. The house is estimated at $175 million.

5. Chartwell

Think royalty; that’s exactly the vibe the majestic homes give off. The property is named after the England estate where the popular Winston Churchill resided. The house has a French Neoclassical setting.

It sits majestically on 10 acres of land. The whole 25,000 square feet of the house is exquisitely furnished.

Chartwell is decorated with the finest materials of high quality. The estate contains 24 bathrooms, 18 bedrooms, a 75-foot swimming pool, a 40-car garage, a guesthouse, gardens, and many more luxurious features.

The wine cellar of the Chartwell is rumored to be one of the largest and is capable of holding up to 12,000 bottles.

Chartwell is the epitome of regality and has a price tag of $150 million.

6. Beverly Hills Estate

Located in Los Angeles, California, the impressive Beverly estate is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and expensive estates in the United States.

The impressive property features a three-story building, 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, high-end furnishing, a bar, a movie theatre, a wine cellar, an office, a gym, an art gallery, a stretch of swimming pool, a tennis court, a beautiful guesthouse.

The house costs about $125 million.

7. The Manor

Think 123 rooms; that’s how much room the manor affords to its residents. The luxurious property is situated in the affluent Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles.

This beautiful house was constructed in 1991 initially for Aaron Spelling. The exquisite property has a library, a billiard room, a projection room, a gym, a wine cellar, glamorous rooms, and of course, a swimming pool.

The property goes way above imaginable standards as it also has a beauty salon, nail bar, massage, pedicure rooms, shoe closet, and bowling alley, and this is not even the end of the long list of features found on this impressive property.

Manor, a 56,500-square-foot property, lives up to its $120 million price tag.

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8. The Beverly House

What do you think a grand palace should look like? The Beverly House is the epitome of a palatial lifestyle. This iconic mansion was constructed in 1926 and had interior designs featuring Mediterranean furnishings.

There are only a few people in the world that can afford to live in this luxurious Haven. With features like 18 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, a hand-carved fireplace, two-story libraries, a swimming pool, a tennis court, an outdoor dining area, an 82-foot hallway, and secure housing.

It comes as no surprise that the house is one of the most expensive houses in the US. The house has a price tag of $119 million.

9. La Follia

The beautiful estate is an Italian renaissance style home and sits comfortably on five acres of land. This impressive home was built in the mid-1990s in Palm Beach in, Florida.

La Follia has 13 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, a movie theatre, private staff quarters, a fully stocked bar, fountains, 25-foot high ceilings, a 5-car garage, and a well-maintained garden.

The location of this property is known for the high number of exotic housing found in the region. The property has an estimated cost of about $105 million.

10. Billionaire

Just the name should tell you that the property is nothing short of amazing. The property is a perfect example of extravagance. This building is described as the playground for the super-rich.

The 38,000 square foot property features 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, intricate wall designs, children’s game rooms, a bowling alley, 40- seat movie theatre, bars, fitness centers, 85 –an foot swimming pool, and many other features.

The stunning house is one of the most expensive houses in the US, with a price tag of $94 million.

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The most expensive houses in the United States are built in such a way to afford their residents the maximum amount of luxury they can get.

The different features and quality designs found in these houses are put in place to ensure that they live up to their price tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are luxurious houses up for rent?

Yes, some of these luxurious houses are available for rent at an agreed price.

What should I expect in luxurious houses?

A luxurious home usually has stunning features and designs which are not found in a normal house.
Features like large pools, grandiose and exquisitely furnished rooms, gyms and movie theatres, and bowling alleys are seen in the most expensive houses.

Why i should not buy a luxurious house

The continuous repair and maintenance of a luxurious property is very expensive and can rack up huge amounts of money with time.

Which city has a high number of luxurious houses?

The state of California has a high number of expensive housing.



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