TD Bank Personal Loans Review: Everything You Need to Know

If you are in dire need of cash and cannot afford delays with approval, TD Bank may just be the right choice for you.

TD Bank also has a long loan repayment term of 60 months, which gives the borrower ample time to pay up the terms of their loan.

Another interesting fact about TD loans is that borrowers do not need to pay an origination or application fee for their loan.

TD Fit Loan provides the borrower with the opportunity to get their loan application signed and funds paid as fast as possible. TD Bank is best for borrowers with:

A credit score of 690 and above, people who live in locations where TD Bank is operational, and people who need quick access to cash

In this article, you will get a review of TD bank personal loans and everything you need to know about the bank.

TD Bank—About the Company

TD Bank, an acronym for Toronto-Dominion Bank Group was formerly The Bank of Toronto, founded in 1855. The headquarters of the bank remains in Toronto today. However, TD Bank has become a global brand with over twenty-six million clients across the globe.

TD bank ranks among the top ten banks in the United States and offers services like managing clients’ wealth, provision of loans for personal use, and mortgages.

Nonetheless, it is essential to understand that the bank’s product and services are available in only 16 approved states in the United States, which are: CT, NJ, DE, NY, NC, FL, PA, ME, RI, MD, SC, MA, VT, NH, VA, and Washington D.C.

Important Facts About TD Bank Personal Loan You Should Know

Affordable Fees:

TD Bank APRs have a fixed rate and targets similar borrowers. When compared to other banks that may charge as high as a 6% origination fee, TD Bank is very affordable and does not charge an origination fee or prepayment fee.

The only time you will pay a late fee I when your payment is long overdue. Even at that, the fee is very minimal.

TD Bank Provides Unsecured Loan:

TD’s loans are unsecured and allow provides a flexible repayment date. Fund disbursement is usually on the next working day for approved loan applications. It does not offer direct funding to creditors in the case of debt consolidation loans.

Easy and Online Application for loan

TD Bank makes it very easy for clients to apply for a loan right from the comfort of their home through an online application process.

For as little as one minute, for the application to be approved. TD Bank runs a soft credit check on borrowers to pre-qualify them.

Their rates and fees are clearly stated on their website, which makes them a very transparent organization.

Also, the majority of the borrower’s questions are already answered in the company’s FAQs. TD Bank offers its client some level of financial education with multiple customer care channels that work extra hours

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What are the Factors that Make TD Bank Stand Out Among the Rest?

Quick approval of loan application and disbarment of cash: Since TD Bank application is fully online, it makes the process easy and enables them to approve borrower’s application the same day—in some cases, the approval time takes less than one minute for a loan.

Approved borrowers typically receive their funds on the next working day. However, same-day funding is also possible.

Clients have the option to change their payment date: While borrowers choose their payment terms during their application and signing of the loan agreement, they also get the option to change it later.

The loan repayment date flexibility can be handy for those whose paydays are not constant within the


One key feature that makes TD Bank commendable is its transparency. From its user-friendly website to loan terms listed on the website. Their transparency makes it easy for borrows to be able to compare their prices with other lenders.

Customer assistance:

TD Bank offers 24/7 customer assistance to help customers that may require assistance. They also have a dedicated line for personal loans, which is also available 24/7 for extended hours.

Applying for TD Banks Personal Loan

To be eligible to apply for TD Bank personal loan, you must be at least 18 years at the time of the application. Applying for TD Bank’s Fit Loan follows two simple steps, which are:

#1. Get pre-qualified:

The first step of the TD Bank personal loan is to get pre-qualified. To get pre-qualified, you need to provide your SSN and other financial information.

Also, the prequalification stage allows you to read and agree to TD’s loan terms and conditions and sign the consent form before proceeding to the next stage. They will also require you to authorize a soft check of your credit.

#2. Verification process:

Depending on different factors, you may need to submit additional verification documents.

They may request a copy of a government-issued ID card and a document showing your earning details.

Once you scale through these two stages, your application will be approved. You can get funds sent to your account the same day.

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Pros and Cons of TD Bank’s loans


  • Availability of loan re-approval: TD Bank provides loan pre-approval in less than one minute. It provides the borrower the opportunity to know if he/she has the necessary prequalification to access the amount in his/her loan application. It also provides borrowers with the ability to go through the loan terms without having to affect their credits.
  •  Lowest charges ever: TD Bank does not charge borrowers any origination or prepayment fees.
  • Provides fast funds: Borrowers get their approved amount from TD within one business day.
  • Flexible repayment date: borrowers can decide to move their repayment date to a more suitable date


  • TD services can are only accessible in sixteen states: Loan availability is limited to only sixteen states. People who reside outside these 16 states are automatically not eligible to apply for a loan
  • No discount bonus for autopay: there are no benefits to activation autopsy for your loan, which can be a huge turn off for borrowers
  • No direct payment for debt consolidation: TD bank does not pay directly to creditors in case of debt consolidation


Application of prequalification approval takes only one day at TD Bank. From the easy application process to fast funds disbursement, TD Bank’s personal loan remains a top choice for people looking for a personal loan to deal with urgent problems.

While the loan application is limited to only sixteen states, TD Bank remains one of the top choices for those residing within the states



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