ThredUP Selling Reviews: Online Consignment Scam or Legit?

ThredUP helps you sell the used clothes you no longer fit into for some little amount that could solve a thing for you while trying to clear your wardrobe.

I could easily describe this site as one where the buying and selling of clothes are made easy for its users. How do we know if this online consignment store is legit or a scam?

A quick one! Before delving into thredUP selling reviews, below is a brief explanation of what thredUP is all about.

What is ThredUP?

It is a site that buys used clothing from you and sells garments to others who are also on the web. Also, you can buy from the world’s biggest online thrift shop belonging to thredUP.

To buy from thredUP, you can log on to, or via the thredUp application.

It is a workable method to buy robes since you are buying used ones.

How Does ThredUP Work? ThredUp Selling Reviews

Upon your decision to sell your clothes to thredUP, you can either place a request for what they call ‘Clean Out Bag’ to put them all in or use your own box and ask for a free mailing label to send the clothes over.

However, note that not all that you sent will be bought as thredUP is so particular about the quality of what they can buy.

Most often than not, they end up buying a little fraction of the clothes sent to them. So, you end up not making much from the sales.

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How Does ThredUP Calculate the Pricing?

It is a good thing to want to know how much thredUP will offer for your clothing should you ever decide to sell to them.

The thredUP estimator on the site gives you a clear glimpse of what to expect. Below is some pricing.

  • JC Penney Khaki Shorts: $0.48
  • Old Navy Jeans: $0.90-$1.47
  • Express cardigan sweater: $1.08-$1.26
  • LC Lauren Conrad Casual Dress: $1.92-$2.43
  • Athleta Active Pants: $7.09-$7.87
  • Calvin Klein Cocktail Dress: $11.88-$15.00

How Do I Get My Money After Sales? ThredUP Selling Reviews?

You can get paid for your clothes in three ways, but that must be after a 14-day window frame. The payout options are:

  • PayPal Credit (with a 2% handling fee subtracted)
  • Cashback via Stripe
  • Shopping credit at associate brands, such as Athleta

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Is ThredUP Legit? ThredUP Selling Reviews

A website with a 2.7 star rating out of 5 surely means that thredUP is legit. Although, the rating is too poor.

More of the reviews have one focus which is basically, offering a negligible amount of money for a truckload of used clothes. The service it renders to those who buy from its online consignment shop is more appealing.

In a nutshell, this website is very much legit.

Final Thoughts

Being a recipient of a paltry sum of money for great clothing would leave you with no option but wonder if thredUP is legit. As earlier stated, it is the world’s biggest online thrift store.

So, it partners with notable fashion stores that wouldn’t accept less of the standard they represent.

Your resort on whether it is legit or a scam solely depends on what transpired during sales.



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