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On the norm, you’d probably spend the night sleeping. While this may be fun for the introvert, there are lots of fun stuff that will be more fun than just sleeping.

Trust me, you’ve had enough sleep already to last a lifetime. Besides, the stress of the week requires some unwinding.

Let’s show you how to have lots of fun even if you’re on a budget.

Take a break from that busy schedule to unwind. Your psyche needs it.

Meanwhile, we will show you the science behind having fun. Don’t you want to lose touch with happiness at old age? Start goofing around today!/

The Science Behind Fun

Let’s go a little bit scientific, shall we?

David J Linden explained how little fun experiences has profound effects on the brain.

He said when people feel pleasure, neurons are activated in the part of the brain called the ventral tegmental area. When the axons of these neurons reach to other parts of the brain, it releases dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter or a chemical messenger that transmitts signals to the brain like emotions, pleasure or pain, just like the endorphins. It is the brains reward system.

Basically, Dopamine is the happiness hormone that comes from the brain’s reward system. It is responsible for our experiencing hormone. So, we oblige you to see fun as a form of reward after some strenuous activities.

Moving on, here’s something worth reading.

Pleasure-seeking behaviors drops off in young adulthood, says Linden. And our ability to feel some types of pleasure diminishes as we age.

Starting around age 20, we lose 1 percent of our touch receptors each year. That’s not particularly noticeable in midlife, but by old age, it leads to problems with balance.

The answer is to take your pleasure widely. Mix your virtues and your vices.

Can Fun Things/Activities Make Me more Productive?

This is often the question asked by workaholics who don’t have time to relax and have some fun.

Now, read a stat.

Research done by a former Harvard Psychology Professor Dan Wenger suggests that too much concentration on set goals can lead to the exact opposite of the desired goal.

He coined the word ironic process to mean failure of the positive mental processes when performed under conditions of stress.

The solution to this to trade some hours of work for some unfocused attention time and socializing.

Now, you see that having fun actually leads to more productivity. Go ahead and do fun things at night. We have outlined 21 of them below.

21 Fun things to do at Night

The saying that “you will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it” is sadly true.

Here are some ideas on the fun things to do at night which are free and super-easy.

#1 Make a Backyard Bonfire

Did you ever attend a bonfire while in college? That is so fun. Replicate it by having a bonfire right in your backyard with some friends.

Sitting by the comfort of the fire offers some relaxing time and the perfect atmosphere to catch-up.

Make it more glam by bringing some sandwiches, and pizza. You may even have a barbecue stand for some extra flavor.

#2 Have a Game Night

You can have a game night with the boys, girls or the entire family.

It creates a great bonding time for families. The games can be in a form of competition and everyone will be grouped.

If you are on a budget, eat your dinner late and let it come in between games.

Some game ideas for a family game night are Trivial Pursuit, card games, Scattergories, Escape room in a box, and lots more.

#3 Spa Evening

This mustn’t include a visit to the spa. You can have a spa evening with the girls with the basic things at home.

Mum and daughters can have this special fun night.

Do manis and pedis with your favorite nail polish. Use coconut oil, brown sugar, and oats to exfoliate. Make home facials using recipes found online.

#4 Watch a Play at the Local Theater

This is another fun thing to do at night.

Growing up, I looked forward to the nights my family would visit the local theaters to watch a play. Try this out, you’d have a fun family night out.

You can actually Get Paid To Watch Movies.

#5 Window Shopping

This is my favourite free fun thing to do at night. Going around shops admiring their sales and taking pictures with them on. It is super fun when you do it with friends. You don’t have to buy anything.

#6 Backyard Camping Experience

To eiminate the cost of renting a camping space, do it in your backyard.

Here’s an idea, set up tents in your backyard, relax as you listen to some great outdoor sound. You may make a bonfire to keep warm. This is really a fun thing to do at night.

#7 Drive Around

Get in the car and drive around town at night. You will get some exciting and refreshing sceneries. It is a free fun thing to do at night. Remember to turn up the music and wind down the roof. This is so fun I can assure you.

#8 Have a Sports Evening

Get some friends and play an outdoor game. Games like volleyball, basketball or even football at the park at night offer a great deal of relaxation.

#9 Organize an Outdoor Concert/Movie Event

A neighbor of mine organizes an annual outdoor movie event. They have a large projector which is hung on the garage door.

They’d send out invitations to all of the neighbors, and ask opinion on the movie to be watched.

It was always a fun thing to do at night as we sat on lawn chairs and blankets with popcorn in hand a movie to watch. Also, it provided great networking time.

#10 Go for a Walk

If you live in a safe neighborhood, an evening stroll in the arms of your lover is a fun thing to do at night.

Enjoy the evening breeze with frogs and crickets chirping while having some romantic time. Walk to those locations that hold special memories. All the day’s stress will vanish into thin air.

#11 Binge Watch with Friends

Do you have favourite movie or series? Take out a night to have fun by binge watching them. You can invite some friends and have popcorn.

#12 Earn some Cash

Making some extra cash is a fun thing to do at night. We are not talking about an extra job or work hours. How about, making extra cash from what you love doing at night?

Take a spot downtown or at the station and play your guitar or sing your favorite song in the open. You’ll surely attract some passersby who will give you some bucks.

You are havng fun while earning some cash.

13 Learn a new skill/ hobby

I hate to draw and whenever I’m frustrated, I draw. It is a free fun thing that I do at night because I end up laughing at myself for capturing a ridiculous image.

A friend of mine finds cooking and baking a fun thing to do. By all means, do what makes you happy. If it is learning a new skill or hobby, go ahead.

#14 Visit friends/family

You may just stop by and visit your family or friends. My mum will make your night a fun one with food and stories.

A visit home is a fun thing to do at night.

#15 Volunteer to a charity event

Volunteering may not sound like fun, but it will end up being a fun thing to do at night because you’ll meet new people and may even make friends.

#16 Visit a bookstore

Every now and then, there’s a book read fest in your local bookstores. This is a fun thing to do at night because you’ll meet your favorite authors, hear them read their books, and have some fun.

You may go to the bookstore to read some books, or just goof around. It is your fun time, make it worthwhile.

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#17 Organize a Puzzle

Putting up a puzzle offers a very relaxing and fun activity for the night. Again, it requires zero budget.

Set a large puzzle and get your family and friends to come unravel it.

If you have a project at work that’s stressing your life out, this relaxation can equip you with some critical thinking skills to get it done. Don’t get so carried away not to have fun cos the idea is to relax.

#18 Go Bowling

I’ve never bowled before except for the game application on my phone. I can imagine how fun it will be bowling with a loved one at night.

I hear bowling is especially fun on saturday nights with the glow and bowl.

It usually starts at 11 pm or Midnight and for a few hours, you bowl for a set price. They turn down the lights and usually turn on black lights and play some fun music.

Have you done this fun thing at night before? Please share your experience.

#19 Attend a Carnival

A fun thing to do outside is go to carnivals and fairs.

In my area, local fire companies have carnivals to raise money. In addition to rides and food, there are games as well as music.

The best part is you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want. You can just walk around.

#20 Go for a karaoke night

This is a perfect goof around time and fun thing to do at night. Sing and dance away your stress.
Who knows, you may be on your way to a musical career.

Did you know that you can make money from music asides from being an artist?

#21 Stargazing

This is another free fun thing to do at night.

On a clear night, looking up the sky to the stars is incredible.

Grab a chair, with a telescope in hand and have some fun. You also use mobile applications like SkyView which enables you to stargaze. You can even check out this site to see what planets might be visible in your sky.

This can make for a romantic getaway for you and your favorite person. The kids can also be introduced to astronomy.

It’s also a way to reconnect with nature.


Happiness is free. A good way to express it is by having fun at night. It helps you relax and improve energy for other tasks.

There’s no end to activities, therefore, find time to relax and have some free fun at night!

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