How To Get Cheap Eurostar Tickets Even At The Last Minutes

People love to travel but don’t always do even when they have the time due to the high cost of tickets. For those who know about Eurostar and love using it, here’s how to get cheap Eurostar tickets and discounts.

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While I can’t do exactly what I want, I have had my fair share of Eurostar experiences. I have been able to do so because I discovered how to get cheap Eurostar tickets. It’s this knowledge that I would love to share with you guys today.

In this article, we will share with you our esteemed readers smart ways to get cheap Eurostar tickets.

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About Eurostar

The Eurostar is an international high-speed rail service that was founded In 1994. The train connects London to Continental Europe, with trains to Paris, Marseille, Lille, Brussels, and more departing from London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet, and Ashford International, all operated by Getlink.

Eurostar has become the most popular way of traveling from the UK to France and Belgium and usually offers cheaper tickets than airlines. Journey time takes 2 hours 15 minutes from London to Paris and 1 hour 50 minutes from London to Brussels doing it an incredibly convenient service. For more information about where the Eurostar travels to from London, check out their website here.

Intermediate calling points in France are Calais-Fréthun and Lille-Europe, with trains to Paris terminating at Gare du Nord. Trains to Belgium and the Netherlands serve Midi/Zuid station in BrusselsRotterdam Centraal, before terminating at Amsterdam Centraal. Additionally, in France, there are direct services from London to Disneyland Paris and seasonal direct services to southern France (Lyon, Avignon, and Marseille) in summer and to the French Alps in winter.

How To Get Cheap Eurostar Tickets

1.Be On The Lookout For Eurostar Sales And Deals

They advertise special deals and sales on their website, so if you fancy a tour around the continent at cheaper rates, then keep a tab on their website.

Remember, you’re not the only one looking for such sweet deals, so it sells out faster than it even comes. Therefore, you could subscribe to their newsletter to stay on top of the situation. If you miss out on the sale, then use other channels like…

2. Book Your Eurostar Tickets Early For Best Prices

The early birds drinks cleaner water they say. So book your tickets early. Cheap Eurostar tickets go for $40 one-way to $70 for a return ticket to Paris or Brussels.

According to rail advice website The Man in Seat 61, the cheapest tickets can only be found between midday Monday and midnight Thursday, and between midday and midnight on Saturday.

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You can afford to book tickets early because the tickets start selling 6months before the departure dates. So, keep it in mind when planning your next vacation or business trip and also try to get in early.

However, the tickets are non-refundable; you must pay 30 pounds plus the difference if you wish to change your tickets.

To cut ticket expenses for people travelling to Paris, you could first go to a nearby town like Marne-la-Vallée, which is only a few minutes away from Paris on train.

3.Book Late with Eurostar Snap

You can get ticket for as low as 25 pounds each way on Eurostar Snap.

The only thing is, these tickets will most likely not be available on bank holidays.

Additionally, you can only book a ticket on Eurostar Snap 30 days before departure. You need to specify the date you’d like to depart and indicate if it’s morning or afternoon.

They will then pick the exact train and email you departure details 48 hours before the due date.

Using Eurostar Snap is a bit of a gamble, though.

If you’ve just got one weekend in Paris and you get put on the Saturday 11.30am train out of London, you’ve already lost half a day.

Additionally, you could lose on the best hotels deals since you can only book 30 days before departure.

Snap tickets are only available for journeys between London, Paris, Lille and Brussels.

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4.Check Return And Standard Premier Tickets

Eurostar has a dynamic ticket pricing system. Demand for the ticket can hugely impact the prices and help smart travelers make better bargains.

Naturally, return tickets are usually cheaper than singles tickets. Getting a return ticket cheaper than two separately booked singles is even possible.

On Eurostar, getting a Standard Premier seat for just a few pounds more than Standard class is often possible.

Premier class features bigger seats, a cold light meal, and a round of free alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, so it could be worth the extra expense

5.You can Use An InteRail Or Eurail Pass

The InterRail pass (for British and European passengers) and Eurail (for those outside the EU) can get you hefty Eurostar discounts on Eurostar bookings.

The passes cost anywhere from £47 to more than £200 depending on the type you want (One Country, Global or Premium) so it’s not worth getting solely for cheaper Eurostar travel, but if you were getting one anyway then you may as well save extra.

You can book through the Eurostar website.

6. Become A Member Of Club Eurostar

Joining the club is absolutely free.

It replaced two old schemes, Eurostar Plus Points and Eurostar Frequent Traveller.

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It works similarly to airline frequent flyer schemes, in that you earn points that can be spent on tickets or upgrades.

The difference is that you earn one point per £1 spent on travel rather than distance traveled.

Your Club Eurostar points can also be transferred to American Express or Le Club Accor Hotels (or vice versa).

If you spend £2,400 in a year or take 32 return journeys, you’ll join the ‘Carte Blanche’ tier, entitling you to free lounge access and fast-track lanes.

You’ll also get a free 12-month digital subscription to The Telegraph.

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Eurostar does not charge kids under four if they do not need a seat. They are also Eurostar discounts for kids under 12, youths, and group travelers of all ages.

Eurostar also gives discounts to people accompanying a wheelchair user, who is traveling in standard premier or business premier class.

8.You Can Use Cashback Website Or Credit Cards To Get Discount/Cheaper Tickets On Eurostar

Websites like  Quidco or TopCashback sometimes have offers that help you earn money back on your spending with Eurostar before booking your tickets online.

Loco2 is another site; while they do not give cash back for money spent on Eurostar, they don’t charge a booking fee.

However, I sincerely doubt if this policy is still in place. As there’s a new policy that has added booking fees to every ticket, not the domestic UK.

Another way is to own an  American Express Everyday or Platinum Cashback card. You get a %5 discount on Eurostar bookings by paying with this card within the first three months of use.

9.Check Other Means Of Transportation

While everyone is fixated on traveling with the Eurostar, you might want to check if there are flights available to your destination and, while at it, confirm if it might be cheaper to go with them.

Eurostar no doubt offers something that most flights might not offer, like a luggage-free pass, a bigger personal space, and they even allow you to carry liquids.

But if you’re on a tight budget, consider checking flight fees first.

Budget airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair have cheap flights to places like Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam throughout the year.

10.Use Midweek Trains

If you’re a savvy traveler, you’ll know that the cheap Eurostar tickets everyone’s looking for are usually for trains on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

It’s also a great time to visit Paris, leaving the weekenders to their queues and having the museums and galleries to yourself, especially with our 2 for 1 museum entry offer. 

11.Eurostar With Hotel Deals

There are Eurostar tickets sold as part of a hotel package, find them. You can stay as many nights as you like at a hotel. This can be a good way of getting cheap Eurostar tickets when other places are sold out, or have very high prices. The package is available to all Eurostar destinations.

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Visit Eurostar Deals for more.

12.Cheap Day Deals

Some companies offer cheap 1 or 2 day Eurostar for London to Paris tickets. Some of these big tour companies buy their tickets months in advance at a subsided rate, thereby creating competitive prices.

You can check one of them out here.

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How To Get Cheap Eurostar Tickets Last Minute

Few sites offers such services, and they include

This website offers all sorts of last-minute deals on cheap Eurostar tickets from London and is a good way of getting cheap Eurostar tickets.

Tickets can be to Paris, Marseille, or Bruges and typically include accommodation in the price. Sometimes, their deals are much cheaper than the official Eurostar website.

Additionally, you can get last-minute tickets at the Eurostar ticket counter at St. Pancras. Remember that the closer to your travel date, the more expensive tickets will be. It’s better to book online as soon as possible to find the lowest fares.

Eurostar Classes

Eurostar offers a variety of services to suit your need and budget. If you’re traveling light or with luggage or for a business meeting or pleasure, Eurostar got you covered.

Standard (Economy)

Enjoy discounted entry to attractions in your chosen destination with a Eurostar Standard ticket. Grab a copy of Metropolitan magazine and access to Café Metropole.

Standard Premier

Benefit from a wide range of magazines and newspapers, spacious coaches, and a light meal and drinks served to your table with Eurostar Standard Premier. 

Business Premier (First Class)

Quicker boarding times, flexible tickets, and access to the Business Premier lounges. Business Premier seats come with a menu designed by world-famous chef Raymond Blanc.

Final Thought

Sometimes it’s nice to take off to some mountain or county, away from the buzz of the city for some quiet time alone or with someone we love.

If you ever have planned to do any of this in Europe’s Best countries (Paris, Brussels, London, Etc) then I invite you to use the Eurostar. A high-speed train that offers a lot for your comfort and satisfaction.

What’s More? We’ve shown you how to maximize your travelling experience by getting cheap tickets to your chosen destinations on Eurostar.

Hop on these opportunities and make lasting memories.


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