15 Top Affordable Smartwatches to Buy this 2022

Do you remember the manual watch setting days?  When if you had to track something the old school Casio beeps were all you knew?

The menace of having to stop a watch, reset, write somewhere the current time, the set again… I mean, the hustle was too much!

With the birth of cheap and top affordable smartwatches, everything analog has shifted to be smart.

With the rise of health complications, cheaper, free, and affordable smartwatches are all over the market to help monitor conditions that might be dangerous.

That is to say that there are hundreds of top and good smartwatches which you can get at a low price this 2021.

And trying to make a pick can be confusing considering the numerous options you are presented with.

That is why we’ve made a comprehensive list of 15 Top Affordable Smartwatches you can choose from.

These smartwatches are known as almost free smartwatches because considering the features they have, there are way below their worth.

Carefully read on!

About Top Smartwatches

A smartwatch is like a compressed computer, on your wrist. A fancy way of timing everything around you from the vital heart rate to the meaningless speed of the wind.

Smartwatches are for both fun and serious-time business. They are like the seventh sense that summarizes what you need in an extra way.

How do Smartwatches work?

You might want to look at these simplified ways in which a smartwatch works.

  • It is connected to your smartphone which is compatible. You need an app on your phone that will connect to your smartwatch through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You will be able to receive notifications from your phone; thus you don’t need to walk around with your phone.
  • Smartphones sensor things on you and around you. They can take note of your heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure. Also, they’ve got a GPS tracking system that helps locate you. They can measure your activities including counting your steps when you walk and how you burn calories.
  • Some smartwatches allow you to install applications that help in your daily routine like WhatsApp, Spotify among others. These apps help you operate in a specific way like knowing the weather being ready for the outcomes. 

What are SmartWatches Used For

Here are some of the top 10 coolest things your smartwatch can do for you:

Doubles up as a small phone.

With your sim card in it, connectivity to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, contacts, several phone apps you have the ability to use the smartwatch as a smartphone.

With smartwatches, one can make a call, send any form of message, get an alert from their main devices or send them to other people’s devices.

They are small phones. Cheap smartwatches and sometimes free smartwatches can be used for this purpose.

Helps in fitness

Lately, it is possible to be kicked out of a gym if you don’t have a smart watch. Tracking key things like the heart pace, sweating, burnt calories in a specific period of time is important for anyone working out.

A good smartwatch will give you a detailed workout schedule, history and help you know what you need to do next. If you are an exercise maniac, then invest in a good and affordable smartwatch.

Monitors the heart pace

Medics advise that everyone should be familiar with their heart paces. With the current surge of lifestyle diseases, getting to know how your heart operates on a daily basis will help you report any change to a doctor.

This can help in curbing complications early before they become detrimental. You, therefore, better invest even in a cheap smartwatch for this kind of work.

Checks speed and Accuracy in Sports

Are you an ardent sports person? Then you understand that timing is a key element in sports.

Cheap smartwatches will give you a better experience in timing yourself during practice and on material events days. Have a record of time in, kept, and tracked with an affordable smartwatch.

And should you get stuck during a field event and you were unable to carry a phone, then you can make a quick call using the smartwatch as well.

Acts as a GPS system

Most smart watches can be linked with android phones and iOS systems. This means that it’s possible to keep track of someone wearing a smart watch through a smart phone.

Parents, you can invest in a cheap or affordable smart phone for your child. Some can even alert you when the baby is active and when they fall asleep.

Menstrual cycle monitors

Safe days worries? Need to know if you need to carry a pad or tampon or not? Is it safe to go clubbing in white? Then wear a smart watch.

You will be alerted when your body temperature changes, when you are ovulating, and when you are about to start rolling.

Glucose, blood sugar levels

Diabetes is one of the top killer conditions in the world. Cheap and affordable, sometimes free smartwatches have helped in reducing diabetes-related deaths.

If you are a diabetic, use a smartwatch to check your sugar level and avoid risking your life.

Mini baby monitors

Are you worried about your baby at home when you are at work? Do you wonder if your child plays enough? Does the child rest enough? Get your child a fancy smart watch and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

You will able to tell even when they catch a fever. You will be alerted when they sleep. The good news is that most of the smartwatches for kids have a longs battery life and they don’t need to be charged. So they can just disappear on you.

Fashion and style

Smart watches are simply stylish. They complement your dressing. The classy ones will give you an exotic look.

In this case, you might want to let the cheap smartwatches pass and invest in classy ones like the Samsung Galaxy.

Day planner

Order your day using an affordable, cheap smart watch. You will be reminded when one activity ends and when the other starts.

You will know exactly how long took to do something to plan better the next time. don’t waste time when you can get help from a smartwatch.

15 Top Affordable Smartwatches in 2022

From the least exotic to the mother of class, here are 15 top cheap smartwatches you might want to explore:

1. The Fitbit ace,  The Garmin Vivo tix,  The gizmo.

Hello mommies out there! 3 best Smart watches in 2022, for your babies, are here! Keep track of their heart rates, know when they get actives, know how many times they sleep in a day.

All these you can do from a distance since these smartwatches can be connected to Android smartphones. The three smartwatches have long battery life, of at least a year after purchase and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to charge them.

Most importantly they are water-resistant, so baby can even swim in them! The Fitbit goes for $49.99, the Garmin for $69.99, and The Gizmo for $99.99.

2. Zeblaze Thor

Zeblaze Thor is one of the top affordable smartwatches worth going for this 2022.

In fact, if you’re going for sense and simplicity, you will consider Zeblaze Thor. It is simply an effective, large 54MM AMOLED screen.

This one is highly recommended for sports. It is accurate and sensitive to any sort of change in your body. You will be able to check your heart rate, body temperature, and keep a record of your speed against time.

The smartwatch is also affordable to compete with huge market labels. You don’t have any reason not to try it out whatsoever.

3. Fitbit versa lite

As much as it is an affordable smart watch, it lacks various features like limited notifications, poor battery life, no music, no phone pays among others. Fitbit versa Lite is good for sportspeople. It is simple and sensible.

This smartwatch is compatible with android 5+ and Ios. Has a fairly large display with an IP rating of 67.

You want it simply for practicability, and affordability then this is your one-stop place. It goes for less than $100 on various marketplaces.

4. Garmin forerunner 30.

Next in our list of almost free smartwatches you can get this year is Garmin Forerunner 30.

Did you know that fitness and health were behind the making of smart watches? This very affordable watch is perfect for fitness.

It has a battery life of 5 days, is compatible with both android and iOS. Has a fairly large screen display. With Bluetooth connectivity, listening to music while working out is easy.

The Garmin forerunner is basically built for marathoners. Currently, this smartwatch is selling for $38.99 on offer.

5. Garmin Tactix Delta Smart watch

Next is Garmin Tactix Delta Smart watch. It would have been the number one if not for its slightly higher price. Imagine a solar chargeable smartwatch.

You can go on and on without ever worrying that it will shut down on you, and that is all that matters.

This is good news for sportspeople, especially long-distance sports and those with a medical condition that relies purely on smartwatches.

The Garmin Tactix is solar-powered with a tactical GPS tracker installed. It is however not so affordable or cheap as the other smartwatches but worth the sacrifice.


It is also built for outdoor activities, navigation with multi GNNS, possible payments, alerts, and notification in one tough case.

This is definitely the most effective kind of smartwatch in this era!  Get this for about $129.00.

6. Amazfit Bip

With an affordable smartwatch like Amazfit Bip, you can enjoy a 45 days’ battery life. Is your heart monitored on an accurate device? In addition to these, you will be able to swim with your watch, for Amazfit is 3ATM water-resistant. It sells for between $50 and $70.  

Amazfit has a sleep tracker as well. The plastic straps might be a downside if you are the style type but if you want to save then you have your pick.

The wrist straps are convenient for both bid and small wrists. All its features are satisfactorily amazing and worth the price.

7. MyKronoz ZeTime

Fancy in its own right with a touch screen is what you get here. MyKronoz works with both android and iOS thus gives you options on devices to use.

Despite of being cheap it comes with a long list of smart watch features except for GPS ability and mobile payments app.


It has a battery life of 3days, not very reliable when out for longer periods of time. Being a hybrid makes it exquisite.

The straps are in two different sizes to accommodate the different sizes of wrists as well. Very considerate! It is currently going for around $70. 

8. Ticwatch GTX

Currently, for $39.99 on Amazon, you can walk to your sport event sure that you got the perfect time gear.


Perfect heartrate readings, blood sugar, sleep tracking, and is also water proof. It has a guarantee of 10days battery life. Easy to use with specific features that will enable you to sport easily. 

9. Yaymay Smart Watch

Yaymay Smart Watch is one of the top affordable smartwatches worth going for this 2021. This smartwatch has straps for both men and women.

It comes in different stylish colors thus can be won for the smartwatch features and style at the same time. it is compatible with android and iPhone.

Checks the heart rate, counts steps, calories have a sleep tracker, and are IP68 waterproof.

You can practically swim with it. It goes for $29.99 0n amazon currently. And trying to weigh it’s features with this price, you can say it is one of the almost free smartwatches anyone will love once gotten.

10. Letsfit smart watch.

This one is perfect for fitness. It comes with a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer, and sleep monitor.

The screen is 1.3inch touch, enough for large fingers. It is IP68 waterproof and counts steps. It goes for $49.99 on amazon.

11. Sanag

Sanag cat be left out in this list of top Affordable Smartwatches. Sanag is one fancy accessory.

Stylish and convenient with its affordability being the icing on the cake. It can be used by both android and iOS users.

It comes with sensors for blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep tracker, and heartbeat sensor. The smartwatch is IP69 waterproof.  A majority of smart features available on other smartwatches are available here as well.


The wrist bands are gender-sensitive colors and sizes as well.  I recommend Sanag as a health monitor and workout accessory. Buy it for $45 on amazon.

12.  Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

I would not dare leave out Samsung among the best. Fit 2 had to sneak in somewhere. Currently selling for $49.99, it is quite affordable.

It is the best for fitness tracking and has a smart band. Has a sleep monitor, has Bluetooth connectivity, it is water-resistant thus you can do swim sports with it.

It is fancy and affordable, with all features available on other very expensive smartwatches.

13. Canmix Smart Watch

Another top affordable smartwatch you can get this 2021 is Canmix. Canmix is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The bands are awesome! All wrists can get a fit. All styles can be matched.

It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, and is USB enabled. The watch is waterproof, up to 50meters deep.

Top Affordable Smartwatches

You get to use the touch screen of 1.3 inches, fitness tracker, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitor, and sleep monitor as well.

For $40.99, on amazon, you save a lot since almost all the features you need on let’s say Samsung Galaxy SE are here. Only cheaper.

14. LetsCom Smart Watch

This is also among the top Affordable Smartwatches you can buy in this 2021. LetsCom is compatible with android and iPhone. A uniquely colored 1.55 inches’ touch screen is more like a phone.

Top Affordable Smartwatches

Has a fitness tracker, a heart rate monitor, and can measure the oxygen saturation in the blood.  For $52.99 you can enjoy the 5ATM waterproof accessory.

15. Byttron Smart Watch.

Byttron Smart watch is one of the top Affordable Smartwatches for both men and women, classy with a 1.3inch full touch screen. It is IP68 water proof so can handle water sports. 

Got all fitness trackers, with a heart rate monitor. For $39.99 on amazon you will have most of your smart watch needs to be fixed. It is compatible with iPhone and Android.


Do you have a smartwatch yet? Did you think they are too expensive? Now you know they are very affordable and you can enjoy an extra smart feature if you pick one of the listed ones.

A smart watch is a daily necessity and every human being, child or adult, man or woman needs to have it for one reason or the other.

Since smartwatches are more functional and reliable, people have preferred them to normal digital watches.

For this reason, companies are putting in the effort to make them aesthetically appealing and fashionable.

There is no reason why you should not consider having a smartwatch for yourself or your child. Even for a pet.



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