What Is Defaqto Rating? What Does 5 Star Ratings Mean To Your Business

Searching for insurance is not only stressful; it’s just hard. With so many financial products available, it can be difficult to find one.

To make it simple, Defaqto Star Rating offers independent and unbiased product reviews that consumers, advisors, and brokers can trust.

While going through insurance options, you might have seen a lot of products rated 5 stars by Defaqto.

Even if you haven’t heard of Defaqto, you may be familiar with their logo which you find in most insurance companies.

You might wonder what that mean.

Defaqto experts have done all the work for you by researching and analyzing the terms and conditions of each insurance product in the market.

The system then rates these financial institutions on a scale of 1 to 5 based on the quality and integrity of the features and benefits they offer.

To help you understand Defaqto Star Ratings, this article will tell you all about Defaqto, who they are, how they work, and our own review.

What Is Defaqto?

Defaqto is an independent financial business company that focuses on providing valuable information to support financial institutions, advisors, and consumers’ decision-making.

Founded in 1994, its star rating system aims to help customers identify where a product stands on the market in terms of functionality, quality, and integrity.

The star rating system also seeks to encourage customers to look beyond prices when it comes to purchasing insurance and provides them with a quick and unbiased view of a product.

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What Is Defaqto Rating?

As earlier mentioned, Defaqto offers independent and unbiased product reviews that customers, advisors, and brokers can rely on.

To achieve this, Defaqto’s team of experts selects the most important features and benefits of an insurance product and then uses them to rate all products in the market.

Each of these products is assigned a start rating on a scale of 1 to 5 after adding the scores.

For you, most car and home insurance that are cheap also offer excellent coverage and confirm their commitment to providing quality products and services.

That’s not always the case.

Less expensive insurance companies often exclude key elements of coverage, which could put you at risk when making a claim. Therefore, Defaqto star ratings can be of great help to you by comparing your level of coverage, and only those with comprehensive features gain their 5-star rating.

A 1-star rating indicates a basic product, with a low level of features and benefits, while a 5-star product offers one of the highest quality offerings on the market.

In a nutshell, we can say that the Defaqto Star rating gives anyone a simple and reliable way to evaluate the quality of a product’s features and benefits, rather than relying solely on price.

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How Do Defaqto Ratings Work?

Defaqto star rating goal is to evaluate all products on the market. A study posits Defaqto has the UK’s largest retail financial product database, which is maintained by collecting product and fund data and using industry experience and knowledge to make it comparable.

This data supports product reviews, web and software solutions, publications, events, and consulting services.

Officially, Defaqto Star Rating has the following products under their review:

  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Credit Card
  • Life Insurance
  • Company pension 
  • Health Insurance

Five-star products, for example, must have “full” levels of coverage or functionality. Such a rating, Brown Defaqto Founder explains, “is a very good level of features and benefits, much more than a lower-rated product.”

Defaqto car insurance ratings are calculated using a scoring method called Numerical Data Analysis (NDA).

However, Defaqto has not published its basic criteria. Although, last year Defaqto defined the terms that financial service providers must use to describe their star rating.

Also, note that Defaqto’s star rating is not officially recognized by regulators.

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How Are Defaqto Ratings Decided?

Defaqto takes into account all the key features, and benefits offered when deciding how to rate a product.

The rating Defaqto assigns is then based on an evaluation of the overall product.

For example, the Aviva car insurance product has a 5-star rating from Defaqto. This is based on the general coverage that they offer in the market, compared to other providers.

However, if you choose a more basic version of their coverage, such as third-party insurance, you will not necessarily get the same benefits as a more comprehensive version.

Defaqto describes each star rating as follows:

  • 1 Star—A basic product with a low level of features and benefits.
  • 2 Stars—A product typically offering a below-average range of features and benefits.
  • 3 Stars–A standard product providing an average level of features and benefits.
  • 4 Stars–A product with a good level of features and benefits.
  • 5 Stars–An excellent product with a comprehensive range of features and benefits.

The rating is always an evaluation of the overall product offered.

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What Does Defaqto 5 Star Ratings Mean To Your Business

It is tempting to compare insurance policies solely by price.

Therefore, the Defaqto star rating can help your clients evaluate the quality of your product or policy in terms of features and benefits and the range of options available.

To your client, a five-star rating of your business from Defaqto means convincing your client to buy a quality blanket that will be there for them when they need it most.

However, ratings have become big business. The Defaqto website boasts that “60 experts spend 400 hours a day collecting and reviewing information on more than 41,000 products.”

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How Does Defaqto Earn Money?

Defaqto makes money by giving its ratings to companies to use in their promotional material.

The exchanges are purely business-to-business and Defaqto does not generate any money from customers.

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Our Defaqto Ratings Review

Defaqto is first and foremost a business-to-business company, not a comparison site, and does not generate any benefits. Instead, it allows the use of Star Ratings for companies in their advertising.

A study conducted by Defaqto in 2015 showed that 78% of people found the concept of star ratings easy to understand. While 86% thought it would be helpful when purchasing a financial product.

This is true!

While reviewing Defaqto’s insurance rating, we found out that their method is simple to understand. Their website is also easy to find the ratings of different insurance policies.

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In Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for a car, home, travel, or life insurance, we can guarantee you Defaqto’s 5-Star rating is a real deal.

This means you can trust any insurance company that has Defaqto Star ratings.



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