15 Weird Funny Faces Apps | Updated

If you are adventurous and like to make fun with the filter effects on your phone, you might just be looking for this post to do more exploits with the funny faces apps on Google Play.

These apps work differently. So, you have to acquaint yourself with them before going on to have a swell time making funny faces of you and your close allies.

As you know, maintaining cheerfulness is a secret hack to extending your lifespan. These weird funny faces apps will stir up laughter within you even when it doesn’t feel like it.

The table of contents below will give you a clearer picture of what the content talks about.

List of the 15 Weird Funny Faces Apps

#1. Face Changer

This app lets you transform really amazing pictures into something hilarious. It is not difficult finding your way around the app.

Face changer goes on to wrap faces and restructure them whichever way you want them to appear.

#2. FaceApp

This is about the most renowned funny face app that is widely used. With more than one slide on your phone’s screen, this app automatically changes a fairly young person into an elderly fellow.

This is why you’re able to have a hint on what you’ll look like when you turn say, 40 or 50.

Interestingly, one of the most amazing things that were ever incorporated into this app is the AI system. It has the capability of choosing what hair-dos and colors fit you most.

#3. Banuba

Having Banuba installed on your phone makes it all so much fun as it avails you the time to try the array of themes it has.

This face app has a dual capability of making your (pictures and videos) pleasing.

These characters end up making your pictures look like that of an animated character.

#4. MixBooth

This app seems to be the weirdest app there is. It makes a caricature from two very unfamiliar pictures that you upload.

You can either choose to share the result with your friends or leave it.

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#5. Animal Faces

I guess there’s always that one person in every fold that makes other members of the fold go nuts. if you are the scariest of your folks, here’s an app you’d love.

On animal faces, you get to fix an animal’s head to replace its original head. This could make them look really funny.

Interestingly, you can download it freely on the Google Play store.

#6. Funny Face Effect

This effects app mainly takes after the face wrap app and offers tools that stretch the facial skin.

This is in a bid to either stretch the jaw or enlarge the eyes. You can download it for free on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

#7. Face Warp

This is a funny photo editor that lets you make enough of yourself taking selfies.

The various brush tools it has can make you play around with the picture of your very face and come up with something really hilarious.

#8. Crazy Helium

There is a lot of crazy stuff you can do with this app. Did you ever know you can record the funniest and shortest clips ever on this app?

Not only are there very weird masks, you’ll also find the cute ones. Then, compliment the weird look with music from your gallery.

Viola! Have the fun of your life alongside your friends.

#9. YouCam Fun

There is a plethora of masks and stickers that you can use to make yourself look really hilarious.

Similarly, it works just the same way these weird funny faces apps do. So, go straight to your Google Play store and download it on your device.

#10. Robotify

You cannot try to see what your funny face will look like and not also try to see what you’ll look like being a robot.

Robotify comprises a number of templates that have virtually the elements you can find on robots. So, you can extend the fun by making a little video of yourself and changing your voice too.

#11. Face Lab

Ever wondered what app changes a human face to that of an animal? It is the face lab!! Isn’t this a eureka moment for you?

This face app lets you choose an animal face of your choice and adjust it to the degree you want it.

Also, you can create a collage where you can compare two pictures where one belongs to the present and another to the future.

All these features go on to make you have a splendid day while you also grinning from ear to ear.

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#12. Face Swap Live

This funny face app works best for apple gadgets and lets you exchange faces with your friends while you all laugh it off.

It doesn’t restrict the exchange of faces to just your friends as you can do that with almost anybody from any part of the world.

#13. Face Distortion

Again on the Google Play store is the weird app called the face distortion. You can cause distortion to your face by simply warping a selfie you’ve taken.

The only reason you wouldn’t laugh using this app is that the distortion on the picture didn’t get to you but I doubt it.

#14. Funny Video Maker (JokeFaces)

This is an app that makes it easy for you to make short clips and very hilarious ones.

The effects you get using this app look surreal that you would want to try it multiple times over.

The best part is that you can save the videos if you want or rather use them as gifs since they’re of high quality.

#15. UglyBooth

The last on the list of the weird funny faces apps is the uglybooth. To start, you will need to upload a photo from your phone’s gallery and it will take you a few more minutes to make hilarious stuff out of it.

This app goes on to add imperfections like crossed eyes, acne filled face, and an enlarged nose to your picture.

Final Thoughts

Cheerfulness never goes wrong and with any of these funny faces apps installed on your phone, you would devise a means to add longevity to your days.



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