10 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Piano

If you want to supplement your piano lessons, YouTube is a great place to start. There are numerous piano tutorials available to help you if you’re stuck on a particular skill or simply want to learn a new song. While these YouTube piano tutorials will not completely replace an experienced piano teacher- they will answer any questions you may have in between lessons.

There are the best YouTube channels for learning piano. Do you want a serious traditional musical education complete with theory, formal lessons, and practice routines? Perhaps you’d prefer to learn to play popular songs on the piano quickly to impress your friends. In any case, you’ll find a YouTube channel for you in the list below. This article is on the 10 best YouTube channels for learning piano.

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10 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Piano

#1. Piano Hero

The first on our list- Piano Hero, is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Piano. The Piano Hero YouTube channel owner is a French music producer known as “The Gadget.” He describes himself as a “dreamy-catchy-punchy melodic bass music producer” on his Facebook page. His videos are geared toward teaching people how to play specific songs on the piano.

Each video has a difficulty rating ranging from “easy” to “legendary.”He includes sheet music in the video descriptions. The video itself is an animation of the song played on a keyboard with music playing in the background. Some of the music in the videos is original compositions, while others feature various types of modern music.

There is also no instructional component to the videos other than demonstrating the songs playing. With 1k+ YouTube followers, there is no doubt that he knows his onions. This channel is ideal if you know the fundamentals of piano playing and want to learn specific songs. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Piano.

Visit Piano Hero YouTube Channel Here

#2. Andrew Furmanczyk

Andrew Furmanczyk runs the Furmanczyk Academy of Music. He lives in British Columbia and has been playing the piano since the age of five, according to his bio. He appears to have a strong desire to teach others about music, which shines through in his videos. This is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Piano.

He provides several free courses on music theory and piano playing on his YouTube channel and website. His videos are all free, and there are a lot of them. By watching Andrew’s intro video, you’ll get a sense of what his channel is about as well as his personality.

Andrew’s YouTube channel is a good place to start if you want to learn music theory. He has 900+ YouTube subscribers on his channel.

Visit Andrew Furmanczyk YouTube Channel Here

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#3. Instant Piano Genius

Tim Gross’ Piano Genius aims to cut through the “unnecessary and confusing typical ‘piano teacher’ curriculum”. He does this by teaching you how to “play chords and songs immediately without all the memorization and frustration”. This is on the description on his YouTube channel. He has one of the best YouTube channels for learning Piano.

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Tim’s approach to piano playing and instruction is almost opposed to Andrew Furmanczyk’s. Not only does he not cover any music theory, but he also charges for most of his content. This is why there are only a few unlocked videos on his YouTube channel. You can, however, visit his website to request a password to access more videos.

Tim is more interested in teaching the style of the piano used by rock musicians, with an emphasis on chords and improvisation. Instant Piano Genius had over 700 subscribers on his YouTube channel. His channel is ideal for those who don’t want to learn how to read sheet music or music theory. It is mostly for those who want to get right to playing the piano.

Visit Instant Piano Genius Here

#4. Piano in 21 Days

The founder of Piano in 21 Days is Jacques Hopkins. He claims his method is ideal for “regular people who want to learn to play songs on the piano”. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning piano as quickly as possible. His approach is with a heavy emphasis on chords but also some elements of traditional piano instruction.

He offers paid courses, but his YouTube channel has more free content. His free content includes a playlist with 34 videos. These videos teach you how to play almost every possible chord on the piano. Piano in 21 Days is an excellent choice for people who want to learn how to play the piano as quickly as possible. You would learn without delving too deeply into music theory.

Piano in 21 days video lessons is clear and concise. They will guide you through everything you need to know about the piano so that you can play some popular songs.

Visit Piano in 21 Days YouTube Channel Here

#5. Become a Piano Superhuman

Zach Evans has created an online course called “Become a Piano Superhuman”. He claims will take you from “zero to hero” in the shortest amount of time. And so far, it has become one of the best YouTube channels for learning Piano. The course focuses on essential skills such as sight-reading, right-hand/left-hand coordination, and others. He centers on things that would make you become a better pianist.

Zach has a lot of great videos on his YouTube channel. However, he saves the best content for his course, which is currently free but may not be in the future. This course is ideal for those who want to learn specific piano skills but are not interested in music theory or general music education. Becoming a Piano superhuman would teach you Piano in a way others don’t know how to.

Visit Become a Piano Superhuman YouTube Channel Here

#6. Hoffman Academy

In contrast to the previous three channels, the Hoffman Academy takes a very traditional approach to piano education. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning piano. It claims to “provide the most comprehensive foundation in music available online”. The video covers everything from sight-reading to technique and music theory.

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The paid course, which is appropriate for both children and adults, has over 100 videos. It is a great option for those looking for comprehensive piano education. It would be ideal for music students or those aspiring to be professional pianists. They have over 1k+ YouTube subscribers on their channel.

While the full course is not free, there are several excellent free videos on their YouTube channel. The Hoffman Academy provides a progressive series of lessons for the 21st-century piano student to view and consume at his or her leisure.

All the videos are hosted on the Hoffman Academy YouTube channel. This allows them to be viewed on computers, mobile devices, and even internet-connected televisions.

Visit Hoffman Academy YouTube Channel Here

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#7. TakeLessons

If you’re looking for exercises to add to your daily practice routine, the TakeLessons piano playlist is a great place to start. If you want to learn how to play the piano, this YouTube channel should be one of your options.

They have over 500 YouTube subscribers and intend to rake in more as time goes on. The YouTube lessons are free, allowing you to go back to them whenever you are free.

This channel also frequently live streams entire piano lessons. This allows you to watch a live instructor while also participating by asking questions in the chatbox.  It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Piano.

Visit TakeLessons YouTube channel Here

#8. Piano Tv

One of the best YouTube channels for learning piano is Piano TV! This TV can keep you motivated all around while you learn the piano. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning piano with 800+ YouTube subscribers.

This channel includes piano tutorials on how to learn pop and classical songs, as well as learning music theory and practice tips. There are also videos about composers, different styles, and music history. It is a great way to supplement your piano education.

Visit PianoTv YouTube Channel Here

#9. HDpiano

Did you know Billie Eilish learned to play the piano by watching HDpiano tutorials? Probably not, and this information should be very motivating for anyone aspiring to be a musician! HDpiano is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Piano.

It’s inspiring to think that the piano lessons you watch on YouTube could help you become a world superstar.

Popular songs include not only pop and rock songs, but also movie soundtracks and neo-classical works. They are very good at what they do and over time, have garnered a fair share of YouTube subscribers.

Visit HDpiano YouTube Channel Here

#10. Josh Wright

The last on our list- Josh Wright is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Piano. This channel, hosted by Billboard #1 artist Josh Wright, is another excellent resource for pianists of all levels. Though Josh Wright primarily focuses on classical piano and repertoire, his videos can benefit any pianist.

This channel is especially useful for those who want to learn new piano techniques and correct old ones. You can also learn classical pieces by watching his how-to-play videos.

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Visit Josh Youtube Channel

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Nowadays, you can learn almost anything on the internet, including how to play the piano. Indeed, there are so many how-to videos about piano playing available online that it can be difficult to sort through them all to find the good ones.

We provided the 10 best YouTube channels for learning the Piano above. We hope that they would help you to perfect your Piano playing skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn to play the piano by watching YouTube videos?

To be sure, there are numerous free options for learning keyboard skills on YouTube. Teaching quality will range from terrible to excellent, as one would expect. The Piano Keyboard Guide looks promising for learning basic piano theory and keyboard skills.

Can I learn to play the piano in 7 days?

You’ve learned how to navigate the keyboard, play a simple scale, make chords, and play a song in just seven days (or less). Consider what you could accomplish in a month or a year! As long as you have fun, you can learn to play the piano at any age.

How can I learn to play the piano quickly?

Establish proper finger technique. As counterintuitive as it may seem, playing a piece slowly can help you learn to play a piece quickly. This can be the quickest way to learn piano. A piece, for example, may contain motifs or themes that you can repeat throughout the piece.

Can I learn to play the piano on my own?

Yes! While we believe that learning piano from an expert instructor is the best way to learn, we also fully support students who prefer self-learning. The piano is one of the most versatile instruments. Learning how to teach yourself is a skill that will benefit you.

How long will it take to learn to play the piano?

Most people who want to play for fun can achieve great results in three to five years of study and practice. Whatever level you want to reach, your progress lies in how diligently and effectively you practice.

What should I practice first on the piano?

The major scale, particularly the C major scale, is the most common starting point for beginners. You should learn and practice because it lies entirely on white notes on the keyboard. This makes it simple to memorize.



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