Youtubers vs Tiktokers 2023: What is it | How it Works | Contestants

Ever heard the argument about YouTubers vs Tiktokers? What led to it? Who were the contestants, and how did it happen? These and many more are among the things we will look at in our update today.

Youtube and Tiktok are both video streaming platforms, with Youtube commanding many users compared to Tiktok. Tiktok gained prominence in 2020 after a merger with music-sharing social media saw the platform grow into one of the top social media platforms in the world.

Some users and influencers of both platforms took from the tech and social media space to the boxing ring the rivalry between the two platforms, which brought about the Youtubers vs Tiktokers challenge.

Youtubers vs Tiktokers: The Ultimate Debate

YouTubers vs. TikTokers, also known as the Battle of Platforms, was a 4-hour pay-per-view boxing match between the stars of the two platforms that Social Gloves hosted in June 2021.

Seven matches, including two undercards and five main cards, were broadcast. The key matchup, however, was Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall.

There might be a Youtube vs Tiktokers 2023 bout but before then, let us look at what started the first one.

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How Youtubers vs Tiktokers Started

The feud between TikTok celebrity Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom, renowned for his ACE Family YouTube channel, began on Twitter. It’s unknown what sparked the two’s online argument.

However, their primarily verbal conflict on social media resulted in a scheduled occasion known as the Battle of Platforms or YouTubers vs. TikTokers.

But that wasn’t the first time that famous creators chose to settle their differences in a boxing ring. Before the 2021 event, Joe Weller and KSI, two prominent YouTube stars from the UK, squared off. However, TikTokers vs. YouTubers boxing was the first to use the names of the platforms in the title, so it became a generic dispute amongst the sites’ producers.

Boxers Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall were the stars of Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms (Youtube vs Tiktok) To determine which platform would win, Youtubers and Tiktokers faced off in Miami. Migos, DJ Khaled, and Lil Baby all gave impressive musical performances, which was a big success.

Who Were Youtube vs Tiktokers Contestants?

The boxing contest had quite a number of participants who were equally social media stars.

Here’s a list of the creators that won their matches in the Battle of Youtube vs Tiktokers:

  • Austin McBroom won the game against Bryce Hall by TKO.
  • AnEsonGib won the match against Tyler Holder.
  • Vinnie Hacker won the match against DEJI.
  • DDG won the match against Nate Wyatt.
  • Faze Jarvis won the match against Michael Lee.
  • London McBroom defeated Ben Azelart.
  • Ryan Johnston defeated Cale Saurage.

Below are details of how the contestants fought it out

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1. Ryan Johnston (YouTube) vs. Cale Saurage (TikTok)

The tournament began off incredibly strong as Cale Saurage and Ryan Johnston engaged in a back-and-forth war. They exchanged blows the whole bout, but Saurage was the better fighter at the beginning of the fight. He won the first two rounds but ran out of steam after that.

After putting Saurage down three times in the fourth round, Johnston finally concluded the fight by knockout as his blows began to land more frequently.

2. Landon McBroom (YT) vs. Ben Azelart (TT)

In addition to his brother Landon competing on the preliminary program, Austin McBroom competed in the main event. After a commanding effort, he defeated Ben Azelart and looked every bit the fighter.

Only three of Azelart’s punches connected, and in the second round, McBroom knocked him out. Now YouTube had a 2-0 advantage. Similar to Austin McBroom’s performance, it was dominant.

3. Faze Jarvis (YT) vs. Michael Le (TT)

Jarvis is a very well-liked player who has competed in boxing contests in the past. In this match, he outclassed Michael Le on the ground, successfully blocking every shot the TikToker could muster.

After Jarvis nearly knocked Michael Le’s head off, the fight was stopped. Jarvis prevailed, bringing YouTube’s record to 3-0.

4. DDG (YT) vs. Nate Wyatt (TT)

DDG defeated Nate Wyatt by a unanimous decision, maintaining YouTube’s winning run. Over the years, DDG won all five rounds, and the judges added a few 10-8 rounds to cap it off.

On the other hand, Wyatt hugged a lot during the actual fight since he could not handle DDG’s charges. Wyatt didn’t throw many punches of his own, and YouTube led TikTok 4-0.

5. Deji (YT) vs. Vinnie Hacker (TT)

Deji, a famous YouTuber who was among the top fighters on the card, fell to Jake Paul in his debut match. But after winning the opening round, the British YouTuber got this fight off to a good start.

Hacker took it up and raised the stakes in the second. But in the third round, everything went wrong because Deji ran out of gas. As Hacker continued to punch to give TikTok its first winner of the evening, he could not hold on.

6. AnEsonGib (YT) vs. Taylor Holder (TT)

Up to that moment, the five-round battle between Holder and British YouTuber AnEsonGIb was the most contentious one. The commentary crew believed he had won all five rounds after he landed 30 more punches.

Holder repeatedly attempted to re-enter the battle but was unsuccessful. But a fight broke out when it came time for the judges’ scorecards. Both fighters, notably the YouTuber, did not agree with the outcome, which was a majority draw. It paved the way for Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom.

7. Austin McBroom (YT) vs. Bryce Hall (TT)

The main event got underway with a bang as Hall was docked a point in the first round of the fight by the referee. However, Austin won the opening round as McBroom’s squad disparaged Hall.

At the beginning of the second round, they exchanged blows as Austin McBroom quickly took control of the battle. Hall attempted to rejoin the action, but McBroom persisted in hitting. He also prevailed in the second round.

It was a terrific day for YouTube when Austin McBroom knocked out Bryce Hall to win the fight in the third round. The YouTubers won five of the seven fights, demonstrating their supremacy.

The Controversies About the YouTubers vs. TikTokers Boxing Event

Contrary to what was promised, the Social Gloves boxing contest was not innocent. Another similar event would have been next to impossible, given the numerous controversies and legal problems that it generated.

Faked Beef

What viewers of the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match referred to as “fake beef” was one of the critical issues. Nobody knows the cause of McBroom and Hall’s internet dispute as of this writing. Many people also feel that the entire battle was staged to heighten tension.

Harmful Influence on Young People.

Many creators opposed the Battle of Platforms, saying it incited hatred between YT and TT members. It was also noted that the event’s sole objective was to pit a group of creators against one another and watch them fight.

Other creators entered the ring before YouTube vs. TikTok boxing to support charities or raise awareness of social causes. However, Social Gloves came under fire for staging the event only for financial gain.

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The Court Cases.

LiveOne, the organization that organized the Battle of the Platforms, filed a defamation lawsuit against Austin McBroom for $100 million. Holder and Hall, on the other side, brought a lawsuit against the organizers for nonpayment and breach of contract.

Was YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing a Profitable Event?

Only 136,000 people paid to watch the event, compared to the organizers’ expectations of at least 500,000. Therefore, it was undoubtedly not lucrative. It’s believed that the $8 million that the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing event generated was not enough to pay for all of the costs.

It’s safe to assume that the Battle of Platforms was a financial loss for the managers, amateur fighters, and creators, given the litigation and unpaid boxers awaiting their compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What started YouTube vs. TikTok?

YouTubers and TikTokers competed in an amateur boxing match dubbed “YouTubers vs. TikTokers: Battle of the Platforms.” American YouTuber Austin McBroom and American TikToker Bryce Hall competed in the main competition.
An exhibition fight between YouTuber AnEsonGib and TikToker Tayler Holder was on the undercard.

Who won TikTok vs YouTube war?

Team YouTube emerged victorious after a thrilling evening of knockouts, unexpected victories, and contentious ties, winning five matches to Team TikTok’s one.

Did social Gloves pay the fighters?

The athlete had made a two-million-dollar investment in the competition and was guaranteed an additional $400,000 in earnings.
All of the fighters had received financial compensation for the competition, according to McBroom.


The Youtubers vs Tiktokers contest was one of the many ways social media stars have been using to reach more audiences and show creativity with boxing matches in the ring.

Though Youtubers vs Tiktokers game was packed with lots of controversies, it still paved the way for the possibility of such happening shortly. Before the Youtube vs Tiktiok fight, there have been similar fights between social media stars like

  • iDubzz’s Creator Clash
  • UK vs. US YouTube Boxing Event
  • Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury



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