10 Famous YouTubers that live in Canada | 2023

YouTube is the second most popular and frequented website in Canada. It’s also notable that most of these famous Youtubers live in Canada.

Now, YouTube has over 2 billion active monthly users worldwide. Many people have adopted it as a way of life. 

Because it is so simple to watch videos on YouTube, millennials prefer to use it to consume online video content

Were you also wondering if there are YouTubers that live in Canada and dominate the global digital platform on YouTube? 

We discovered the Top 10 YouTubers living in Canada who dominate the social network with viral videos based on the number of subscribers to their channels.

Why are YouTubers influential? 

YouTubers have established a reputation for their skill and knowledge on a specific topic. They often post on the internet via various media outlets such as YouTube. They build massive followers of engaged and enthusiastic people through their posts, whether blogs or vlogs. 

These people pay close attention to their points of view, ideas, and opinions. Brands adore these YouTubers or social media influencers.

For example, Canadian YouTubers can create trends and push their followers to purchase things they advertise on social media. As a result, YouTubers are compelling advertising and publicity tools. 

There are various types of YouTubers. You can categorize them based on the number of followers and the type of content.

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Who is the richest YouTuber from Canada?

Evan Fong, a Toronto resident, has demonstrated that being a YouTuber is one of the vocations that may earn you a millionaire in Canada. VanossGaming, his main channel, debuted in 2011 and has already amassed 25.6 million subscribers and over 14.5 billion views. 

This channel, as the name suggests, is all about gaming. Evan also served as the creative director for the video game Dead Realm and appeared in the computer-animated programs Paranormal Action Squad and Alpha Betas.

 In 2017, he began a music career with the YouTube channel Rynx, which has received over 77 million views. His net worth is estimated to be $25 million by Celebrity Net Worth.

You must understand that most of these YouTubers from Canada do not necessarily live in Canada. This article will show the most famous YouTubers that live in Canada.

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Who is the Best Canadian Gaming YouTubers?

Vanoss is not only the biggest Canadian YouTuber, but, with over 19 million subscribers, he has one of the largest channels in the world. 

Vanoss uploads funny moments from games such as Garry’s Mod and GTA V with his friends Delirious, Wildcat, and MiniLadd. 

He even helped develop his own game called Dead Realm, serving as a creative director with his other YouTube friends.

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YouTubers in Canada 

Here are some of the top YouTubers that live in Canada to follow, like, and subscribe to. The most popular Canadian content creators make many videos, including gaming channels, comedians, how-to DIY vlogs, and beauty experts. Who is Canada’s most renowned YouTuber? 

Disguised toast, Evan fong, and Anna Mcnulty are unquestionably among the top ten most famous YouTubers that live in Canada in 2023.

1. Disguised Toast

Jeremy Wang, a Canadian ‘Twitch’ streamer and gamer, goes by the moniker ‘Disguised Toast.’ He rose to prominence by his participation in ‘Hearthstone,’ a free-to-play online digital collectible card game developed by ‘Blizzard Entertainment.’ The Toronto-based gamer is presently unsigned and plays as a free agent.

Disguised Toast launched his ‘YouTube’ channel in April 2015. The channel now only broadcasts ‘Hearthstone’-related videos, but it began with films about other ‘Blizzard’ games based on ‘Hearthstone,’ such as ‘Rexxar,’ ‘The Old Gods,’ and ‘Warcraft.’ The channel now has over 3.75M subscribers.

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2. Evan Fong

Would you like to watch people play video games on YouTube if you are interested in video games? A large number of people would. This is what made Evan Fong famous (as Vanoss for his YouTube gaming channel VanossGaming). 

With over 25 million subscribers and over 5 billion views on his videos, his channel is currently the 27th most subscribed channel on YouTube (as of September, 2022). Evan essentially uploads videos of himself playing games with his pals, usually in a hilarious or difficult setting, with amusing comments that his audience may enjoy watching.

His YouTube channel was only mediocrely popular for approximately a year and a half after it was launched in 2011. Later, when he began uploading a series of ‘funny moments’ videos from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, his channel began gathering many viewers. However, Grand Theft Auto V is his most popular game series.

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3. Anna McNulty

Anna McNulty is a Canadian contortionist and dancer. She rose to prominence after uploading photographs and videos on Instagram demonstrating her unusual flexibility. 

She has amassed over 1 million Instagram followers. McNulty also has a self-titled YouTube channel where she posts dancing videos, tutorials, and other content. Her channel has attracted 3.13 million subscribers. 

Anna McNulty is immensely successful on TikTok, where she has over 7.8 million fans, in addition to Instagram and YouTube. Anna is a competitive cheerleader in addition to being a dancer.

She then started posting photos and videos on Instagram showcasing her flexibility. McNulty quickly rose to prominence on YouTube, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers.

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4. Mr. Monkey

Mr. Monkey is the son of the well-known Eh Bee Family, who have a strong social media presence. The Eh Bee Family is made up of the father (Papa Bee), mother (Mama Bee), son (Mr. Monkey), and daughter (Miss Monkey). 

To make people laugh, they make family-friendly skits and parodies. In 2015, the Armstrong Vine Award Grand Prize was awarded to the family. In 2015, they were nominated for a Streamy Award, and in 2016 they were nominated for a Shorty Award.

The Eh Bee Family has almost 9 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and roughly 98K followers on Twitter. In February 2013, they began using social media with the video sharing site Vine. They later expanded to most other social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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5. Simply Nailogical

Nail art is popular among females. Period. It’s difficult to find a girl who doesn’t enjoy having her nails done with some cute and beautiful nail art. So, if you believe that nail art is an absolute must for every woman, Cristine of Simply Nailogical is your go-to YouTuber.

She has created a ton of videos that will provide you with numerous ideas on how to dress up your nails for every occasion. The way she performs it in her films appears so appealing that anyone would want to try it right away.

Cristine quickly realized that there is a large market for nail art in the world of videos, so in June 2014, she launched her own YouTube channel, Simply Nailogical, which focused on various methods and styles of nail painting. She now has a total of 7.6 million subscribers.

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6. SMii7Y

SMii7Y, pronounced Smitty, is a Canadian gamer best known for posting gameplay videos on his YouTube channel. His channel is full of humor, fun, and entertaining moments he captures while playing games.

In terms of his social media prominence, his YouTube channel has over 5.23 million subscribers (June 2022).

SMii7Y launched its YouTube channel in April 2011. The first game he showcased on his channel was Battlefield 3. Today, the channel contains various gaming videos relating to all the popular video games, including Battlefield, CS: GO, Mario Kart, Fortnite, Mini Golf, and Rainbow Six Siege, to name a few. The channel also contains a show of “funny moments” videos shot while the YouTuber was playing the games.

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7. DraconiteDragon

Allen, nicknamed DraconiteDragon, is a Canadian YouTuber and tech enthusiast. On his YouTube channel DraconiteDragon, he is known for posting virtual reality and kid-friendly gaming videos.

He has acquired tremendous popularity as a gamer, with over 1.3M subscribers on his channel.

Allen started his DraconiteDragon channel on May 6, 2011. ‘Candy Speed Art’ was his first video. Another animated video of a similar nature followed this. He eventually started posting Minecraft gameplay videos. He began posting Roblox stuff at the same time. 

Each of his gaming videos received many views, which encouraged him to continue posting similar content. His channel grew in popularity on the platform over time. DraconiteDragon, the YouTuber’s gaming hub, now has over 1.3M subscribers. It has also received over 35 million views in total.

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8. Kurtis Conner

Kurtis Conner is a Canadian comedian and YouTube star with approximately 4.5 million subscribers. He rose to prominence on ‘Vine’ before becoming a YouTube sensation.

In the middle of 2014, he began publishing the video ‘Answering Questions on’ YouTube.’ His videos received little attention at first. 

However, his popularity grew. ‘Weird Instagram Ads: How to Pick Up Women’ was his first video to reach half a million views. His video ‘The internet’s most blatant lies’ became his first million-view video.

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9. ItsFunneh

ItsFunneh, originally known as Kat, is a well-known YouTube content maker. She is well-known for making amusing roleplay, adventure, challenge, and mini-game videos on popular game creation platforms like Roblox and Minecraft.

ItsFunneh also live streams her games on her YouTube channel, allowing her audience to watch her play while listening to her unedited commentary. As of March 2018, the Canadian YouTuber had more than 9.2 million subscribers on her channel.

On September 1, 2011, ItsFunneh launched her YouTube channel. ‘Thirsty Crafter (Minecraft Machinima Short)’ was her first video, and it was followed by ‘Valentines Day (Minecraft Machinima),’ ‘Earthquake Stick (Minecraft Machinima),’ ‘5 ways to troll your friend in Minecraft,’ and ‘Candi Goes Turbo (Minecraft Short Movie).’

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10. Gloom

Gloom is a renowned Canadian social media personality noted for posting various types of videos on her popular YouTube channel. She is one of Canada’s most popular and successful YouTubers, with 7 million subscribers.

In 2015, she opened a YouTube account and began publishing gaming and commentary videos. She subsequently went on to produce a variety of videos, including skits, vlogs, and parodies.

Her YouTube channel quickly grew to thousands of subscribers and views, establishing her as a YouTube celebrity. Her YouTube popularity helped her gain followers on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.

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Who is Canada’s wealthiest YouTuber? 

Evan Fong, a Toronto native, has demonstrated that being a YouTuber is one of the jobs that can make you a millionaire in Canada. VanossGaming, his main channel, debuted in 2011 and has since amassed 25.6 million subscribers and over 14.5 billion views.

Who is the most popular Canadian gaming YouTuber? 

The first is VanossGaming. Evan Fong, a 25-year-old Canadian, runs the VanossGaming gaming channel. Evan’s videos are mostly about him playing video games, usually with other YouTube gamers.

Are there any YouTubers in Canada? 

Evan Fong, born on May 31, 1992, has long been recognized as a Canadian YouTuber. Vanoss, also known as VanossGaming, uploads montage-style videos of himself gaming with other producers to his YouTube channel VanossGaming. He grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is of Asian descent.

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Canada, or “the place where no one is rude,” has a lot of prominent YouTubers, and many more have just emerged.

If you’re searching for entertainment or inspiration for your videos, we’ve compiled a list of the most significant Canadian YouTubers to check out. You can quickly check out their channels and see if they can help you.

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