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In organized leagues, teams of students from various colleges in the United States and Canada compete against one another in college football. The NCAA, a sporting organization that coordinates a variety of sports for schools and students, organizes the leagues.

 With tickets costing up to $359, cheering for your favorite college football team live at the stadium can be an expensive endeavor. However, attending these games live is worthwhile, since you can interact directly with your preferred team.

  Not everyone, however, is aware of the sources for college football tickets. Let’s dive in. Are you looking forward to supporting your favorite college football team this coming season?

Here is a brief guide to the best places to buy college football tickets.

How to Find College Football Tickets

 The easiest approach to locating the best bargains on tickets depends depend on whether you are a current student, alumni, or a fan with no ties to the institution or university.


  In most schools and institutions, the sports department and the alumni association have a deal wherein former students may get cheap tickets for both home and away games.

However, to be eligible for discounts, you might need to have a current membership.

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 The athletic department sells tickets to degree-seeking students who are actively enrolled. Tickets for general admission are on gratis to universities with low football game attendance.

However, venues hosting popular events may require interested students to compete in a lottery to win tickets. You’ll need to pay before a certain deadline or lose your claim to the tickets.

 The athletic department follows similar procedures for distributing tickets for away games, but deep reductions are not always available.

Since there are only so many tickets available, some schools only allow students to purchase one ticket for each away game. 

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 Well, the secondary ticket market option is available for fans looking to attend college football games of their favorite teams.

Select purchasers frequently gain tickets in bulk and resell them to fans via secondary ticket markets for a considerably reduced price. The vendor sets the ticket’s asking price on these internet marketplaces.

  If you want to get tickets for a college football event that’s sold out, secondary ticket markets are another reliable choice.

However, you need to be aware of the service charges incurred during transactions on online ticket exchanges. Think about the dangers of internet shopping and be sure the website has a refund guarantee.

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How much does a College Football Ticket Cost?

 The cost of college football tickets may go into the hundreds of dollars, but this doesn’t faze diehard football fans. Most NCAA football games in the US sell tickets for prices that are nearly equal to those for NFL games.

 A college football ticket can range in price from $30 on average to $175 occasionally. However, these estimations are average. The Georgia Bulldogs ticket went for a whopping $359 in 2021.

Tickets for college teams like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Ohio State Buckeyes also went for $346 and $276, respectively.

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15 Best Places to buy College Football Tickets

After intense review and research, below are some of the top places to buy college football tickets.

#1. StubHub

 StubHub has been the most popular site for fans to purchase and sell tickets for over 20 years. It is one of the biggest online ticket marketplaces.

It includes straightforward interactive navigation and a great filtering mechanism to help users select the NFL tickets that best fit their needs.

They have a unique Fan protect Guarantee feature; it offers a refund in scenarios of poor services.

Because of this assurance, fans see StubHub as one of the most reliable sites for ticket transactions. However, note that they have a service fee and purchase fee for checkout.

 The seat-view feature makes them a valid choice among other competitors. StubHub is one of the Top places to buy college football tickets.  


#2. Ticketmaster

  The satisfaction of fans comes first at Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is a safe website, and an allowed NFL ticket partner. Being a Certified NFL partner makes it one of the top places to buy college football tickets.

  The site lists handicap-accessible seats and parking permits besides resale tickets. There is a tool that allows you to choose certain rows of seats, however, there is no seat view option. There are also no restrictions on how many tickets you may buy with Ticketmaster. You can purchase two upper deck tickets and two suites in the same order.

  One benefit of purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster is that their costs are practically low and steady unlike those on other websites.


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#3. Seat Geek

  With industry features like Deal Score: their ticket-rating system, Seat Geek makes it simple for fans to get tickets and attend events. They also provide Seat Geek Swaps, the industry’s first big-ticket seller refund policy. They are one of the best places to buy college football tickets, thanks to these qualities and others. 

  Seat Geek stands out because it offers a view of all seat prices with fees included options, which eliminates the need to wait until checkout to see the exact price. Seat Geek includes a seat-rating tool that shows if a seat is the cheapest one available, a fantastic deal, or not.


#4. Stadium’s Box Office

  Buying your college football ticket from the stadium box office is one of the most reliable options for college football fans. A stadium box office is a popular choice because you can confirm and ensure that both seat options and row options are available.

The price usually depends on the college football team and can fluctuate slightly. This is one of the top places to buy college football tickets.

Box Office

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#5. Tickets Now

 Tickets Now sell tickets for all kinds of events, even if the event is sold out. If the event date is close, finding a good ticket at a good price shouldn’t be too difficult. However, you might not have much luck if you don’t know precisely what ticket or event you’re looking for as it doesn’t provide any recommendations for current or upcoming events.

  Tickets Now is one of the best places to buy college football tickets. You can be sure of quality services with Ticketmaster, so you can buy with assurance. It is also one of the most affordable options.


#6. Ticket City

  Ticket City, which has served over 1 million consumers, is unquestionably among the best places to buy college football tickets. For every important game, they sell tickets for college football. Find your team, choose the game from the schedule page of the website, and then purchase the tickets.

  As soon as the schools release the tickets to the vendors, which usually occurs in mid-to-late-August, you receive your tickets. Ticket City has been the authority on college football tickets for over 30 years. Ticket deliveries are through mail or online.


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#7. Cheap Tickets

  Cheap Tickets live up to their name. The rates are lower than most, and prices are approximately average. On Cheap Tickets, you can discover tickets for everything from minor league sports to professional events. Although there are many ticket resales on this website.

  Cheap Tickets is well-known for its 150% Money-Back Guarantee. If one purchases NFL tickets and the vendor cannot deliver them, cannot ship them in time for the event, or if the tickets turn out to be invalid, you get a 150% refund. You also get a 100% refund in scenarios where the event doesn’t hold. It is one of the top places to buy college football tickets. 


#8. Ticket Network

  You can access over 100,000 performances of plays, sports, and concerts worldwide through Ticket Network. You can find ticket listings from reputable ticket brokers and dealers who have earned a reputation for excellence.

The ticket organization makes sure that only the most skilled, reliable vendors are a part of their network. Vendors receive thorough screening to ensure top-notch service.

  You can be confident that your college football tickets will be authentic, delivered in time for the event, be the exact tickets you wanted or suitable substitutes, and receive full reimbursement if the event doesn’t hold.

You also have a 100% money-back guarantee if your experience doesn’t live up to these standards. Ticket Network has a reputation as one of the best places to buy college football tickets.


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#9. Razor Gator

With 18 years of experience, RazorGator is one of the best places to buy college football tickets. To guarantee an ideal client experience at the best costs, they only deal with the most reliable resellers. Prices may exceed or fall short of face value.

Razor Gator covers your purchases with a 100 per cent guarantee. To assist you get the most value for your money, they also have a ticket-grading system that rates each ticket from A+ to F based on a mix of price and seat quality.


#10. NCAA Ticket Exchange

One of the top places to purchase or sell tickets is the Official NCAA Ticket Exchange. Since it is a legitimate company, you can be confident that everything you purchase is authentic.

For those wishing to get tickets for any NCAA championship game, it is one of the most suitable options. You can return any tickets bought through the NCAA if a championship doesn’t hold.

NCAA Tickets

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#11. Ticket Zoom

 Ticket Zoom is a leading provider of premium sports, concert, and theatre tickets. It has given customers a secure and convenient option to buy tickets for major events.

It is not a box office or a venue; rather, it is a resale market. Prices could exceed their face value. Ticket Zoom is one of the best places to buy a college football ticket. Its highlights are:

  • Amazing client service
  • The timing of your tickets
  • On-call live agents
  • Absolute best security
  • Reduced Ticket Costs
  • If the event doesn’t hold and is not rescheduled, you’ll receive a full refund.


#12. Vivid Seats

 The goal of Vivid Seats is to make discovering and purchasing tickets for your events simple, enjoyable, and exciting. They provide every fan the opportunity to attend live events that create their most memorable experiences.

 Vivid Seats focus on your pleasure and offer top-notch customer service. In the extremely unlikely case that your order has an issue, they endeavor to get it fixed before your event or, if required, fully reimburse you.

It is one of the top places to get college football tickets. It features a system of rewards for loyal clients.


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#13. Athletic department

You can also buy college football tickets by placing a call to the athletics department of the school.

This option mostly applies to students of a particular institution. The athletic department sells tickets to degree-seeking students.

As a student, you can avoid the worry of delivery and servicing fees by choosing this option, which is typically the most economical.

#14. Ticket Liquidator

  If you want to purchase tickets to the most prominent events in the nation, even when sold out, Ticket Liquidator is the best option. They offer tickets at costs that are less than those of most secondary market businesses. Having been in the business since 2003, they are one of the best places to buy college football tickets.

 Every delivery is to the address the consumer supplied at checkout. As a customer, you’ll get your tickets on time for the event. When tickets do not arrive in time for customers to access them for an event, Ticket Liquidator will work with the ticket seller to arrange reimbursement.

Ticket Liquidator

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#15. Tickets IQ

  To find you the greatest offers on the market, TicketIQ has been collaborating directly with ticket resellers, teams, leagues, events, and venues since 2009.

They have access to a ticket inventory worth more than $1 billion, thanks to their arrangements. Every sale is trackable through your TicketIQ account page.

  Fee-Free College football tickets for all teams are available from Ticket IQ, and they also come with a Refund Guarantee.

Their Refund Guarantee claims that if an event doesn’t hold or is judged unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers as soon as 15 days. It is one of the top places to buy college football tickets.


How to Watch College Football for Free?

 Using an HDTV antenna, you can watch local college football games for free. An HDTV antenna is among the least expensive solutions if supporting your local college football team is your top priority.

You may get nearby over-the-air (OTA) signals and watch any ABC, CBS, Fox, or NBC local affiliates with the one-time purchase of a cheap antenna.

  Streaming with an HDTV antenna is a fantastic, affordable option that doesn’t require a monthly membership.

The main drawback is that it excludes out-of-market games and games that are not on cable channels like ESPN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a college football ticket?

The cost of a college football ticket usually depends on the team playing. Tickets have an average cost of $175.

Are college football tickets cheaper than NFL tickets?

Yes, College football tickets are way more affordable than NFL tickets.

Which college football team has the most expensive ticket?

The Georgia Bulldogs have one of the most college football tickets. A ticket costs about $323.

Do college football tickets get cheaper closer to the date?

No. Prices normally fluctuate. There’s no proof that it gets cheaper closer to the game date.

Do ticket-selling platforms offer refunds?

Yes, most ticket-selling platforms offer refunds in the scenario that the game gets cancelled.


 Just the cheers of the crowd evoke excitement: the crack of the bat, the swish of the net, the clink of the winning putt, the thwack of the ball against the racquet, and the roar of the audience.

Nothing compares to the excitement of being in the stadium with other fans on game day.

This post has reviewed some of the best places to buy college football tickets, just in time for the games!



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