10 Best Concert Ticket Sites in 2022

Concert tickets from our favorite famous entertainers cost a fortune. The regular tickets get sold out before one can say jack.

Whether it is a classical concert, stage show, opera, or even music concert, knowing the best sites to purchase those is essential if you are ticking for a popular event. Not forgetting to mention that they determine the cost as well.

There’s more to concert sites than purchasing the ticket, also consider the seat mapping, money-back guarantee and a resell strategy if there’s a need for a resell.

I bet you didn’t consider that emergencies can stop you from attending that highly esteemed concert.

Putting all these in perspective, let us bring the best concert ticket sites to buy those tickets.

10 Best Concert Ticket Sites in 2022

1. StubHub

This is the best concert ticket site with great all-round features, a wide selection of tickets, and a user-friendly app and website

With a variety of genres and options to look at festival/concert tickets greet you when you first visit the website.

You can filter StarHub by lowest price, best location, and best deal, as well as specific seat types and types of ticket delivery, everyone’s preferences, are covered. A refund is also possible if the ticket purchase was canceled. The FanProtect promise is a trustworthy feature which means you can shop with StubHub confidently.

Apart from selling your concert tickets, you can also sell them using StarHub. You can use the computer application or mobile app to sell your tickets, and StubHub collects 10% of the sale price.

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2. SeatGeek

SeatGeek is a straightforward, visually compelling website that offers great prices. Like many of the top concert ticket sites, SeatGeek assigns a deal score to each ticket, marking it with a colour and number on a scale of zero to ten.

Its fees were some of the lowest we found.

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The website has a modern feel and has a great app that is available to Apple and Andriod users. Overall, a great choice if you’re after a bargain and a choice you can feel confident about.

3. Razorgator

You’ll get an unbeatable deal with Razorgator, reasonable prices, and a wide range of search filters that will help you find the perfect seat.

The customer guarantee is fairly standard and there are good options for customer service so you can be confident that they’re there to help if anything goes wrong. Sellers can put their tickets open to bidding if they’re looking to make a few bucks, or sell outright for a price you choose.

This is our pick of best value ticket services as the prices were consistently the lowest in our testing.

4. Ticketmaster

For the best customer service and good value for your concert ticket, try out Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster is a great place to shop for tickets because it has a return policy. The site gives you three days after purchase to change your mind about the ticket.

It’s also the only site that lets you return tickets for events that have been rescheduled and not canceled, which is great for peace of mind. 

Basically, you can transfer tickets, resell them or even return them within three days, that’s with some restrictions of course. Both the website and app are easy to use.

Users also get the added advantage of buying tickets from a primary seller. This means tickets for high-demand concerts may be cheaper on Ticketmaster than elsewhere when you buy them in time.

5. TicketCity

This is the best concert ticket site for resellers who wish to sell unwanted tickets.

TicketCity has a unique approach to helping you sell tickets fast as well as offering a reasonably cheap ticket price. While many websites will let you list the ticket at any price you wish and take a percentage, TicketCity directly buys the ticket from you.

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The interest is in how easy selling tickets are from this ticketing site. It can be done over the phone or online form. A great option if you’re looking to sell unwanted concert tickets. 

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6. VividSeats

VividSeats has the best rewards program for a concert ticket site.

If you spend over $2000 annually, that is being a Hall of Famer, you can get up to 8% credit on tickets and this credit won’t expire. 

However, if you don’t spend up to this amount, your credit will last a year. Tickets can be purchased through the app or online. And if there are questions, a customer service representative can answer them through the website’s live chat feature. 

7. TicketNetwork

This is one of the underrated concert ticket sites, with the right search you’ll get the best tickets and deals.

The portal is easy to navigate, while the checkout process takes minutes only.

People can both buy and sell tickets, unfortunately, only those in the USA can sell.

Unlike other concert ticket sites, there are no refunds unless the show was canceled. Tickets are delivered electronically, but you can print them and in certain conditions, sent them physically through FedEX.

To resell a ticket, you’ll pay 20% of its selling price.

#8. Live Nation

Live Nation is one of the top choice concert ticket sites. Its specialty is in live concerts.

Tickets sell off pretty fast, so you need to keep an eye on the site for any announcements. They also list tickets from multiple sources.

Users cannot resell a ticket over Live Nation.

#9. Viagogo

Viagogo is one of the best sites in the concert ticket marketplace.

This is no longer just a website, but a platform that brings together over 60 sites tailored to particular parts of the world.

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To get the ticket, there are many payment options including PayPal.

#10. TickesLiquidator

This website is specialized in concert tickets. It also does a pretty job recommending concerts in your area.

Users can get their tickets delivered both electronically and physically. In addition, there is a money-back guarantee should the ticket fail to arrive on time.

Reselling tickets are available for a 10% fee, otherwise, expect an average fee of 25% which is a bit high compared to other platforms.

Lastly, there are multiple delivery options.

How Much Do Concert Tickets Cost?

Actually, the price of a concert ticket depends on the person performing and the location.

The cost also depends on the website where the concert ticket is bought. However, the average service fee is not over 20% besides the cost of the concert ticket.

For those who wish to physically get the ticket, a standard shipping cost is about $15.

To resell the concert ticket, most websites charge a commission of about 15% while some do not charge any fee.

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These concert ticket sites are by far the best in the marketplace, each with its own peculiarities.

All we want is the best concert ticket site that offers the best prices and seats.

When a new concert ticket is released, we advise you to browse through these sites to compare costs before purchasing. This way, you get the best deal from concert ticket sites.



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